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On Being 40 Something: Life-Style And The Weirdness Of It All

Image:Tangie Bell dropping a fall leaf. Sharing her outfit details and sharing her story on being 40 something : life- style and the weirdness of it all. Life Bits
On Being 40 Something: Life-Style And The Weirdness Of It All
Being forty-something ain't no cakewalk, and that's from a blogger's point of view. I thought being twenty-something was hard. But honey life in the forties lane is a whole nother story. But, I am up for the challenge. Honestly, I am learning a whole new thing about my life, style, and weirdness that comes along with aging with grace.
 I am at a point in my life where it is long overdue to buckle down and find myself. I know someone thinks I should already know myself. And I do but, I am longing to find that one thing that makes me tic and toc like a complete working clock. And it is not about having a hobby or getting a promotion at a job. To be honest, I have those things and a great husband and family who are trying to understand my middle life changes.
Image: Tangie Bell is sharing her diary on being forty-something. Life Style and the weirdness of it all
 Although I am not crying anymore, I am still trying to find another spot of belonging. And it goes deeper than being a mom, wife, co-worker, daughter, and best friend. To be honest, I am on a journey of finding me and what I want to be. It may take a while, but I am so cool with that. Getting a little older is a strange place to be. When no one understands until they have to cross that road. 
Yesterday, I went out with my family, and I had one task to do. My husband wanted me to grab one leaf and allow it to fall in honor of releasing at least one fear that I am having. I thought that was such a crazy thing to do. But, he just wouldn't leave me alone about it.
Image: Tangie Bell is sharing her outfit details. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. On Being 40 Something: Life-Style And The Weirdness Of It All
 So, I took one leaf that was orange, green with a slight bit of yellow mixed into. It was 92 degrees out, and I saw piles of Fall leaves all around me. It was magical, and I felt a positive energy when I grabbed that one colorful leaf. Life is funny sometimes, and it is the little things that can help a person see a little clearer. Today I learned a little something that made my day a little brighter. And, life really is that simple. #livinginthemoment

Image: Tangie Bell tossing up leaves and sharing her babbling diary On Being 40 Something: Life-Style And The Weirdness Of It All
 The other day I went shopping for my birthday outfit, and I realized my taste and style has changed again. No, I still love my dark colors, but I am more into quick, slip-on. You know those clothes that fit loose and breezy. 
I prefer wearing items that can be worn in multiple ways. Since I am a slight tall and curvy gal, I stray away from things that are too tight or have my upper parts hanging out. It's hard, but I think I have found some middle grounds to dressing pretty, chic, and neat. 
Image: Tangie Bell sharing her journey On Being 40 Something: Life-Style And The Weirdness Of It All. Outfit and shoe details.

 I am wearing a jumpsuit from the clearance rack of H&M. But, hey, it is cute and comfortable. All I did was pair with a pair of black flats and a few pieces of jewelry.

Now, I call that simple, and I was feeling cute and comfy while out with my family.

It is so weird being forty-something, but I am learning a lot going into the second half of life.

What I learned today was life is too short not to be enjoying the small moments that I am gifted every day.  Although life is happening for me right now, I am thankful to have a good support system in place to help me along the way.

I've been told by many I am going to look back upon my forties and laugh. 

Well, I guess I better start laughing right now. I just hope I don't go out and buy myself a red drop-top corvette. :) Ha Ya never know!

Today was a good day, and it needed to document it as a win. :) Or shall I say a triumph! 

I really want to do something different with my hair for my birthday. Should I color it pink? Don't worry, I am a hairstylist I can change it back if it looks whack. 

If yes, let me know? If No, let me know? I could be going through a phase in my life. #hairchange

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I think you should that PINK would look amazing on you!!!

  2. You should totally chane it pink! I think it would look fire on you! As women we always want a lil hair change very once in a while!


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