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In Or Out: Just Finding Small Reasons To Do Nothing Today! The Joyful List

Inside Retro 51 Cafe. Tangie Bell taking pictures and ordering coffee and cake. For blog post: In Or Out: Just Finding Small Reason To Do Nothing Today!
 In Or Out: Just Finding Small Reason To Do Nothing Today! The Joyful List

Oh, Hello Sunday, so glad to be here and doing absolutely nothing at all. And, I am not going to feel guilty for not planning or hitting the reset button for my upcoming week. #livingthegoodlife

All I want to think about at this moment.
Is, should I stay in or get out of the house? 

Well, I guess that will depend upon a few factors. For example, would it be beneficial for me to stay around the house and clean a bit, prep next week's clothes, and possibly spend three hours cooking a Sunday dinner. 
Umm, Yeah, I may want to think about skipping this one. :)
Tangie Bell taking pictures inside cafe retro 51 in Bossier City Louisiana. For blog post: In Or Out: Just Finding Small Reason To Do Nothing Today!
Or, should I really do what I am yarning to do. Like go outside and walk around to take in a few of the world's free sceneries. 
 I planned to take this weekend and do nothing but brush my teeth, shower toss on some old clothes, and enjoy and outdoor adventure. 

No cooking, no ironing clothes, and no getting dressed all fancy. I find it hard at times explaining to people it's ok to have a do-nothing day. 
Taking pictures outside of Retro 51 cafe in Bossier City Louisiana. Taken by Tangie Bell and used on Bits and Babbles Blog
It's ok to plan and execute life on a daily. But, I am finding it just as ok to give myself a personal day of not planning anything. So, this morning, I walked to one of my favorite cafes. 

Going for coffee and a slice of cake has become my new morning jam. Although I can not do that every day, I make it a mission to fit it in once or twice. 
As I get older, I am learning to do things that do not always have to require me planning a vacation or traveling far. Sometimes a good vacation can be right in our backyards. Some call it a staycation, but I call it a daycation.

When it comes to relaxing and enjoying the good life, I am discovering new ways of doing things in one day. Besides, those moments make for long-lasting memories, and I am all in for that.

Who else is with me?

Since the weather has cooled down a bit, it is such a joy to find one day that I can get up, get out and walk. That has also become my new form of exercise, and I am not ashamed of that.

Earlier this year, I shared how I have become bored with stair-steppers and running on the treadmill. But, being outdoors and breathing fresh air for a few minutes a day has really helped my mental status. I can see clearly now, and I am learning to embrace being an outdoorsy woman now. 

Honestly, I was a person who did not like doing things that required long periods of being outside. Now, that has changed, and I am embracing every inch of it. 

Besides, who can turn down a free day of doing nothing except enjoying peace and quietness?

I know I can. So, prepping or resetting this week will not be on my radar. 

In fact, I think my over planning has put me in a burnout stage over the years. 

And I know that stems from thinking I have to be a superwoman. And I find most women live their lives being superwomen. So, taking a walk or having a coffee at a coffee house is not doing anything special. But finding new ways to a little joy is everything.

My Joyful List Has Been Growing

  • Finding New Places And New Things To enjoy
  • Making unapologetic time for me, myself and I
  • Taking a new route to work
  • Finding fresh foods to try

Now, those are small baby steps, and who can argue with that?

In conclusion: I am a woman looking for small and joyful ways of living a happy life. And it is in the little things that have helped to capture that. At the end of the day, life is good. But it depends if I see my glass of water half full or half empty.

 What are you doing differently that has brought you unparalleled joy?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S Today I chose to go OUT! #happysunday 


  1. Living life to the fullest has brought me joy! It’s inexplicable at the things life can bring, it’s amazing and you have to enjoy it!
    Much LOVE

    1. WOW I am so happy to hear that:) Thanks for commenting!

      xo Tangie

  2. Something that has been bringing me joy is spending more time with friends and less time on the phone! It has truly worked wonders for me!

    1. Hey Carey I totally agree. I gotta lay my phone down asap:)

      xo Tangie


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