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Planned Halloween Dessert Bar At Home!

A planned last minute Halloween Dessert Bar celebration
Planned Halloween Dessert Bar At Home!
It's not often I plan or attend a party for 20 bucks. I can not think of one time at all.

Back in the day, I was in charge of events planning, and I couldn't pull a simple birthday off without spending over 200 dollars just on trinkets. So, when my family and I decided to stay in this Halloween season, I put my thinking cap on and started planning. Here's the deal the temps here in Texas are dropping to around 32 degrees. And ya girl ain't trying to be out freezing her tush off. Besides, Halloween falls on a Thursday, and I am not trying to be out on a school and work night.
Y'all no joke, it's freezing cold here in Texas. And the temps are expected to drop even lower over the next few days.

Planning a last minute Halloween dessert bar at home. Design by Tangie Bell
So, since it has been raining none stop, I've made a quick decision to have a small Halloween feast of sweets at home. Oh, and possibly a scary movie if I can stay awake past the second chili hot dog. Tonight it's going down in our home. After a quick menu poll, everybody agreed to have a quick meal centered around a Halloween-ish dessert set up on our center island. 
Tangie Bell planned Halloween Dessert Bar at home. Hot cocoa, carmel , apples and pumpkin decorations
It sounds like a good idea, right? Yeah, but I had to plan it at the last minute. And as usual, this momma came through. While at work, I made a list of the things I was going to pick up, and I narrowed it down to 20 bucks maximum. Being the budgeter I am, I knew I could do it. I already knew what we were eating for dinner. I cooked oven-baked hot dogs with the trimmings and steak potato fries and lemon water. The water helps get the belly prepared for all the sweets we were about to eat.
Decorated dessert Halloween Bar filled with pumpkins, pocorn, candy apples, cookies and Twitches movie
Back to the dessert set-up: I knew I wanted sweet and savory, so I bought apples, caramels, almonds, popcorn, hot cocoa with marshmallows. Oh, and I bought a pack of frozen chocolate cookies.

Tangie Bell sharing how she decorated her Halloween Dessert Bar at Home.
I had these big plans for trick or treating this year. We always do something that requires us as a family to be outside. You can see our Halloween Throwback Right Here
A caramel dish filled with almonds and used to dip crispy apples into. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
So, after dinner, I did a quick sweet spread for everyone to enjoy. First, I baked the cookies and laid them on a black serving dish I got from my local dollar store. Then melted caramel and added cocoa chips with almonds to the mix. This is going to be used as a dip for my cut-up apples. 

Oven baked cookies us at the planning of Tangie Bell's Halloween party
A few years back, I ordered a popcorn maker off Amazon, and it has served us well over the years. It is a lot of fun when we can pull it out and make popcorn on movie night. 
Spooky cups filled with hot cooca whip cream and marshmellows
Also, I am a coffee theme cup collector. So, this year, I pulled out last year's spooky cups to make hot chocolate with whip cream or mellows. Then I pulled out my decorations and set up our island in 20 minutes flat time. Honestly, I think I did a great job with only spending 20 dollars on junk food. I usually go way overboard.  
The complete decorations filled with yummy goodies to complete a planned Halloween bar at home. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Inconclusion: I come from a family that did every holiday that came around. So, it is not uncommon for me to keep that tradition going. But, over time, life and things are changing. Who knew the weather would play such a significant factor in my family and me staying in tonight. As my girls are getting older, it is becoming easier to make the holiday's a little simpler. But, oh, how I miss those days of seeing them excited as little kids. With that being said, life changes, and now we are more into the simpler things in life that bring joy.

It is cold outside, but this momma made it warm and cozy on the inside of our home. And I think that is all that matters at this point in life. I must admit I did get a  sugar rush, but it was so worth it while watching the Twitches movie with my family.  Ha! I guess we are making new memories and setting new traditions.
There you have it a quick planned Halloween dessert bar on a budget. This idea can also be used doing Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties. 

What will you be doing on October 31, 2019?

I hope it involves rest fun and making memories.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie