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I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood!

Image: Owl, Yellow Throw Cover, Fall Bow, Fall orange burlap pillows. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Fall Haul. I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood!. Traditions
 I wasn't going to do this but,

I guess I'll get into a fall howling mood.  Seriously, I wasn't going to do any inside decorating of our home.
But, the closer I get to the smell of pumpkin pie spices, hot apple cider and roasted marshmallows for hot cocoa. The more I want to pull out my old decore from last year and start setting our home up for the Holiday season.

I must admit,  seeing all the new seasonal items in the stores has really gotten me in the mood as well. So, I have decided to pull out last year Fall decor and mix it in with this year's new items I've picked up from different stores.
Image: Tangie Bell sharing all the Fall items she will be using to decorate for the Holiday season. Let's get cozy sign, owl pillows, pumpkin candles, room sprays, Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Traditions. I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood!
I intended to only add a few Fall touches to our living room and kitchen area. But, now I am prepping to add a little holiday love to all my joy rooms as well. 

And I can not wait to share the end results in a later post. But, first, let me show most of the ideas that have come into play for me this year.  Since the weather is cooling down, I plan to decorate my coffee bar. So, I grabbed a let's get a cozy sign from my local Tarjay. 

Their dollar spot gets me every time I enter the store. This year I may be doing themes considering I will be cooking and entertaining a bit more this season.

Most of my decor items are from the years before with a mix of new things from all the stores, such as Big Lots, Five Below, Dollar Tree, and Ross. Oh, and I also hit up all the craft stores.
Image: Fall Holiday Spray and candles that Tangie Bell will be using for the Fall season. Orange cranberry, and white pumpkin soy candles.I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood! Traditions

First things first, I am a big fan of our home smelling good. But, I especially love the scents of orange, cranberry spice, and white pumpkin. So, one of the things that I must have present is the aroma of Autumn and any seasonal sprays I can get my hands on. One of my favorite things to burn other than a candle is Lampe Berger. The fragrance oils keep our place of living smelling woodsy and sweet for days. I will be getting more smell goods as they roll out for the holidays. But, these pictured above is the ones I am using right now. 
Image: All the pumpkins that will be used in the kitchen, living room for Holiday traditions.I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood!n. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog.
I am almost ashamed to share how many pumpkins I have collected over the years. From glass to metal and ceramic. I very seldom toss out those items because I love to keep them on repeat. I have more that will be adorning the kitchen, bathrooms, and our bedrooms. 
Image: All the signs and decor that will be used to decorate parts of the house This is a haul and the end results will be revealed later this week. I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood! Traditions

I also enjoy seeing the inspirational holiday sign placed throughout our living space. I believe surrounding our home with sweet words of affirmations helps put everyone in a good mood. So, I can not wait to place all of my give thanks and happy autumn plaques all over the place. 
Image: Thankful kitchen carpet that will be used for the Fall holiday decor. I Guess Owl Get In A Fall Howling Mood! Seen first on Bits and Babbles.
Last, but not least, I have a thankful rug mat that I will be using in the kitchen area only. Yes, it is an outdoor mat, but for 5.99  it will make a cute floor mat as well. 
I am using a lot of old Fall items that we use every almost every year You can see that right here

Except for the new items I will be using to spice up our new place. 

So far this is all I have to share from my tiny baby haul. But, the reveal will be coming soon.

Most of my items came from local stores, and each one carries something different. So, I cant wait to see what will be out new this wee.

Here is a breakdown of my Fall bucket list and ideas.

First: Kitchen. In that space, I will be adding a bar, signs, and pumpkins.
Bathroom: will get a few autumns decor pieces. Mainly smell goods and soaps will fill up those areas.
The living room will get the most done. There will be pillows, yellow and orange toss covers, leaves, and more pumpkins placed all around.
The dining table will get new placemats, plate settings, and Fall tree for ambiance.

My daughters will be decorating their own rooms. With my decorating guidance, of course. :)

There you have all the new and old things that will be added to our home to make it all nice and cozy.

What else should I add to my collection? Stay tuned for the reveal.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tang


  1. You got some super cute stuff! I cannot wait for the reveal!!!

  2. Nothing makes me more happy then the essence of the warm smell every home has when it's fall💕 it's time for me to start setting up!!💕 but first I got to go borrow some of your tips and tricks 🎀💕

    1. I know right. Thank you for commenting.
      xo tangie


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