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Un-Hidden Secrets I Plan To Use While Aging Well: Being Forty-Something

Good morning and welcome to a new point of view in the spirit of babbling. It's been a minute since I typed about being forty-something. Although I am knocking at the doors of turning 50, who's really counting anyway? I will be chatting more about that at a later time. But anyhoo enough with my never-ending babs. I guess I will share a few of my un-hidden secrets I plan to use while aging well. Yep, I would like to clarify the word un-hidden for just a bit. I chose to say that because sometimes things can be right in my face, and I sometimes never see it until it is too late. I guess I just realize there are no hidden secrets to anything in life. Things are only hidden when one looks for the answers to the secret. I think I should have titled today's blog post: Things I just learned in 2020. By all means, this year has really been teaching me some critical things about myself and life. And yes, I can honestly say I've learned a lot of new things. So, let's jump right on into it, shall we?

Fake It Till I Make It: Although 2020 has been a hot mess of a year. I decided a few months back to control my surroundings. Anything that was getting me on the trail of happiness, I removed it from my space. Everyone in the world has been impacted by 2020 and it's shenanigans in one way or another. But, when I am at work or talking to my friends. I saw no need to complain about anything. My main goal was to uplift myself and those around me. And I must say it worked out to the point my friends starting doing the things was doing.

For example, I only watched the news for 30 minutes. I stopped watching it day and night because it made me sad. I didn't focus on what I didn't have; I re-worked the things I already had. I made it a point not to complain with my clients until we started laughing about life and the things that were out of our control.

I became my own fixer-upper in life. Once I started thinking about life and aging outside the box. I was able to see where I needed to plan for an aging well lifestyle.

I discovered it's not that hard to age well, and there really are no hidden secrets. I am not sure why it took me until the end of my forties to catch that, but I am happy I've finally gotten a handle on life.

I am not afraid anymore to age, and I am ok with every milestone it took for me to get to this point.

Eat the Cake Anna Mae: I am enjoying the foods that make me smile and dance when something is good.

Keep The Friends That You Have. I have very few people in my life, but for the most part, I can call them a friend. Besides, I think we all need that one person we can laugh with, chat with, and sometimes gossip with. It really is a healthy part of life.

It's never too late to start over, and I am a firm believer it is never too late to start something over.

Although I am not starting anything over, I am working on a project that should have been done years ago. So, it is nothing new, I was just going about it wrong, and for the first time, I have finally gotten it. It took a long time to fall and getting back up. But 2020 has opened a door for me to go full speed. 

Besides, I am getting older, and I have no time to wait for that perfect moment in life to happen. Or for someone to stop and help me accomplish my long life dreams. Getting up and working on the things that bring happiness is the best-kept secret. Life is about discovering new things, and it will never be too late to jump-start something new. 

Aging is doing what brings the most joy and happiness to life. I am no, Dr., but I do find great joy when I am doing things that bring true fulfillment. And one thing I have learned is not to do what I dreed doing. Being forty-something has been filled with new lessons. And as my birthday approaches, I want to move from learning something to enjoying something new. Yea, that is where I am at this point in life, and it's called living and understanding yourself.

My story is all I have to share, and I can not change if it doesn't fit in someone else's bubble. But I must admit it feels good to find that one secret to living and aging well with purpose. 

In conclusion: a lot of people will not understand the changes I am making this year. But, it is not for no one to understand; it is for my well-being. I am stepping ut on faith this time around, and I am excited about that. So, to my readers, if you have a dream or desire to change jobs, by all means, go for it. Do not waste time asking for permission or checking google for other's who may have won or failed. Gather your tools and set personal affirmations and make it happen. The world needs your good energy.

So, with that being said, I am sounding off ......

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

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