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DIY Day Out: Used Handbags, Sale Snooping + Making New Jewelry

Tangie Bell sharing her outfit and magazine clutch bag before heading out to do DIY sale shopping
 DIY Day Out: Used Handbags, Sale Snooping + Making New Jewelry

Good morning beautiful people. I am up and ready for work as we speak. But, I thought I would drop in and share my DIY day out from yesterday mixed with a little sale shopping and jewelry making. Oh, and I couldn't decide which used handbag I should wear, so of course, I need your help. Although I was not doing anything fancy on my day off, I opted to get up, dress decently, and put on a smitten of make-up.
Tangie Bell is sharing her fringe clutch with all black outfit before heading out to DIY shop for sales and make jewelry
 This morning I grabbed a black pair of leggings and paired with a high low top. Then I put on my faux leather jacket with black boots as well. After looking in the mirror, I realized I was in all black clothes. I love this look because it is sleek and can be dressed up or down with or without color. So, I grabbed my favorite magazine clutch that I found at the thrift store for 8 dollars. I wanted to wear it because it has lots of stylish pictures. But, then I wanted to wear an old broken handbag that had lots of fringes. This used to be a full purse with a strap attached, but the thrift clerk sold it to me for 3 dollars. And, now I use it as a clutch bag.

Tangie Bell sharing her outfit, leggings, fringe handbag, and black boots before DIY sale shopping and making jewelry
I could choose, so I just went with the once purse now black clutch look. How do I look in my all black assemble? Which handbag would you have worn, the magazine one or the half-torn fringe one? 
Yes, this is my day off, and I am geared up to do some sale snooping. You know that kind of shopping where stores mark high priced items down to a little bit of nothing. Yes, those are my kind of sales that will make me get out of my bed early in the morning. 
Strung Bead Sale sign at Michaels craft store
 Anyhoot, I heard Michael's craft store is having a massive sale on beads. And I love it when my favorite craft stores have deals because I will rack up on beads and other pieces of jewelry. I was super excited when I saw all strung beads are $2.99 this week only, and today was an additional 50% one full-price item. When there is a big sale, I am cautious about the things I pick up. Because sometimes a good deal can go wrong if I pick up a lot of none- sale items.
 But, honestly, I couldn't help but try on rings and things. The craft stores have the cutest pre-made jewelry. 
Tangie Bell trying on pre-made beads at Michael's craft store.
 I even tried on already made arm bracelets. Although the pre-made ones are super cute, I prefer to make my own.
Tangie Bell checking prices and designs at the Michael's craft store. Green agate beads
 So, this week's sale was right up my alley. First, I picked up agate and stone beads. But, I wanted to add a little bling to them.
Tangie buying the white crystal  charms to make jewelry  at home.
 There weren't any sales on the charms, so I used my 50% off on two white crystal stones. 

Tangie Bell trying to decide if she wants the yellow and black beads from Michaels craft store. Sale snooping
I also looked at the yellow and black beads, but I went with the other colors, which I will show you toward the end of this post. I may go back for the 

Finally Home: DIY Time
Tangie Bell is sharing all the beads she bought from the craft store to home
 I bought five sets of beads, and that is enough to make six arm candy bracelets. And I grabbed one collection of the white charms with encrusted bling chips. Seriously, they look beautiful in person.
Beads cut and spread on table so Tangie Bell can make DIY arm bracelets
 The first thing I will do is cut all the beads off the original string. So, I can mix or match textures to fit my style.
String and stretch cord that is used by Tangie Bell to make beaded arm bracelets: The perfect DIY
 This project is so easy, and I have done it a million times before. But, most of you guys love it when I show you my new pieces, so here we go. I grab my stretchy cord string and add one bead at a time.
Tangie Bell is trying on DIY bracelet before tying in a secure knot
 Before making a knot, I will wrap the cord around my wrist to make sure it fits.
Tangie Bell is showing how she makes the three knot tie to close and secure her DIY arm bracelets
 Once I get a good fit, I will do a three-knot tie for security. So, easy and fun to make.
Tangie Bell is sharing the finished look by wearing DIY bracelets
 I do that to each and every bracelet I am going to make until I get my desired look.
Tangie Bell is showing all the beads and finished DIY bracelets she got and made from Michael's craft store
Here is a closer look at the end results pictured above. These make great gifts for birthdays and holidays. 

In conclusion: Having a hobby has given me great joy and purpose in life. Sometimes when I am off from work, I love to get my jewelry kit and make something I can wear for years to come. In doing so, it gives me a reason to live and be at peace with myself when I have nothing to do on my days off.

Tip: I find it more affordable to make my bracelets than buy them already put together. This method works better when making arm candy stacks. The pre-made ones are only valuable to me when they go on sale for 75% off. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, the pre- jewelry goes super fast.

There you have it a full day of a DIY day out, amongst other things.
Hope you make yourself some arm bracelets. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Such a nice and productive hobby you have, as I go out and spend money on food I could be making at the house😂. I need to be a more productive mom like you 👍

    1. Hello and Thank you:) Have a great day!

      xo Tangie


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