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Weekend Happenings: Weird Knick- Knacks, Intentions And Lazy Confessions!

Image: Woman( Tangie Bell just purchased Donald Duck duffel bag from the vintage second hand store.  Weekend Happenings: Weird Knick- Knacks, Intentions And Lazy Confessions!
Hooray, It's Saturday! I thought I would share my weekend happenings shamefully collecting weird knick-knacks

mixed with my intentions and a very planned lazy day confessions. So, what's happening with you guys on today? As of now, we are still sweating through 98 degrees of heat down here in Texas. I know it's Fall but it ain't time for me to break out any Autumn clothes yet. Although, I hope the cooler weather hits sooner than later.

Nonetheless, I am not allowing anything to stop my weekend happenings. 

Most of the time, I have my plans written down for Saturday and Sunday. You know the usual grocery shopping prepping for a long upcoming church Sunday.
But, this end week I am going to wing it. I'm trying something different since I am turning over an old leaf. 

I am trying not to take life so seriously and spend more time enjoying the small things around me. If I do not have any plans like going out of town or attending an event. I have started intentionally doing only the things that bring me happiness and joy. Most days, my mornings start early in the morning, and I do not stop doing, going, and running until late at night.

I was finding myself doing long hours even on my two days off from work. Over the last few weeks since my crying episode about my birthday coming. I've decided to clear my plate and try living more intentional. I wish I could say the task has been easy, but it hasn't. I have groomed myself to be a busy little bee even when I have the time to sit down. 

Who can relate to my madness?

Anyhoot, once I realized, I am designed to be busy 24/7 I've come up with my own schedule of intentions. Since I am just starting, I will definitely be posting more as I go.

The next thing that will be going down this weekend is cleaning all my knick-knacks I recently purchased. 
I'm obsessed with Donald Duck, and I just coped a second-hand duffle bag that I need to wash asap. Yes, it is in excellent condition, but we all know used items need to be dipped in suds and scrubbed. I know it is weird, but I love the color that is on my new found purse, and it is actually very sturdy. Not to mention it is so dang cute. 

Image: A Jar of Knick-Knacks purchased from The Vintage Second Hand Store.  Weekend Happenings: Weird Knick- Knacks, Intentions And Lazy Confessions! Weekend Bits and Favorites
 I also grabbed a little jar of random knicks so I can create something. I love collecting broken and missing items for my DIY projects. Yes, I can do a lot with this mix-matched jar of marbles, game pieces. I used to think I was a weirdo because I bought my stash quietly. But, now, I am eager to show and share my things with others. It's a fun adventure that I have grown more in love with.

Image: Cinderella Vintage Book and Vintage Band-Aids. Purchased By Tangie Bell.  Weekend Happenings: Weird Knick- Knacks, Intentions And Lazy Confessions!
 Recently, I bought Moriah a Mary Poppins book that was dated back 35 years. Now I just found an old copy of a Cinderella book. So, this weekend I will be gently brushing her new book and placing it non-moisture zip lock bags. Can you believe I also found a full can of Band-Aid sheer strips? You know the ones that blend in with your skin by Johnson and Johnson. I will even be cleaning that as well. I plan to use it as decoration in my bathroom. It matches a few outdated pieces I already have.

For the most part, my weekend happenings will consist of me cleaning and decorating with my Fall items. Cooking nachos for dinner with all the trimmings. This will be a slow and relaxing two days at home. 
Image: Sprinkles Cup cakes and Ice-Cream. Picture taken by Tangie Bell.... Weekend Happenings: Weird Knick- Knacks, Intentions And Lazy Confessions!#weekendbitsandfavorites

Last, but not least, Rico bought me my favorite dessert Sprinkle cupcakes and ice-cream. So, you guys know I will be eating all of that while catching up on Netflix movies. I know my plans may sound boring, but I need this time to revamp, relax, and rest. Honestly, this is my real life, and I am so happy to be basking in my own truth and honesty. So, as of now, I am welcoming slow days doing what I love and eating more of what makes me feel good on the inside. So I will confess this will be a lovely lazy two days at home. Can somebody cheer me on? :)

There you have it my weekend happenings:)

Hey, what's a good movie please send recommends? 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

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  1. That Donald Duck handbag looked amazing, I can’t believe you found that Beauty!! You definitely need to cop that one!!

    1. I did:) Thank you. It was a good buy.

      xo Tangie

  2. I keep telling you that you need to see Nutcracker! We said that we would watch it but we never got around to it! And we all love a good lazy day! I plan on enjoying my weekend and eating all the snacks!!

    1. I know right..The Nutcracker should be on our list this year...#imexcited

      xo Tangie


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