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Bits Of Food Breakfast Bash: My Favorite Stuffed Honey Bun Chicken Sandwich Twisted Recipe

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her stuffed honey bun recipe. Honey Bun , bacon, egg, tomato and more

Bits Of Food Breakfast Bash: My Favorite Stuffed Honey Bun Chicken Sandwich Twisted Recipe

Image: Honey bun stuffed with chicken, bacon, egg, shown on Bits Of Food. Seen first On Bits and babbles. Blog as a favorite breakfast food.

It's that time of the day where I am so eager to share my bits of food breakfast with a twist. So, today, I am paying homage to the honey bun by stuffing it with my favorite foods. Since I love bacon, eggs, tomatoes, and sticky buns. I thought it would be so cool to collide all of my morning favorites between something other than a regular bagel.

It's no secret I am a southern gal from down south Louisiana now living in the countryside of Texas. So, I am no stranger to mixing sweets with my fried chicken. It's the common soulful way we ate when I was younger. My mom and granny cooked homemade butter biscuits and honey with fried fritters. Oh, not to mention there were sweets every morning such as french toast, pancakes and raisin bagels. Those were the good ole' days when watching calories was not a factor. But more of making sure the family had full bellies before going to work or school. Although my family cooked most loaves of bread from scratch. I must confess I am not into that all the time. I want quick, easy.

Since I still love all that sweet stuff for breakfast. I must also fess up to making a mean stuffed honey bun sandwich. It is so good it will make you wanna slap the kitchen table. :) Yes. I am that confident.  Although, I must warn it will also put you in a sleep coma for about 6 hours. :) no joke. This recipe is a hot gooey sticky mess full of goodness. So, here are my tips in full deets.

Image: Tangie Bell is showing how she uses egg and flour to season the chicken before adding to honey buns
 First, I marinate my chicken breast overnight. Now, this is the only part of my meal that is stolen. I use pickle juice, garlic powder, and onion bits. Yes, I know Chick Fil A does there's in pickle juice as well. But, hey, at least I am taken from the best chicken people outside of my grandma. Ok, let's move on to the next step. :)

Step Two: I mix up an egg with a little milk, pepper, and more garlic powder.
Step Three: I dip my chicken in flour, then in the egg mix and back in the flower
Image: Tangie Bell is showing how she fries chicken before making her favorite honey bun chicken sandwich
Step Four: I proceed to deep fry.
Image: Tangie is frying french fries to accompany her honey bun chicken sandwich

Step Five: It is optional. I love to fry a side of tators, steak fries, or curly Que's.

Image: Tangie Bell is making fried eggs to go with her honey bun chicken sandwich
Step Six: No sandwich is complete without making hard fried or sunny side up eggs. Yep, we real country eaters around here.
Image: Tangie Bell is using honey buns to make chicken sandwiches

Image: Prepping fried honey buns for chicken sandwich

Step Seven: This is my favorite part. I love opening up fresh packs of honey buns. Then I place on a light butter pan and allow to fry and get a little crispy. #sogood
Image: Getting the veggies ready to add on Honey bun chicken sandwich

Step Eight: Cut Up tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce. These condiments are all optional. 

Image: Tangie Bell prepping bacon to add onto the honey bun sandwich

Step 9: Grab some oven baked bacon. Yes, we are about to pile this bun up high.

Image: Tangie Bell adding egg to and chicken to honey bun sandwich
 Step Ten: Use one honey bun as the base then Pile on Chicken egg
Image Tangie Bell adding veggies and eggs to honey bun sandwich
 Then add Tomato
Image: Tangie Bell adding bacon to honey bun sandwich
 Add lots of bacon
Image: Tangie Bell adds top honey bun to complete chicken sandwich

Last but not least, add the top bun. And booooom baby! I can now enjoy this mad creation for breakfast.

In conclusion: I know this bit of breakfast is a calorie overload. But, hey, you only live once. So, why not try something different once in a while. I would love to do fewer calorie foods, but to be honest, I eat crazy and weird foods that are full of butter and sugar. I grew up on this type of food, and I am sharing it with my family and my readers.

Would you eat a honey bun stuffed chicken sandwich?

P.S If you are on a diet or watching calories, please reframe from these types of posts. I love food, and I am happy to show my honest eats. :)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Image: The complete chicken and honey bun sandwich

Image: Tangie showing how she cuts and enjoy her honey bun sandwich


  1. I love me some food as well! That's the type of food that's gonna get you in a food coma foreal! I love it!

  2. What in the salty sweet goodness is this?!

    1. lol...honey bun chicken sandwich stuffed with all types of country goodness. You gotta try it!


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