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The Joyful List: Monday Jump Start + Flying Out Of September!

Image: At Bubble Tea Cafe; Picture Taken by Tangie Bell. Seen First On Bits and Babbles blog The Joyful List: Monday Jump Start + Flying Out Of September!
The Joyful List: Monday Jump Start + Flying Out Of September!

Ok, here we go another month again has flown by faster than a jet heading to Paris. Although this has been a busy 30 days, I must say I am ready to fly myself September. Ok, not really fly because I have so much to share with you guys. #comingsoon :)
But for now, I am going to focus on the joyful list and my new Monday jumpstart.

Nonetheless, within 24 hours, we will be kicking off October, and I must admit I am so ready. I am gearing up for the cozy, fall and winter drinks, food, and other things I can delve into.

Image: Bubble Tea at Cafe Picture Taken By Tangie Bell Seen first on Bits and Babbles The Joyful List

I am so happy I made it through the earlier parts of this season change that occurred in my life. I will officially be celebrating a few milestones this weekend, and I can not wait to share those moments also.

Most of the things that have bought me joy recently have been:

  • Finding myself and understanding it's ok to leave one age and go to another. Ya'll I am finally over that moment in my life. I am not sure if the weird feeling of having a birthday will come back. But I am super thankful that I have a loving and supportive family who carried the weight of understanding.
  • This week has been the best one ever. I got loose and rode every ride at our local carnival until I got sick. Oh and I ate corndogs, candy apples and funnel cakes. It was absolutely amazing, and I offer no apologies about it at all. Read More Here
  • This week I cleared my plate from all and any negative things online. This Sunday service was all about clearing out socials again. It was geared toward us grown folk and what we watch, see, and do online. I never thought I was on my apps too long because I work full time. But, our Pastor was speaking more towards do not let social consume too much of our daily time. Because our kids, husband, and the dog need us to be present as much as possible. It was a thought-provoking message that turned out to be an Ahha moment for so many of us that day. So, I have just removed and added new people to support and those that are striving toward inspiration and motivation. It's a good life out in these streets, and I want to always be traveling down that road.
  • Also, I cleared out a few of my old clothes. You know the ones that don't hide anything, but rather have me looking like a squeezed sausage in a bun. I have been hoarding a few things that just don't fit at all. And I am no longer trying to starve myself or fake diet to lose weight. Ummm no ya girl is on a live life out loud kick. It may sound weird, but that has been the best stress reliever recently. I decided to live in my moments of truth.
  • On a much lighter note, I finished putting up all my Fall Decor. See The Haul Right Here 
  • Also, I just learned my husband has a big surprise for me this week and Ya'll I have been so giddy. Acting like a child waiting on Christmas to happen. Ha! But that is the joy of life. Being happy about the unknown things. It is a great feeling to smile about the mundane things that happen in life.
  • I have been taking baby steps by not taking on more than I can handle. It has not been easy at all because I am a take charge and do everything gal. But, in reality, I am finding so much more joy letting go and allowing my kids and husband to do the rest. #mommyoffduty 

So, I am about to jump start my Monday off with a bang. I know the first day of the week is miserable for most people according to the news. But, I am already planning my week early with real intentions to be successful.

I have already made my list on What's for Dinner. My goal is to cook two-day meals. You know those ones that a family can eat off of twice. We'll That is how I am elevating a lot of pressure off my plate. 

Monday and Tuesday: There will be baked chicken thighs, yellow rice, and gravy, string beans, rolls, and Kool-Aid. Desert will consist of crushed oreos and ice-cream.

Wednesday and Thursday Menu will be pot roast. In, which I will put that on before leaving for work that morning. The main dish will be black-eyed peas, cornbread cabbage, and sweet potatoes. Drinks of choice and a slice of cake.

Friday will be a relaxed chili dog and fried hash brown night.

Saturday and Sunday will be whatever they can find in the kitchen. Because my apron will be thrown in the washer. #imofftheclock

This week I will not be getting up so early for walks. I am going to slow down and hit that snooze button once or twice. It is not for me to get extra sleep but more to break a habit. I have been putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself if I do not get up and walk at 5 am in the morning. This week I will be doing life a little different and I so happy about the new plans I am implementing into my life.

In conclusion: Life is to short not to enjoy the small moments of joy. I am learning to let go and live like tomorrow doesn't exist. I think that is what most people want. A day in time where it's not about doing and going but more of living in peace and harmony.

So, I am saying yes to more of these slow and take it carefree days.

There you have it a quick joyful list with a Monday jumpstart because Ya girl is flying out of September.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. September is gone with the wind and I am pretty excited about it! Hello October its time to twirl!!

  2. I know right...where did it gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:)

    xo Tangie

  3. I too also love smoothies , tea , and boba!! Including coffee, I love my drinks


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