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Glow Routine: Giving My Face A Mystery Bath With A Tomato Twist!

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her glow skin routine.
 Glow Routine: Giving My Face A Mystery Bath With A Tomato Twist!
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Hello, Darlings! Today I am sharing my glow routine secret with a tomato twist. As a woman, I want and need healthy skin. 

 But this weather transitioning into Fall has been beating my skin pores up.
Ok, here's the deal summer is gone yet the weather is still a little hot. Although we are in the beginning stages of Fall, I can feel my skin getting clammy and clogged. I am again using my La Roche Posay and Clinique products, but it is time for me to give my face a hydrating and rejuvenating bath. So, without further ado, I had to go into my kitchen and grab all the natural things I could find.
Image: All the itmes being used to make a coffee mask. Coffee-Egg-Honey-Pail-Spatula.   Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog.  Glow Routine: Giving My Face A Mystery Bath With A Tomato Twist!
 The first thing I know I wanted to do was give my face a smooth mask. I am staying away from anything abrasive at the moment. My top mask will consist of instant coffee because it melts fast, and it has a nice smooth feel. Coffee is excellent for wrinkles, and it smoothes the skin out. There are other benefits, but I am focusing on the softness and skin relaxing feel it gives.

Items I Use Are: Coffee-Egg-Honey 
Image: Tangie Bell placing egg in bowl to mix up for a natural mask
 Crack the egg and use only the white. Pour instant coffee I bowl and mix with a bit of Honey until pliable.

Image: Tangie Bell mixed coffee, egg and honey for a natural skin mask. she uses at home to hydrate and add a glow

 I never use a metal spatula to mix my ingredients. But, I stir until I get my desired mixture for my face. If my face is feeling irritated, I will place it in the cooler part of the refrigerator for 20 minutes. It soothes down eczema and sunburned skin quickly. The egg I use is good for protein and clearing out dead oils in my skin. Once again, I use honey as well to control my acne naturally, but it is also great to hydrate my face. I am not a Doctor, so if you do any of my ideas, please use it with discretion. I first use a gentle wash to clean any dirt and pre-oils on my skin.

My next step is simple. I apply my mixture all over my face and let sit for 20 minutes. Side note: I rinse with a semi-cool rinse only. I do not use any facial wash after 
Image: Tangie uses a frozen tomato to soothe her skin
 My last step is using a frozen tomato to decrease my skin pores. I use this process to help when I have inflamed skin from eczema.
Image: Tangie Bell is holding up half a tomato to soothe skin.

Image: Tangie uses tomato in circular motion to massage skin.
I take the tomato and rub in a circular motion to stimulate my skin and face pores.
Inconclusion: As I am getting a little older, I am taking my skincare more seriously than I did when in my twenties. 

No matter what happens, I am learning and teaching myself how to use natural home items to help my skin feel good.

I still use over the counter products, but sometimes I need to use something that has no chemicals at all in it. When I am done with my final step, I always follow up with a good moisturizer and Derma -E oil.

There you have it my glow routine that helps even my make-up go on flawless.

Tip: My make-up goes on beautiful when I do a deep home cleanse.

How do you get your skin glow? Leave me tips and suggestions for another skin regimen?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S I am not a skin doctor. This is my routine that I am happy to share with you guys. Although I am using all-natural items from my kitchen. I will advise trying with caution.


  1. That is great technique that I've never heard of before but will most definitely try it. Your skin looks amazing...

    1. Thank you and let me know how it did for you.

      xo Tangie

  2. I love a good home made mask! I honestly feel like these companies are putting so many things in their products that it is actually giving me an allergic reaction! I love using a light lemon on my dark spots from time to time when I feel that my face is getting dull! It works for me and I think it pulls out quite a few impurities!

    1. Yes I agree. Sometimes my face needs a break. And later I go back to my store bought masks.

      xo Tangie


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