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Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter: Oh The Madness!

Image: Tangie Bell and Daughters Kamoriae, Carey. On Being Forty Something And Sharing their back in the day outfit stories OOTD
Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter: Oh The Madness!

According to the web, farts are a good sign that your body has the right amount of healthy fiber. I know that sounds crazy, but being forty-something now, I am into the weirdest things now. Lol :)
But, I would like to add when I do get to hang out with my girls, our farts, mixed with a little laughter, always mean we are making jokes and having a good ole' time. #happyfarts Oh, please let me explain?

For the most part, my girls think they know more than I do.
No matter what I am talking about or wearing, you can bet both my daughters Kamoriae and Carey knows it all. 

Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter! Notes from Being Forty Something

They both think their style is more fashionable than mine; their taste in food is better. Oh, the madness we share as a crazy family.
Even though I swear both girls copy my swag every day, but of course, they will deny it. 
Yesterday, we went out for lunch, and I couldn't resist chatting it up with one of my back in the day stories.
You know those ones where momma knows it all and has been through it all. Yep, that's me, and I love it when I can sit down and share those memories with my family. 

Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter!
It's funny how life repeats itself, and the only person who can see it is the one telling the story. #me
I believe a little friendly competition never hurts when it's done in fun. So, I booked us a little brunch outside so we could turn off our cell-phones and actually talk and laugh with one another.
 Naw, we did not do any farting. #weladieswheninpublic :)
So, this is how farting and laughter came about. I know it sounds weird, but it has been my family's tale of stories since I was a little girl. Now, I get to share all of my fam's nonsense with my girls. Who, by the way, thinks I am a little off my rocking chair.
(Here We Go) :)
My grandmother was a jokester, and she would laugh until she passed gas. #truestory
So, the family gag was about enjoying life and laugh until you can poot out a little joy.
Even in my grandmom's tough times, she found a way to make everybody laugh about something in life. She even laughed at her struggles in life. I didn't understand it then as a kid, but as an adult, I have finally gotten the true meaning of just live life by any means necessary. 
Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter!

So, on Saturday I booked lunch in the city with Carey and Kamoriae. I noticed both my daughters were almost dressed like me. 
So, I used that moment as my cue to start a little mom and daughter mess with them. By pushing the fact, I wear better, and they are my copy cats. My girls and I debate about clothes, make-up, and tattoos all the time.
 Ha! they have not caught on yet, the way they dress comes from the different stages of my life.

When I was a kid, I did not like anything my mom wore, and I mean not one thing. Simply because she wouldn't throw nothing away. But my mom's motto was: there is nothing new being made, and everything I wear will come back around in style. As I have gotten a little older, I can honestly say that was and still is the truth.

Yes, my mama was the original queen of recycling clothes for decades. That woman had stuff from the '70s, '80s and the '90s. And as a teenager, to me, all those decades were absolutely ugly on all levels.  She wore leather jackets and thick platform boots that only made James brown The God Father Of Soul look good. Not to mention the groovy stages, I saw her go through with the big afros and headbands that matched her wide-leg pants.

Farts, Laughter And Back In The Day Chatter!

My girls always laugh at me and my past antics. It doesn't matter because I use our time together to making our own memories. I took certain stages of my childhood for granted, and what I thought was difficult times in my life was really times of peace, love, and joy.

Life goes in circles, and we may, and I may not always understand that circle, but I am learning to learn quickly. Because now or later, that circle comes back around. 

I take my time with each one of my daughters very seriously, so it is essential to find something we can joke about.

They love clothes, so I know I can always find something to pick at them about. Although the great debate will always be, they dress better than me. Ha! I will never admit to that one while having lunch outside in 102-degree weather. The sun was clouding up my thoughts.

Can you believe we had a stranger take our pictures so we could compare outfits? Now, if we all look closely, I can see my style on both my girls. Look at Kamoriae wearing my orange color and Carey wearing my style of boots. LOLOLOL I was picking at those girls until we cried laughing at how silly we sounded. 

We even had a few people chime in with laughter, and no one would choose aside. But I know I was the best-dressed momma on our little lunch date.

But, I guess I will throw in the towel since I really did not wear what I really wanted to. I opted for comfort: A beige jumper from last summer, a 5 dollar handbag I got from forever 21. It was on clearance with a 75 percent tag on it. So, you know, ya girl couldn't leave it.
My undershirt was thrifted along with my beige open-toed shoes. Oh, and earrings were just a tad bit odd-looking, and they were also from Forever 21. #notsponsored

Both my daughter's shoes are from Francescas
Outfits are Tarjay

In conclusion: I have made a whole lot of mistakes in my life. But, finding time to fart, laugh, and chatter it up with my girls will not be one of them. I do not know of a perfect way to be a mom; I am just leaning on my past to help direct my future. Is it perfection, is it right or wrong? Who knows I am just babbling my way through it all?

Last but not least: LIfe is what we make of it, so create the love, laughter, and joy you desire. Do it #unapologetically 

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There you have it a bit of babble for your Sunday morning:)

Thanks for hanging out with me

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Oh! just for fun who wore it best:) #tangie #daughters

BYEEEEEEEEEEE have a blessed upcoming week:) hugs and kisses


  1. The bond between you and ur girls is amazing! Continue, to be the great woman that you are raising Queens in this new generation!

  2. Laughing goes a long way in the 🌎! Glad to see you have enjoyed yourself to the point where you fart😁

  3. I know who wore it best! Meeee! Duh! Ha!

    1. it was Muah! Let's keep it 100 :)
      xo Tangie


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