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6 Plans For The Weekend: And Some Of It Includes Lots Of Movies!

Image: Movie Picks that included 6 plans and lots of movies. Such as A Play, Best Man Holiday, Vertical Limit: Morning Babbles
 6 Plans For The Weekend: And Some Of It Includes Lots Of Movies!
I am doing a happy dance right now because it's Friday and it is raining outside. So, I hope my loved ones do not have any plans that will involve me getting dressed and leaving the comfort of my home over the next two days. Honestly, I have 6 big plans for this weekend, and some of it will include hot lemongrass tea with lots of movie watching. Yes, I plan to rest, relax, and reset the closer it gets to Monday. But, in the meantime I want to be lazy, eat ice-cream and call my friend Debra so we can gossip about a few people. Now don't that sound like a good weekend filled with personal self-care?

What are your plans for today?

Image: Three Movies : G, The Expendables, The Perfect Storm. Morning Babbles 
 I must admit I am pretty happy about this chilly weather we are having at the moment. Although it is not cold enough to light the fireplace and roast wieners. Yes, we put hot dogs in our fireplace, and some times we toast marshmallows as well.  We do take proper precautions by using the right utensils, and we all gather around as a family. Besides, it's cheaper than actually going camping. :)
And in reality, it really doesn't take much to make me happy at all. :) 
Image: Tea and a movie for 6 Plans For The Weekend: And Some Of It Includes Lots Of Movies! Morning Babbles
I know it's only Friday, but I already went through my movie box and pulled out all the movies I want to watch. Yes, sir, I am feeling relaxed already. My focus will be centered around a little bit of funny, action, suspense, and a play.
Image: Tangie Bell getting ready to watch Expendables. Morning Babbles
The first movie I will be watching while cooking is The Expendables. This one is my favorite because it has all of my favorite characters. Starting Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Couture, Austin, Crews, Rourke, and Willis. 
It's about a tight-knit group of ex combat vets turned missionaries. They teamed up to overthrow a dictator. But once they got involved, they got caught in a web of deceit and betrayal. My first pick is full of explosive action. And I watch it at least three times a month. I will also be watching the Expendables 2, which is also on my fav list.
Image: Tangie Bell will be watching The Best Man Holiday. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog. Morning Babbles
 I know we are not into the Christmas season yet, but I can't help watching the Best Man Holiday.  The cast is amazing and equally talented in this one. Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Terrance Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Harold, Monica Calhoun, Melissa Desousa were all apart of being, sexy, funny, and smart. It showed how friends came together amid triumph. Oh, it was lots of fighting, jealousy, and unnecessary catcalling. But, when Monica told them the real reason why she invited them over for Christmas. Things took another turn. Let's just say it is filled with a lot of tears and realness,
Image: Tangie Bell will be watching Vertical Limit Movie. 6 Plans For The Weekend: And Some Of It Includes Lots Of Movies!
Another favorite of mine is Vertical Limit. Now this one gives me chills. Because I would never be able to climb a 28,000-foot mountain. But the adrenaline from this climb is absolutely amazing. Trust me, it is not boring at all. I can watch Vertical Limit on repeat because it is that good. It should be a thriller because it keeps me on edge. Also, when I turn off all the lights in the house, the views and scenery look real. It's an intense movie. Just know one brother is in a race against time to save his sister.

My next one will be The Perfect Storm. This starts off a little slow but picks up with breathtaking winds from the water. George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg really captured the true essence of a boat, possibly getting caught up in the Bermuda Triangle. Seriously, this one is a must-see.

I will also be watching a movie that has Richard Jones, Blair Underwood, and Cheona Maxwell as the main characters. It is a love story about two men being in love with the same woman. The tile is G, and it is hot off the press good. :)  Just know I was really rooting for Summer G and the girl.

Last, but not least I love a good play. This one is written and produced by Je'Caryous Johnson called Friends and Lovers. Just know to be friends sometimes can lead to a, a little bit of trouble. Another all-star cast that put on magnificent stage performance.

Final Thoughts: There is nothing wrong with relaxing and doing nothing at all. That's a recipe for good living. If you don't have plans, grab a few movies and a cheap pizza for dinner. Now that's self-care! HA! Who is with me? Also, Have you seen any of the films I picked? Leave me comments!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. A nice movie night never hurt nobody🎉👏 I could use a nice relax time by myself as well💕

    1. I totally agree! Thanks for commenting
      xo tangie

  2. Hey girl, you better take that little time that you have and relax! All of those movies are great 👍🏽 choices!!


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