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Just Making Myself Some Quick Earrings!

Image: Tangie Bell holding example of how she makes her own earrings to wear out in the city. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Just Making Myself Some Quick Earrings!
It's all about babbling jewelry and creating ideas.

Oh, hello, and Happy Wednesday. By the time this post goes live, I will be somewhere wearing a quick pair of earrings I made for myself. So, much has happened this week, and I can not wait to share those bits as they come. :) Nonetheless, I am going to jump right into sharing my new found candy that I hope will look good on my ears.

Honestly, I am into making easy and breezy DIY projects. I do not want anything that will take me five hours to make. That is why when I go into a craft store, I zoom in on the items I want to use when making jewelry. Or, I will grab a ready-made kit and tweak the style to fit me.

When it comes to creating earrings, necklaces, and finger rings. All it takes is a desire to pick pieces and put them together. I never look at my work and say it's wrong. Whatever I make, I will wear it to the ground.

The funny thing is I really do believe I can make something out of anything.

Yes, I have had many failures, but I always get right back up and start the process over again.

In my past time, I love walking the aisles of jewelry and craft stores because that is where my ideas flow the most. In a few days, I will be going to a coffee meet up with a few friends. And I love it when my earrings are the talk of our conversations. 

No. seriously, I get giddy telling them how I made them right on my kitchen table.

So, I know I will be getting a lot of questions when I share this easy DIY with my girlfriends.

I mainly used items I already had, but these can be purchased from any craft store.

I only used five items: End Caps
Jump Rings, Earring Hooks, Charms Of Choice, and One Bracelet Cord.
Image: Items used to make earrings for Bits and Babbles. Written by Tangie Bell

The connectors: Scissors and Jewelry Pliers

The connection: I cut the bracelet strap in half
Image: Tangie Bell showing how she makes quick earrings for any occasion.

Since there were two snap buttons on each end, I added a jump ring to each end. Then I placed my gold charm and closed the loops together. It may have taken two seconds to put this part together.
Image: Tangie Bell showing how she uses a bracelet to make earrings. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image: Tangie Bell uses jump rings, and earring hooks to make earrings to wear with outfits

Image: Tangie Bell uses jump rings and charms to make quick earrings

I also went ahead and added my earring hooks to the end caps of my choice. Last, but not least, I added a dollop of jewelry glue to the inside of the cap. The final step is pushing the ends of the bracelet I've cut into the cap ends with the glue. So easy anyone can do it. :)
Image: Tangie Bell uses end caps and ear hooks to make earrings for a quick date night

Image: end caps and jewelry pieces used to make earrings for quick earrings

Image: Tangie Bell adding glue to end cap so earring pieces can stick together

Image: all jewelry pieces being pressed down to complete project

Image: The complete look of making quick earrings

Image: Tangie Bell showing off the full look of making quick earrings. Using charms, jump rings, bracelet, earring hooks and end caps. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Ha! I think these were the most straightforward earrings I have ever made.

In conclusion: As a kid, I loved making things with my hands. And till this day I am still finding great joy in doing it as a side hobby. I know my pieces may not make much sense, but they sure do make a good conversation over a cup of coffee with friends.

Do you like what I made today?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Yes! I Love it! When are you gonna make me a pair?? So cute!

  2. I don't know how ya do it, but you make those DIYs look so quick and easy! If only if only........... lol They look amazing


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