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That Is It: I Am Bringing Back Last Years Outfits And Boots! Second Attempt Re-Wear Looks

Tangie Bell is sharing her second attempt at shopping and how she plans to style a yellow dress with boots, and jacket from last year
That Is It: I Am Bringing Back Last Years Outfits And Boots! Second Attempt Re-Wear Looks
So, I am on my second attempt at finding my birthday outfit, along with getting my winter clothes together this year. Since we are having a quiet dinner first, I just wanted something quick to slip on. I did find something, but the weather here in Texas has flipped the script. Yall it is 49 degrees in the morning and 70 by lunchtime. So, dressing light for the Fall at this point is out of the question. Although I know by next week, the sun will be out and shining super bright. But, for some reason, I feel there may be an early winter coming soon. What is the temperature in your city feeling like?
Tangie Bell sharing how she re-wears her clothes. Yellow dress , over the knee boots and black faux jacket.
Anyhoot, I am spending the day unpacking all of my last year's clothes. I am so glad I did not toss or give away essential items I can simply re-wear and re-style. I can not figure out why it's so hard now to find solid color clothing. No joke I can find flowers, prints, and stripes all day long. But I prefer to work with solid pieces. Thank goodness I still have my yellow dress, that will be paired again with my long over the knee boots and my same ole' black faux leather jacket. 

Tangie Bell is sharing how she is going to re-style and re-wear last years flower dress
Speaking of prints, I can also style those up as well. Last year I wore this top flower printed dress with the same long boots, chandelier earrings, and DIY fur clutch.
Tangie Bell is sharing how she is wearing her earrings to match her flower dress

Black Faux clutch worn by Tangie Bell. She shares how she re-styles and re-wears her old clothes
But, this time, I will be spicing this oldie but goodie dress up with a bolder handbag, cardigan, and bigger earrings. Yes, I plan on giving this flower print outfit a new look. I am also pulling together some looks that will transition from my summer wardrobe to winter. 

Tangie Bell is sharing how she wears pearls, boots and handbag with a solid black shirt dress
I have several thrifted items that I am glad I kept. It is hard finding solid black one-pieces, so I rarely get rid of them. I love it when I can shop and find a black long dress or shirt that can be worn in several ways. All black is my favorite item to style on my body. Because it is easy and I can pair it with nine thousand colors. 
Tangie Bell is sharing how she is wearing last years clothes with leopard print boots and other items
I can never go wrong with a dark-colored shirt dress. I've had this one pictured above for at least three years. And I have found a dozen ways to style it. It can be taken from casual to a look that feels like I am dressed for a quiet dinner with my husband. Let's just say a button-down dress, paired with a neck full of pearls, leopard boots, and a wood bag is key to looking and feeling fly.

Tangie Bell is sharing how she wears a big purse with a solid T-shirt dress from last year.

Not to mention, I can remove the necklaces, switch to low quarter boots with a big duffle bag purse for a different look. 
My goal this year is to focus on one outfit and style around that item. If you notice, I never wear pants and tops often. 
It is so easy to style around one dress, jumper or skirt. 

Final thoughts: It is about to be a cold winter. So my focus is to find new gloves, hats, leggings (printed and non-printed), more boots, and handbags. 

In conclusion: Going shopping is my least favorite thing to do but it has to be done. But, when it comes to styling myself, it doesn't take a lot of money, and I see no reason to break the bank. Considering the stores re-sale the same item and color scheme year after year. So, why wouldn't I try to find many ways to re-style what I already have in my closet. Fashion comes and goes with the wind. But, style is an individual attitude that is always in.

So, with that being said, I will stay with the solid colors and style around them. Which outfit do you like best? What other ways can I style my flower dress? Leave comments

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I am loving the floral print with the black boots! You know I love my flowers and you can never go wrong with them!


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