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My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween And I Stole Their Style!

Image: Woman holding up pumpkin ghost head from Dollar Tree. That will be used as decor for Halloween. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween And I Stole Their Style!
I Basically Copied Them.
Ghoul Morning my beautiful friends. It's Saturday and do I have a lot of spooky madness to babble about this morning. Is copying your neighbor's style of decoration the same as stealing something? Because Y'all I haven't stole nothing since

I was a kid in elementary school, and I took a pack of a grape now and laters from the local corner store. Don't worry, my momma got a switch to my backside, and I never stole again until high school. But, that is a whole story within itself, and my kids do not know about that one. So, I better stick with the subject this morning.

The other day after leaving work, I planned to go straight home, and I had no intentions of bothering nobody. #scoutshonor

But after a long hard day at work, I decided to pick up two pizzas and a coke for my family. Because I had no plans of cooking nothing for dinner.

When I got home and got off the elevator that leads to our home. There it was my neighbor's front entryway. It was decked out with flashing Halloween lights, and witches brew smoke all up in the hallways. What! I didn't get that memo that we would be dressing up our doors. Although I am not on the HOA committee, and no one needed to check in with me. I couldn't help but wonder who gave them permission to fancy up the walkway. 
Image: Decorations from Dollar Store that will be used to decorate for Halloween. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

But, dang their front way was so darn pretty when stepping off our elevators. Now, Y'all, I do not think I have a jealous bone in my body. But, dropped off our pizza without eating got back on the elevator and headed straight to the store.

Image All the Hallooween goodies Tangie Bell bought for Halloween from Five Below and the Dollar Store. Seen first On Bits And Babbles Blog. Written By Tangie Bell

Does that make me a copy cat? I promise I tried to resist the urge. Leave me a comment below. :)

But, at this point, I am already at the dollar store and five below shopping my little heart out.
I am trying to remember what my neighbors had so I could steer from their exact decor, but that was a fail because everything looked the same. And I already know when they step outside their door tomorrow, they will know I stole their style. 
Dang, I feel like such a Grinch. 

Anyhoot, I spent three hours in the stores with my oldest daughter Shacarey Martin who is always apart of my mommy madness.
Can you believe I was all up in the dollar store laying Halloween items on the floor until I came up with the right look for making my own wreath for my front door?  
Image: Witches Boots and Sign purchased by Tangie Bell for Halloween decoration on the front porch

WOW, I was really the trick or treat spirit, and it was all fun. I got some pretty good stuff, laughing pumpkins, hanging Boo signs and more. Then I went to the five-dollar store and found myself a Halloween mat, flashing ghost head and a welcome sign. Yep, I went all out, and I only spent 35 dollars to steal my neighbor's style. #sorrynotsorry

Image: Halloween Decorations that will be used for outside decorations

Honestly, I couldn't wait to get home so I could grab my glue gun and get to making some stuff. Now, that is one thing I have never stolen, and that is being a crafty DIY gal. And, today I am putting my dusty old skills to use.

First, I attached a sign to my wreath holder. Then I applied a black spiders net around the base of my wreath,
Image: Tangie Bell making a Halloween wreath for front door decorations. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image: The almost finished look of a Halloween wreath made by Tangie Bell. seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween And I Stole Their Style!
I tied the netting tightly to the back because no one was going to see it at all.
Image: Glue being used to stick pumpkin to wreath. seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image: Tangie Bell decorating Halloween wreath in 2019. Seen first on Bits and Babbles
Then I proceeded to glue down my pumpkin and boo signs along with my black cat.

Oh, I am so happy because my front door wreath turned out to be pretty ghoulish.

My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween And I Stole Their Style! Tangie Bell glueing ghost on new welcome Halloween sign

Image: Ghost being glued onto Halloween sign for decor

Later on, that night, I decided to glue a little ghost onto my new welcome sign.

Now it was time to shamelessly step outside my door and decorate.:)

Yall, Why did my nosey neighbors get off the elevator just as the family and I were sitting everything outside our door?
Can you guess what I did?

Yep, I was yelling I love your front Halloween decorations. Ya'll inspired me to pull out my last year's decor. :) LOLOLOL The lies.

But, honestly, who would really admit to copying. Ummm not me! And I am just honest.

Image: Tangie Bell decorating her front entry way with Halloween glowing in the dark Pumpkin heads. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
One of their cute little children came and mashed our new pumpkin head. They were so tickled to hear the spooky sounds with flashing lights.  Can you also believe my neighbor's child wanted one on their porch as well?  LOLOL I was glad and relieved to tell them it is at Big Lots.
Image: Halloween mat decorating the front porch from Dollar store. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Guys, this was all in fun, and my neighbors loved the things I bought.
I really didn't do much just added a cute little mat.

Image: Halloween wreath decorations seen first on Bits and Babbles blog.

But, my wreath was the show stopper, and it only took 8 dollars to make.
Later that night, I heard one or two people getting on and off the elevator saying, How nice our door looked.

I bet they are heading to the decor store right now. :)
Actually, I hope they copy me so we all can have a beautiful looking hallway. That's my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Image: Halloween decorations seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween And I Stole Their Style!

Image: Complete Halloween decor seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Written by Tangie Bell

In conclusion: this project was done in complete fun. We always do this every year. It brings cheer when can find joy in celebrating life and current events. It's a lot going on in the world, and when I can laugh at my life, I will always take that route.  To, be honest I am so ready for the Holiday season to roll around. It always brings me an ooey-gooey feeling of peace, love, and joy!

Oh, and I did my doorway totally different from my neighbors. They inspired me, and I did let them know. Because it really got me in a good mood.

Have you stole or copied anyone lately? You can share, and I will never tell a soul! :)


Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit

xo Tangie

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  1. You are really in the Halloween Spirit, I love the Decorations. You did an Awesome job!

  2. Our door turned out fireeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! Were ready for Hallowweeeeen! Thanks for the ideas neighbors!


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