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Spicing Up My Forty-Something Style: Last Night Outfit + My Tips And Tricks

wearing news paper legging, big black purse, and black shirt dress to spice up her style. Judge My Style

Spicing Up My Forty-Something Style: Last Night Outfit + My Tips And Tricks
It's ok to judge my style:)

Good morning Darlings! I can see clearly now since I've de-cluttered my life, wardrobe, and mental space. I think I was two steps away from slipping into a style rut, and to be honest, that was not cool. Not to mention it ain't that serious.

 At least for me, it is not. So, here's the deal after cleaning out my closet. I was able to see where I went wrong in my choices of clothing. Somehow I veered off the mix match things that complimented me as a woman. That is why I do not like fast fashion, the getting off track is real. 

Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with quick fashion that utterly changes every seven days. But I am learning how to spice those items up with old pieces I already have,

But, this is how I got off my own personal vision, and I hope this helps you guys. I know most people look at others for inspiration, but sometimes that doesn't help if you do not understand your identity. Such as being a mom to small kids vs. a single woman with no kids. The style will be quite different. Or being a teacher vs. being an Instagram model. The personal style will definitely be different. #nojoke
Tangie Bell sharing Spicing Up My Forty-Something Style: Last Night Outfit + My Tips And Tricks:

I did not get off track in that manner; I got off by being a sales freak. Meaning, everything that was on the sales and clearance rack that fit my body I bought it. And before I knew what was happening with my clothes, I had a closet full of items from the summer that I really did not like. Just like that, my style and personality changed overnight. That is not a bad thing, but I love wearing what makes me be the person I am coo, country, and all over the place.

It was exhilarating to move out old clothes and items that I do not wish to use anymore. I felt free, and it was also mind re-newing. I was able to see my wardrobe without having a ton of things that couldn't fit into a puzzle if I tried to make it.

Last night it felt so good to wear something that made me feel fresh and so fly. The funny thing is I already owned it from years before. Except for the pieces, I added to spice things up.

Tangie Bell is sharing how she wears shades to spice up her style

For starters, I can never go wrong with a pair of sunnies. I know it gets dark early doing this fall season. But a cute dark pair of shades always spice up my style.

Tangie Bell is sharing how she wears 1970's thrift earrings to spice up her style

Not to mention, I stay in the mood for a cute pair of earrings. Yall ear candy is my jam. That is why I am kicking off last night's outfit with these scratched up 1970's inspired earrings from the thrift store. 

Tangie Bell is sharing her full night outfit that spiced up her forty-something style

I couldn't resist taking a black shirt dress and tying it in a knot, then pairing with a pair of black and white printed leggings. And yes, I am using my same ole' big bucket bag that I paired with another pair of black thrifted boots.

Tangie Bell shares how she uses bracelets to spice up her forty-something style

Last but not least, I can never go wrong with a little arm candy. I love making my own bracelets, but I added a few chains and crystals from my shopping trip to Macy's in the mall.

My ring is also thrift, and I love it as it always adds the right amount of vintage to my style.

Tangie Bell is showing the full night outfit that spiced up her style
Last night's style had a beautiful look and feel. Not to mention, it had grown woman vibes written all over it yet with a little bit of mysterious fun mixed into it. My goal was to be comfortable and look pulled together. And I think I may have pulled that off in the nick of time for dinner.

Here Are A Few Of  My Personal Tips and Tricks:

After accessing my closet, I was able to see who, what and why.

Who is Tangie: What do I really like. Is my style country, pollyanna, or soul with a mixed with a bit of all three? Once I narrowed that down, I was able to remove the items to donations that did not make sense for my style. I knew if I kept them, I would just be piling on things that did not make me look and feel my best. I also realized dressing a particular way has no right or wrong rules. Where do I find inspiration for how I love to dress up? So, I made a list that did include a few fast stores.

What do I really want to wear and my ideal prices? Yes, I am still into buying sustainable clothing, but I am also a fan of sales and clearance racks. But, what I just learned this year is all sales ain't for me. If it doesn't fit my aesthetic, I must walk away from it, There is nothing worse than having a bunch of clothes that don't fit a specific lifestyle.  Just picking up things caused me to hoard a lot of junk. Although I am donating the majority of it. I still wasted money and had no clear direction to my own personal style. I also learned to invest in a good quality wardrobe makes sense, and I can style my pieces in a lot of different ways.

Last but not least, why do I buy the things I buy. Most of my clothes actually make me feel pretty even when I do not match. My body has gone threw quite a few changes, so finding things that fit makes me happy. My style became easy when I figured out what I wanted to do with myself. I am no expert in fashion, but I do know wasting money on trends and on things that I do not like is a waste of money.

Last Tip: Just wear what makes you feel alive and vibrant!

Last Trick: You can never go wrong with a solid black staple piece.

That's my story, and I am sticking to it:)

How are you spicing up your wardrobe this year?

Until Next Time See Ya in A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Ms. Babbles I would just like to say that your Sunglasses collection is always on POINT! I love how you dress and the whole nine!

  2. I am spicing up my wardrobe by adding lots of prints and colors to my wardrobe for Fall! I like to keep it vibrant and fun!


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