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My Somewhat Grown-ish Halloween Bucket List!

Image: Halloween Decor that will be used at the Fall parties this year. Seen first on Bits and Babbles. Written by Tangie Bell: Babbling Diaries
                                          My Somewhat Grown-ish Halloween Bucket List!

 We are officially almost halfway through September. So, I thought I would share my somewhat Grown-ish  Halloween Bucket list. Yes, every year, I am apart of the Fall activities, for work, church, or just planning something fun for my family.

When I was a kid, it was so much fun to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Back in the day, everybody knew everyone, and it was a joyful time as a child to dress up in our costumes and yell trick or treat: give me something good to eat. As I got older, we started having block parties.
But, my mom always made sure she planned something at home as well. Things like mud pudding with worms, cupcakes, and she would buy bags and bags of candy.

 Now that I have my own little family, my husband and I try to do the same thing. The only difference is we no longer to door to door. Although people still do it the traditional way, we've found some cool stuff to do over the years. Here is our Halloween Bucket List for 2019 and it will go as followed, even if I never share one bit. But, you know I am. :)

Image: Falland Halloween decorations that will be used for parties and festivals. seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

First, I have to get all the school parties out of the way. The parents at my daughter's school will be hosting some spooky events for all the smaller kids so, I will be getting involved to help decorate outside the school. Even if I didn't plan my own stuff at home, I would definitely be helping out at the school functions. I volunteered this year to make the Halloween cards filled with candy.

Yes, I probably could buy them, but I love a good DIY project. 
All I need is cards, and then I will tape candy to each one and pass out to the kids in different classrooms. #somuchfun

Sidenote: I buy my candy cards from Amazon. Sometimes I can find them at the dollar store, but I always have good luck from online.

Another thing on my list is participating in our church trunk or treat. Every year my church has a trunk or treat event. It is put together by the house members to give the children a safe and fun place to hang out and get candy. This will be my first time decorating the inside of our vehicle, but I am super happy and ready to go overboard with my DIY skills. To bad this will not be a contest because I plan to come with flashing lights and car bouncing with clowns and bells jingling. Yep, I am that crazy woman. :) 
SideNote: We decorate our vehicle or the back tractor, go-cart, and pass out candy and toys to all the little kiddos and adults who attend.

It really is about making the day safe, fun, and being creative. 

This year it will be all about eating fun and enjoying my family and friends. I will be cooking up a witches brew stew. The closer we get to the cooler days I will be fixing more soups and chili.

My Brew recipe is a mixture of things my family love. Stews and soups can be tailored to fit any taste buds. 
I love to use beef tips
chicken stock
bell peppers
side yellow rice
and sweet cornbread

So, easy to make and even better to enjoy with family and friends.

Also, I have my Halloween movie list on deck this year. Although I love a good scary movie, I try to keep it mild with the ones the whole family can enjoy.

My favorites are:
Beetle Juice
Toy Story of Terror
R.L Stine The Haunting Hour
Goose Bumps
Martha Speaks
Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2

Another thing that has to be on my bucket list is Costumes. My husband and I dress up every year as Ike and Tina Turner. Ya'll we are a funny mess. But this year I will be leaving Ike and dressing up as something else. Shhh! is it a surprise!

This year Rico and I have been invited to two grown-up parties, and I excited about that. One will be at the blues festival. The hubs and I will be doing more of the haunted and creepy fun houses. 

I will also be doing the scary boat houses this year as well. Yes, spooky at sea. Ok, it's just a lake.:)
 Not to mention, it is our family tradition to attend the Texas State fair Halloween fun and activities.

You know the funny thing about life is: even if I did not have kids, I would still get involved in making Halloween safe and fun for others to enjoy.

I am a big kid at heart, and I still love riding fair rides, eating cotton candy, and trick or treating.

And, there you have it my Grown-ish Halloween Bucket List!

How will you be doing yours this year?

Well, that's all folks.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I love how y’all made Halloween as a family thing! It’s honestly just a day to eat all the sweets and enjoy!

  2. I have really gronw to really love the halloween season! One of the things I am looking forward to this halloween is making treats with my fam, getting together my costume, and seeing how everyone elses costume turns out!