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Spice And Color On Color On Color!

Image: Yellow and Orange Seed Bead Necklace: This is how I will spice up my wardrobe this year. Spice And Color On Color On Color!
Spice And Color On Color On Color!

Who loves a little spice and color in their life? I know I sometimes do, but as of late it has been tough to look and feel spicy. But, starting today, I plan on adding a little more spice and various colors to my essential wardrobe. I know we're almost into Fall and most people are moving toward the darker shades in style.
Honestly, I feel I can rock all the summer colors I am finding on clearance rack sales. Every store I've gone in has all their accessories that are bright colors marked down to almost Free. 

Now, I thought since I am not a fashion stylist by any means. It is ok for me to dress and style myself out of season. Besides, I stumbled upon a texture set of jewelry. I really want to try out.
Image: Bold yellow necklace. That Tangie Bell will be adding to her new wardrobe.Spice And Color On Color On Color!
 Last year I came across a few tribal necklaces at the museum. After talking to the attendant, I found out where I can buy a few pieces. But, Yall most African and Tribe jewelry are super expensive. I am talking about 250 dollars for a small pair of earrings. So, I am going to do a little more research on places to find a few affordable pieces. Even if I buy one item at a time, I really want a part of culture and history. 
Image: Bold Blue necklace that Tangie will be using to spice up her new wardrobe. Spice And Color On Color On Color!
 In the meantime, I have fallen upon the seed bead collections. I find those designs to be very colorful and creative in the way they look and feel. It is amazing how it takes hundreds of beads to make one pair of earrings, or a choker to adorn a woman's neck. 
Image: Bold green seed bead earrings Tangie Will be using to spice up her new wardrobe. Spice And Color On Color On Color!
 Nonetheless, summer has taken a back seat, but the sales of items not sold is in high gear. And to be honest shopping out of season and styling it for the new season has a few good advantages.

Such as A summer dress can be paired with a jacket, some boots, and some cute jewelry. I was about to pack away all my summer outfits, but now I plan to add on a few bits and pieces that will transition into the more cooling season.
Image: Necklaces hanging up in the second hand store Tangie Will be using for her new wardrobe changes: Spice And Color On Color On Color!
Once again, since I am not a fashion foo person, I don't really care about dressing in what's on-trend. I prefer to wear what looks good and feel good on me. And sometimes that means I will be picking up trendy items once they hit the sales rack. Even if I do not do it that way, I will most likely be buying what has already gone into another dimension anyways. 

No matter how tricky fashion and style can be, I have learned how to maneuver and buy chic and sustainable jewelry and outfits. 

So, this season I will be spicing up my look with color, on color on color. So, expect to see me wearing summer jewels in the Fall. I am saying, yes to bright yellows, oranges, greens, and bold blues. 

Let's add a little vibrancy to our lives:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

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P.S I bought several of those necklaces listed above, which ones do you think I have? Oh, and yes, I coped those earrings. I will be styling them soon. 


  1. You know I love the color! I cant wait to rock my colors this Fall!

  2. You're going to rock those colors for sure!! I'm more a oldie and laid back as well I'm not really into the trends

  3. Yeah it’s always good to spice things up ! Those are some beautiful pieces as well, let me know if you need someone to wear a couple of them !! Lol


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