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Later Gators!

 Image: Colorful seats at the Colony Truck Yard. Took pictures when visited by Tangie Bell. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Section in the morning babbles section
Later Gators!

 This morning while walking through the neighborhood and having my favorite morning cup of coffee. I was thinking to myself, is there a better life, and if so, how would I know? 
And, I am not talking about a life without bills or the standard daily bits we all need to survive. I was referencing more toward having peace in the right now moments of life. 
Often times, I wonder, is there more in life instead of enjoying the seconds, minutes, and hours of my day.
Even while I am walking, my mind was wandering toward the weekend and what I need to get done.
Image: Blue chair at Truck Yard. Taken pictures by Tangie Bell for Morning Babbles
Why am I doing that to myself?  Why am I not enjoying the cool breeze and quietness of the morning?
 I can't the only one thinking about rest after work and cleaning out my dirty closet when I get some time this weekend?
 Is it possible I am so used to having trials that I am sitting around timing a moment of turbulence to happen? 
Could it be all the things that are happening in world news?  No, or could it be my mind playing tricks on me about turning another year around the sun, moon, and stars? Oh, the chant of having a birthday soon means I am slowly crawling the hills of a bumpy mountain. Yikes! I think that just maybe it.
 Either way, I know it is time to say later, gators.
Image: outside pictures taken by Tangie Bell to place in morning babbles on Bits and Babbles Blog

You heard right Later Gator is slang for saying good-bye. And I've listened to that little slogan for as long as I could remember as a kid.  If a person is at a party or gathering, whoever leaves first would most likely be the one to say "Later Gator."
Or if there were a fighting match between two people after school, the most scared cat person would most likely say it as well. I think it was a way of throwing in the towel before somebody gets knocked out.
Ahh! Those really were the good ole' days. And when I think back, I was a little baddie. :) No wonder I stayed in trouble all the time. Thank goodness those are just memories of my past life.

Anyhoot for those of you who have been following for a while, you already know this is the part of the year we get out Later Gator list going. No, seriously, there is no need for me to make New Years Resolutions when I need to tackle a few things right now.  Honestly, I hate making plans, but I love making a list that I can check off from time to time.

This end of the year lists me, and my family has decided to keep things slow and simple.

Here's The Deal-O

Life happens, and when it does, I've found a few ways to calm the storm. And I wish shopping was part of it. But, Yall, unfortunately, browsing my favorite store just ain't the answer. Although after work later this evening I will be stopping in a few just for fun:)

Ok, somethings will never change.

Since I will be turning another number in a few days or so, I really need to calm down my anxiety and take it easy.

More Time With Family
We have been so busy with the start of school that no one has seen each other all week. Moriah who? Chloe who? Carey who? Kamoriae who? Those are my daughters who I have not seen all week because when I finally get home, they have already taken baths, ate dinner, and/or in the bed half asleep.

Zero Guilt
I know this one may sound contrary to my top list, but I am letting the guilt of working, being late for meetings, and missing out on night kisses with my little one. Honey, its called work, and sometimes I will and have to miss a few things. So, before this year ends, I want to stop the guilt of beating myself up all the time. This is the year to get over me-self. Some stuff ain't that serious.

Try New Things
I am a creature by habit. Meaning I do the same thing day in and day out. No matter if it is food, clothes, or my hairstyle. I am ready to branch out and try at least one new thing for my upcoming birthday. Should I change my hair for a season or maybe try wearing my first pair of mom jeans. In which I must add, I hate the way they look on me. I always look like a squeezed Weiner on a hot dog bun. #notcuteatall
But I am willing to try some new things before this year ends.

My family list is a bit different from mine. But these are the three things I really want to work on for myself. I feel it is essential to have a later Gator moment so I can improve upon more of more Hello you're doing exceptional in life moments.

I must admit becoming a day older soon was making me feel a bit scared. 
But, after my morning walk and revisiting my list, I really do feel much better about me myself and I.

So, as I am getting prepared to embrace another new chapter, I am openly ready to calm down and know life is just beautiful. 

Yeah, that was how my morning walk went this morning. 

Since we are in September, what life intentions will you be making toward the end of the year?

I tried to keep my list simple and small, so my task wouldn't overwhelm me.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

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  1. Some life intentions that I am setting for myself is to rest more and gear up for the New Year! At first I had all of these unrealistic plans but now I just want to enjoy the rest of the year with my family and enjoy the moment!

  2. My life intentions as of late, is to stay focused and gear my life towards the unknown. Meaning letting God choose my path instead of stressing out about where I am going and how I will get there. God Bless


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