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Aging Bliss: So, I Am Mixing Things Up On Being Forty-Something!

A Rabbit statue at the Waters Creek Park in Texas
Aging Bliss: So, I Am Mixing Things Up On Being Forty-Something!

I used to be afraid of getting a day older, but now I am not. Life can be funny sometimes, but I am here for all the weirdness that comes along with being a woman of a certain age. 

Tangie Bell at the park drinking a coffee sharing her new aging bliss routine with friends

Starting with cutting out some real-time outside to enjoy the wind blowing and bunny rabbits running in the field. Yep, that may be odd to say, but in reality, most of my friends work long hours, including myself. And in my free time, I want to rest, relax, and repeat.

 Trust me, there is nothing at all wrong with that. But, I am discovering living life, and aging is blissful. And I am happy to be around enjoying it on a daily bases. Last,
Thursday I received not so good news twice on that same day. After dealing with that, it was after 9pm at night. By, then it was time for me to head off to bed so I could start the next day of work grinding.
Honestly, that is just life, and things can happen in the blink of an eye. Even when plans are set in stone.
Tangie Bell is at Starbucks for breakfast at the Shops of Legacy in Plano Texas
Over the last few days, I've been living my life without making plans, and I want to share it with you guys. On how I am not giving two cents about nothing at the moment. Lol :) #notjoking

I think it's time for all women over 40 to start reclaiming their own personal space. You know those parts of the day where you don't answer the phone. Yes, I am one of those people who love to hit the airplane mode button. Ha! Ya girl has to get some downtime before my B-Day mode comes around. Although it may have by the time I get the post up.  
Tangie Bell ordered a new carmel frap and refill cup from Starbucks
So, I decided to get dressed and walk across the street to Starbucks. There was no intention of getting coffee, but hey, I couldn't resist it. Ok, I went over to buy a $2 refill cup so I could make my own coffee at home. But, since I was in the building, I had to grab a caramel iced frappe with whip cream. I low key wanted to try the joker frap from their secret menu. But, I just didn't dare to try anything different. Besides, I wanted a strong coffee jolt and not a mystery drink that I possibly would have sent back for a remake. 

No shade, but sometimes Starby's don't always hit the mark. So, I just ordered what my taste buds. Nonetheless, I sat down and read two magazines, and met two new ladies who apparently come for coffee and chats before work. Now, I thought I came up with something so innovated just to realize it's more people in my community just like me.

Ok, here's what I mean. About three times a week, I get up with my husband and go for a morning walk. The breeze of the early mornings always helps me get my day started with an open and free mind.
So, this fall, I planned to stop walking for miles but rather walk to my favorite cafe and chill. It's called doing something different to trick the body out of doing the same ole' thing every day.
After talking to a few other people and enjoying my frappe, I discovered they were making changes to their morning routine as well. 
It was so much fun, just sitting and talking with other women who are in the transitional stages of life at the moment.
Yep, I am all smiles because I realize I am not alone. I am now also realizing some new things about myself and aging in general. 
It feels good to mix up my days and try something different rather than doing the same old boring thing. 
Tangie Bell is showing how she restyled black boots, leggings and shirt dress
I am at an age now, where I am learning new things and how to live the best life possible in the middle of it all.

Lastly: Can we talk about how I restyled those same black boots with black leggings and a burgundy shirt-dress.
Tangie Bell is sharing how she restyled old boots and handbags

I think I am getting back into my style mojo by re-wearing last year's bits.

In conclusion: Life is to short not to be enjoying every stinking little bit of it.

What changes have you made for the better?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Enjoying life and appreciating God's Process is the key to life. Its also the reason why us woman come to your blog ❤️.

  2. Ouuuu Starbucks is my favorite! The Iced Caramel Macchiato is the absolute best!

    Also, I enjoy your blog so much! Keep going

    1. Good evening thank you and I am glad you left a comment ...I am thankful to each and every one of you guys.
      And yes, I love the caramel one from Starbucks
      xo Tangie

  3. I loved the outfit! Also, some chaneges I have made for the better are resting more instead of always being on the "go-go-go" and it has really been working for me!

    1. lol I agree know Ive slowed down being on the go go. Thanks Carey ttyl

      xo Tangie


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