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First Attempt Try-On: Shopping For My Forty Something Birthday Outfit Was A Fail!

Image: Tangie Bell shopping for birthday outfit and sharing her results on Bits and Babbles Blog
First Attempt Try-On: Shopping For My Forty Something Birthday Outfit Was A Fail! 

It all started when I decided I wanted something new for my upcoming birthday dinner.
Nonetheless, my plans were to run into a few of my favorite stores and grab something quick, comfy, and cute. Sounds easy, right?
Image; Tangie Bell shopping at Zara store for her birthday outfit. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image: Tangie Bell shopping for new earrings to wear on her birthday. with outfit.
 I must have gone into 17 stores, and each one had the same styles with different prices on display. The funny thing about shopping is I never have a problem finding cute earrings and handbags. But, what is up with all the mix-matched clothing that are on the racks. 
Image: Colorful handbag. Tangie Bell shopping for her birthday. First Attempt Try-On: Shopping For My Forty Something Birthday Outfit Was A Fail!
You know tops with no bottoms, dresses with a cinched-in waist. And with my body shape, I can't wear nothing that is hugging my round belly shape. Last-minute shopping has caused me to make a few rash decisions.
For example, my go-to style is an outfit that fits a straight line on my body. In other words, I do not want anything that has texture, pleats, or frills.
Summer is gone, yet I still see clothes with flowers and bathing suits out for sale. 

Image: Tangie Bell trying on clothes for her birthday and hauling. Seen first on Bits and Babbles
Since I couldn't find anything, I just started trying on everything in sight, and here's what happened.
The solid colors were minimal so, I tried on several dresses with flowers. But, I was feeling the vibe on that particular day.
Image: Tangie Bell trying on stripe dress with yellow handbag for her birthday. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Its a try-on haul
Also, I tried on a basic stripe dress with a yellow purse. Ummm, I felt like a mix-matched woman who just broke out of prison. On the real, where was I going in this last outfit? I usually am not a last-minute person when it comes to planning my style. But, as of late, I have been falling off the style wagon.

Don't get me wrong I am not a fashion or style person at all. I just love to play with clothes. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a woman of a certain age trying to figure out her style.

Here's the deal, since I could not find anything that made me feel fly.  I decided to go home and see what I already had and what I can match together that would complete and outfit.

Then this week, I will be shopping online. I tend to find better deals and stuff from Amazon, eBay, and other outlets.

At the end of the day, most stores are not keeping up with what's on-trend. But, the pressure is on the consumer. For example, if I see a top, I need to know how I want to style it. Do I want to wear shorts, pants or a skirt? Most likely, neither one, since I prefer a dress or leggings over wearing pants.

This shopping spree has been a struggle for no reason, but I have a new plan.
Since, I am in limbo over-wearing all black, neutral, or plain white for the Fall season. Yes, I wear white even in the winter. I've decided to focus my attention on buying solid colors so I can easily style my outfit choices.

That may sound lame, but this technique works for me. Example: Solid top and bottoms paired with boots and a big bucket handbag. To me, that is simple, quick, and stylish, and that all I want.

In conclusion: I am all about being frugal and sustainable when it comes to my style. So, I am not giving up just yet on the stores. I will be back out tomorrow looking for deals, and clearance rack sales. I did stumble across a few stores that were putting out new stuff. And I will be hitting them up as well to complete my shopping.

Final thoughts: Yes, this trip was an all-time fail. When I got home, I was going through my closet and realized I have been wearing the same thing for years. And I think my taste in clothes is changing again. The things clothes I've loved for a long time, I no longer like anymore. Last night I almost grabbed everything out my closet so I could toss them away. Then I realized again, I have essential items that I can no longer find, and there was no need to act irrationally.

Although this shopping trip was a fail. Deep down in my heart, I could have found something. Honestly, I am glad I did not buy anything because things with me and my style have changed, and I am ok with that. So, I will be back at the drawing board this weekend, making notes of the things I want to buy and the things that I will not purchase.

Making notes helps me not to go into the store picking up items I know I will never wear. #notwastingmoney

Has your style changed over the years?

On my next clothes shopping trip, my focus will be geared toward looking for one item, so I can style around that. I have some ideas, and I can not wait to share my findings soon.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. All of your try-ons were great options I hope you chose wisely because those were some hard decisions lol I would've wanted to buy everything.

  2. Sometimes shopping can be such a headache and I cannot stand when I have to spend all day looking for an outfit but cannot find one thing that works! Ugh! That's why I have tried to get started early on everything that I have found because it has been hard out here!


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