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Fri Fri Friday: I Made It!

Image: Cereal yogurt and granola. Fri Fri Friday: I Made It! #thejoyfullist  40 something life
Fri Fri Friday: I Made It! 

 I would say good morning, but it's almost 12 midnight. And I am up eating a bowl of oatmeal, mixed with yogurt,
 fruit, and all the fatty toppings I could find in my cupboard. Yep, it's Fri Fri Friday, and I made it Barely. :) but this week has definitely made it's way to a page on my Joyful List. So, welcome to my unstable 40 something life. :)
This has been a long five days, to say the least. But, after two dentist appointments, sad news on tv and now Texas is under an advisory from Hurricane Imelda. 
Image: Oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, milk and fruit. Fri Fri Friday: I Made It!Joyful List
 So, at this point, I am awake and praying for those in Houston, Beaumont, and Winnie Tx. I really do hope this passes and disintegrate quickly.
Image:coffee creamer, coffee cup: Seen first on Bits and Babbles. The Joyful List
 In the meantime, I am going to get prepped to make it through the remainder of this day.  It kinda hard with so much going on around the world and in our personal lives. 
Yesterday, Thursday, I, on purpose, took some time to be alone and think about the good things that have been happening. Sometimes I have to do that just to stay sane. I had to put my feelings aside and realize someone has to evacuate their homes, and right now, it's a lot of flooding going on in different parts of Texas.
Image: bright shoes , banana, water bottle. Fri Fri Friday: I Made It!
During my morning walk, I was able to find a quiet place to sit and relax before work. I find it relaxing when I can walk and talk to myself. :) I hope I am not alone? 
Image: Water Fall in Frisco Texas. on walking trail Fri Fri Friday: I Made It! #morningbabbles
Seriously, I was almost late for my 9 am appointment because I was sitting by the stream at the park. I took my note pad so I could write down this week's plans and some new ideas that are coming soon. I spent about 30 minutes doing something so simple yet necessary to have a productive day.

Image: Aveeno face wash. Picture taken by Tangie Bell. Uses on face at home. Fri Fri Friday: I Made It!
You know life can be funny sometimes. Rico can get up and wash his face with soap and be done. As for me, I have to do a ten-step program with face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen yadda yadda. Whew, I think I may be doing way too much.
Image: Face moisturizer " Picture taken by Tangie Bell. On Bits and Babbles blog.Fri Fri Friday: I Made It!

 So, over the last two days, I have been using two products face cleanser and my same ole' cream for moisture. Yep, just call me basic Betty. :) #nopunintended
Image: Candles and blessing blocks. Seen first on Bits and Babbles. Fri Fri Friday: I Made It! The Joyful List

Fast-forwarding to Friday: Although I am happy about this cooler weather at the moment. I am more elated about getting home early and prepping for any rain that may be coming our way.
I have a few loose ends to tie up, such as closing down my beauty shop for the weekend. Later, today, shopping for groceries and buying last-minute quick snacks just in case we need to stay off the roads due to upcoming strong winds and rain.

The last bits of my joyful list:

  • I have been eating breakfast for dinner. And I think I like it better that way.
  • I hate the treadmill but have fallen in love with walking as my form of exercise.
  • Downsized my morning skincare routine to two of my favorite products.  I stay on rotation.
  • I just found a new hobby, and I will be sharing it with you guys in about three weeks. Oh, it's good!
  • Ate two slices of pie without the guilt
  • I bought a new jumpsuit earlier this year that was a little big on me. But now I  fit it perfectly.
  • A few days I will be celebrating a year :)
  • Joined PTA at Moriah's school
  • All my daughters are finally settled into their school classes. As of now, they all have A's, and I am super happy about that.
There you have it a new week from the joyful list
At the end of the day, life is all about celebrating the small things no matter what is happening. Honestly, it is not always easy, but it is a practice I am loving doing on the daily.

How are you finding Joy?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit

xo Tangie

Thank God I made it to Fri Fri Friday:)

Ingredients For Yogurt Oatmeal Bowl

Yogurt Of Choice
Fiber Oatmeal
Brown sugar

Super tasty, and it is not healthy!  But, hey, live a little.


  1. I have been finding joy by getting up early and having my coffee and alone time! I honestly feel as though that helps me get through the day and starts me off on the right foot!

  2. That breakfast looks amazing if only I had time to fix that for myself in the morning times lol! I love your blog and your posts, they keep me extremely motivated! Keep up the Great Work !!!


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