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Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99

Image: Naughty Monkey Shoes: Found at The Goodwill. Picture taken by Tangie Bell and shared on Bits and Babbles.Penny Pincher Pretty On A Penny
Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99

Today I will embrace being called a penny-pincher. Because I've found myself 
a way to look good by buying used goods and it only cost me 3.99 each.
Who says looking good can't come from shopping thrifty? Not me said the chess cat. :)

Anytime I can find something from a second-hand store that looks good on me, I am all in and ready to buy if the price is right. 
Image: Tangie Bell trying on a cartoon dress. Picture taken for Bits and babbles. blog. Shopping at Goodwill in Dallas, Texas
 Ok, so here's what happened I went thrift shopping but with a purpose. I was on the hunt for anything black to wear for an upcoming special occasion. On my list was jewelry, handbag, and maybe a dress. Honestly, I went to five different stores looking for a particular style and fit. But, I was having no luck at all.

Image: Tangie Bell shopping at the Goodwill thrift store and finding clothes that cost only 3.99. Seen first on Bits and Babbles

 By the time I made it to the fifth store, I had hit the jackpot. Everything was 3.99, and I had only one hour before the store was closing. Girl! I needed way more time than that to shop, price compare, and try-on my findings.
 Although I had 60 minutes to shop, I felt the time was moving very fast. 
So, I had to quickly get moving. I started looking at dresses, and in 5 minutes, I knew I couldn't fit half the items I picked up. Everything I picked up in the first few minutes, I put back. 
I gathered my thoughts and started my search all over again.
Of course, one dress I saw had potential, but the price wasn't all that great. Yes, I compare prices when I am at the thrift store. If something costs more than 5 dollars. I will ask myself, can I find this item new at another store?
Image: Tangie Bell found a green dress for 3.99 from Goodwill Thrift. Haul and Finds shared on Bits and Babbles Blog. Thrift Haul + Shopping
 I have a great love for shopping second-hand, but some items need to only be sold on penny day. And that is me being honest. For example, I found a cute cartoon dress that would look good with a blazer and thigh-high boots. But it was over 7 bucks, so I didn't get that one. I based my feeling on how many wears I would get from the dress and if the price was worth the investment.

Can you believe I went through about 30 different outfits and couldn't find my style? To be honest, I never have that problem, but that night I was feeling some kind of defeat. I did find one pair of black knuckle pants that I love. Will style those at another time. :)
I soon found myself over in the shoe department, and that is where I started a rainbow at the end of the thrift shopping tunnel.

I almost couldn't believe my tired and weary eyes. Could this be my lucky day? Why, yes, it was. Sitting way back in a corner was a pair of black and hot pink Naughty Monkey shoes. Thank Ya Jesus, that's a deal? And they were only 14 dollars. Yesssssssssssss What a steal oops I mean deal. :)
I am a big fan of the Naughty Monkey brand because they have the cutest and most adorable styles that will make a woman feel funky and fly.
I usually buy my shoes from The Buckle because it is closer. But Naughty Monkey does have a website. I just do not like to wait on my stuff to ship at all.
Anyhoot back to my thrift shoes, the price was reasonable because the shoes are in excellent condition. But, they were a half size too small for me. But that is ok because I will be ordering me a pair asap. To be fair, I was finding some good items, but I was looking for something unique.
Image : Tangie Bell found a great deal on a hand bag 3.99. Seen first on Bits and Babbles. Shop, Thrift and Haul. Pretty On A Penny : Penny Pincher

Look out now I hit another winner over in the handbag section. Shopping for purses can be tricky because I take my time looking for holes tares and snares. I do not care if it is a name brand or a Tarjay knock off. If I like it, I will buy it. 
Image: Yellow Boho purse found at the thrift store for 3.99. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99: Pretty On A Penny
I almost gave up until I saw a little sign that read all handbags are 3.99. Oh, Lawd ham mercy Yall I almost fainted. Can you believe it?  There were so many styles ranging from Boho chic, Cowgirl on fleek, and Girl just watch me. I love a cute purse that makes a statement even if it's a plain jane. 
Image: Brown Bucket Bag at store for 3.99

Image: Brown purse at thrift store. Great finds during shopping to help women look good .Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99
The styles and sizes were limitless, and I was picking up everything in sight. Stay till the end, I have a mini haul to share.
Image: Tangie Bell trying on thrift bucket bag that she found for 3.99. Great sale and finds at Goodwill in Dallas Texas. Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99: Pretty On A Penny

Image: Blue Bucket handbag Tangie Bell found for 3.99. My Real Midlife Style Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99: Pretty On A Penny
Oh, yes, I found a few big bucket bags with rhinestones and spikes. Now that's me all day long.

Whoever said shopping used was out of style needs to hang with me for a while. Honestly, I do not know one soul who doesn't love a good thrifting spree.

Image: Woman: Tangie Bell leaving the Goodwill Thrift store with all her under 4 dollar purchases. Not sponsored. Looking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99: Pretty On A Penny
Although I didn't get the outfit or the Monkey shoes. I left with feeling accomplished because I got a few pieces to style something with.

Checkout The Items I Bought!

Image: Colorful Retro purse from the 70's . Tangie Bell bought for 3.99: Pretty on a dime

Image: Another handbag Tangie buys for 3.99 seen first on bits and babbles blog
 Yes, I bought a cute little 70's retro and colorful purse. The pictures don't do it justice because it really is pretty in person. So my style. 
Image: Tangie Bell sharing a quick haul to inspire. All the bags she purchased today forLooking Good And Used: Everything Was 3.99: Pretty on a dime
 Yes, I grabbed that big oversized leather bucket bag. For under 4 bucks, the steal was a great deal.
Image: tangie Bell hauling all the hangbags she found today for 3.99

Last, but not least, I found the cutest mid-sized tan purse in excellent condition. It almost appeared brand new. It is going to look good with an outfit I can't wait to share at a later time.

Which one should I wear first?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You honestly can never go wrong w/ thrfting! You found some bomb pieces. Those purses were on point

  2. You sure did find some good stuff! Yall know I love getting things for cheap so this post was right up my alley! Also, I thin you should rock the little multicolored bag! It looks '70s and I love it!

    1. Thanks and I love that bag. You rught it does look 70's inspired!

      xo Tangie


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