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My Country Bunking Breakfast: Sweet Fried Pear Croissant Sammich!

Tangie Bell is prepping her sweet fried pear sammich. By cutting up a medium sized pear
My Country Bunking Breakfast: Sweet Fried Pear Croissant Sammich!
Oh, and this ain't my momma's basic 
Betty Boop sammich either. :)

Good morning! Today is a good day to eat up a good country sammich that is packed with sweetness and a whole lotta crispy crunch. Today I am sharing my homemade breakfast that is centered around a pear being the star of the show. When I was a kid, my granny made sandwiches out of everything except the kitchen sink. Seriously I swear she even made a prune sandwich once. I can't prove it. But, my bowels straightened out for about a week.

One of my favorite breakfasts to eat is one that can be made one thousand ways. You know those ones that have ham, bacon, eggs, turkey, tomatoes, and hot jam. I can not lie; that is how we eat deep down in the country. I come from a family that loves food, no matter how it is fried, died, and laid to the side.
So, eating piles of bacon on everything, such as sweet bread, was not uncommon in my family upbringing. One of my favorite homemade breakfast sandwiches as a kid was the one my granny made me with crisp pears bacon, eggs, lots of burnt bacon, and cheese.

Tangie Bell is sharing how she uses, vanilla flavoring, cinnamon, and sugar to make the sauce for her sammich
Step one: I will mix up brown sugar, vanilla flavoring, a little water, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
Mix in a bowl. 
Tangie Bell is pouring her cut up pears into her special sauce
Step Three: Place the sugar mixture in a pot with a spoonful of butter and bring to a boil.

Pears coming to a boli to make pear croissant sandwiches
Then add sliced pears.
Tangie Bell cutting up croissant bread to make sweet fried pear croissant sandwich
While that is boiling, I will cut up my bread of choice. I use a buttery croissant that I get from my local grocery store.
Step one is to fry croissants to make sweet fried pear sammich
While everything is being prepped, I start to toast my bread.
Fried egg goes on top of the sweet fried pear croissant sandwich
Then I make my famous fried eggs. 
Tangie Bell is showing how she pours the sweet pear and sauce on top of her sandwich that includes, bacon, egg, and cheese,
After my pears come to a full boil. I place cheese on my bread than a pile of maple bacon, with one fried egg, and then I yop with my sauteed pears and a little bit of that homemade sauce.
Tangie Bell is sharing the completed sammich: Stacked with lots of bacon, egg, cheese and pears in a sweet sauce
Hands down, this has to be the best country sandwich my granny could have come up with. I know there is nothing new when it comes to cooking. But, I will go down in history, saying my grandmother made different meals out of the simplest things. That is why I love recreating those old feel-good foods that may not be Instagram. But they are filled with taste and good ole' country southern love.
Tangie Bell is sharing her country bunking breakfast that is filled with pears, bacon, egg and cheese
Now, I must admit this is a breakfast that only needs a hot pot of tea. Yes, tea is something we used to settle the tummy when we ate so heavy in the mornings. I know to some this morning sunrise goodness may be a bit much, But, it wasn't from my neck of the woods. I come from a family that eats soul food for breakfast, and we never missed a Sunday dinner that was filled with dressing, turkey, and yams even when it wasn't a holiday.

The final look at the pear croissant sandwich. Oh so good and ready to eat

When I became an adult, I tried to get away from my roots. Then I realized I can never get away from the one thing my granny used to bring my family together. Yes, food and lots of it kept my family close through laughs, good eats, and family gatherings.

Inconclusion: My granny called sandwiches, sammiches because she was a good ole' down to earth gal. And that is how she approached food, with love, laughter, and jokes. I can still hear her saying, "Tangie get on up girl and come get Yo morning sammich.

Ha! Those were the best days of my life, and I am now cooking the same sweet sammiches for my family.

Life is to short not to enjoy it any other way.

How do you enjoy your morning Breakfast? 

Oh, and the word "Sammich only means "Sandwich.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Now I am literally hating rn because I have never seen such a pretty Sammich before lol that is definitely a new trick

    1. Awwww you can make this yourself:) Let me know if you try it? It's so good:)

      xo Tangie


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