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Our Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

Image: Home Decor owl, fall plaque, lighted pumpkins and more for a small Autumn apartment home tour
Our Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

Hey, Ya'll, it is finally here, my small Autumn Apartment Home Tour. Who else believes home is where the heart is? I know I do. That is why decorating our tiny living space for the holidays is always my favorite thing to do.
I know it doesn't feel very autumnal at the moment outside. Because it is still reaching 90 degrees down here in my neck of the woods. Yes, I am waiting patiently for old man winter. 
Last week I pulled out most of my Fall decor and a few new pieces I bought from the local stores. 

I intended to decorate everything that weekend. But, decided to wait until we got closer to the October month. Now, we are here, and I am ready to smell roasted marshmallow candles and drink pumpkin spice everything. 
My focus this year is all about family-friendly arrangements and having a friendly, cozy vibe in our home. 

First, I changed the throw on our sofa and kept the same daily pillows I always use. My home is already full of colors such as orange, yellow, and green all year round. So, I wanted to play up what I already had. Since my family and I watch a lot of movies in this space, I just added a yellow cover to spice things up.
Image: Yellow, and orange pillows. With a yellow throw blanket for Autumn Tour

Moving to my kitchen, I wanted to keep that area filled with colors of red, orange, and pumpkins.

Finally, I added my cozy autumn leaves plaque to accent the coffee area in the kitchen counter. 

In another corner, I added a scarecrow and another festive sign.

Our Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

Image: Scarecrow , Fall plaque used to decorate the kitchen for the holidays

Image: Pumpkins used to decorate the kitchen for the holidays
Also, in the kitchen, I added a few accents to the stovetop, and I am finally using my new 5 dollar floor mat.

Image: Items used to decorate for Autumn and Fall. Pot holders and towels    .    A Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

Image: A 5 dollar thankful mat used to decorate the kitchen home tour. A Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

In the hallway, I added a few Fall and pumpkin pillows to the sitting area. My first choice was to place it on the sofa. But, I felt they were doing too much with the prints, and it gave me a country feel.
Image: Fall pillows to decorate the hall way of A Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!
Nonetheless, I love the coziness it gave the hall area.

Image: Complete Autumn decoration in living area.A Small Autumn Apartment Home Tour!

Lastly, I helped the girls decorate their space, and I am not doing my room at all. The only thing I have done is added a ton of holiday smells.

Most of my entertaining this year will be right from my kitchen and living room.

This year I plan to the host of the party, and I am super excited about that.

Honestly, I can not believe we are almost about to enjoy trick or treat with the family. Then we will be having Thanksgiving dinner less than a month later.

I can't speak for you guys, but I am super ready to be enjoying, turkey, pecan ham, dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potato casserole, mac and cheese, buttery rolls, string beans, corn on the cob, pecan pies, cakes, and sweet tea. Oh, and that only one portion of our dinner.

In conclusion, I know the holidays are not about buying things at all. But, it sure feels good to have time off from work to eat, laugh, and enjoy family and friends.

What part of my decor do you like? I purposely kept it simple, I sure do wish Ya'll could smell how sweet it is in my home at the moment.

Thanks for joining me on this evening

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

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  1. You home looks so beautiful and festive! The decor is impressive, well put together!!!

    1. Good afternoon, thank you so much.I hope you catch a few sales on some things.

      xo Tangie

  2. Honey our house looks fire!!!!!!!! I don't know which part is my favorite because I love all of it!!


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