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Weekend Bits And Favorites #26:The Recapping Post!

Image: Tangie bell holding coffee reading book at book store. Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Hey Ya'll, I am just popping in to share a few of my weekly weekend bits and favorites with a little recapping of it all. Most of my two days went to me being at the book store collecting more books and reading magazines. I love it when I have a little time to enjoy a piece of my Saturday and Sunday.

Usually, I am using my days off to prep for the upcoming week.  But, not this time, I organized  Wednesday and Thursday of this week to catch up at work. Mainly because I knew my husband had a surprise for me.

And I didn't want to face a load of work waiting for me come Monday morning. If you are wondering, I ordered more hair products for my salon booth. It's almost the end of the year, so I am crunching numbers and pulling receipts for tax purposes. So, ya girl needs a little downtime.

My Saturday was filled with all types of goodness. First, I came home to a new birthday fiasco, that included tickets to The Dallas Cowboys v.s The Green Bay Packers. I love me some Dallas Cowboys, but Ya'll, I think my husband bought these for himself as well. HA! Let me find out this day wasn't all about me. lol jk

Image: Dallas Texas that are a part of Tangie Bell's Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Can you imagine how excited I was getting seats to see The Green Bay Packers Go up against the Dallas Cowboys? What a way to start the next step around the moon. Honestly, I do not know how he kept such an important secret from me. I see he had the help of our daughters. 

So, you know I had to do a little last-minute pampering at home. I soaked my nails, cleaned, clipped, and trimmed them as well. Then added one coat of black polish with one layer of sprinkle glaze. Yes, I do my nails at home. I am in a lot of water and chemicals on my job. So, false nails just do not work for me at all.
Image: Tangie sharing her bits on how she polished her nails. Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

But, I did buy myself some cute press-on for another upcoming event. I love the black ones with the silver mirror style. I started using them when I heard a few celebs from the red-carpet confess to wearing them all the time. Especially when they are hard-pressed for time and need something quick.
Image: Tangie Bell sharing how she bought her own press on nails. Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

I bought myself a new foot peel. I intended to do a fresh pedicure until I realized the feet spa I bought takes 10 days to completely peel my feet. In about a week, I will be using this and hope it keeps the bottom of my feet soft. P.S   Doing my nails and feet at home is self-care. Besides, I save a boatload of money and time, as well.

These few days were all about nothing but lounging and hanging with my family. We sat and ate pizza while watching The Nutcracker movie. Yes, that is a Christmas movie, but we love watching all year round at our family gatherings. And, trust me, this was a day filled with doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and relaxing. Sometimes, I have to do just that "nothing."

Speaking of eating food, have any of you tried the new Pizza Hut Cheez-It yet?

Image: Tangie Bell trying the new Pizza Hut Cheez-It. Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Image: Pepperoni Cheez-it pizza: Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Image: Regular Cheez-It Pizza from Pizza Hut!Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!

Let me give you all the deets and my honest opinion. First: The presentation looks just like a sizeable cheez-it cracker. There are two flavors: Cheese and Pepperoni. You already know I ordered both of them. 
The taste is impressive, but it is an acquired taste. I liked the cheesy one better, but I would repurchase the cheez-it pizza again.

Before the game, on Sunday, I did try to squeeze in a little bit of shopping at the thrift and local stores. Although I wanted to dress up, I knew that wasn't wise. Shorts, a long jersey top, and tennis shoes were just fine. Besides, I was going to be standing and yelling like a crazy Texas lady. But, I did find another thrift bracelet.

Image: Vintage bracelet I got from the thrift store. Weekend Bits And Favorites 26:The Recapping Post!
How cute is this old greenish style bracelet, and I got it for three bucks? When I see quality bracelets at my local second-hand store, I grab them. Surprisingly this go-round at the stores I did not find much of what I was looking for.

Although at the boot store, I did find a cute pair of cow print boots. Unfortunately, they weren't available in my size 10. I guess I will be going online as usual to order my size. Can't be in Texas without those boots. Lol :)

Anyhoot, that is all I bought while out strolling in a few stores. Sometimes it feels good to hang with my daughters and do nothing but talk, laugh, and shop a little.

And I think that is how life is supposed to be about. You know enjoyable the small things, no matter how mundane it may seem. Honestly, that is the life I am striving for at the moment. One that is full of joy, even when nothing is happening. Those days and moments are hard to achieve if I never make them my main priority.

In conclusion: It has been tough to focus on the- (me) moments. But, the more I practice and demand my time and space. The better I am becoming as a woman, and the more I love the life I have right now. And that is what I call priceless peace, and I can't buy that. :)

How are you loving, living, and enjoying your personal space? 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. It breaks my heart to inform you guys, The Green Bay Packers snatched the wigs off the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, we lost the game:( 34 to 24!

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  1. That is amazing you went to a football game with my favorite team of the COWBOYS! Although, they lost they still hold a special place in my heart lol That cheez it pizza also looks oddly satisfying I definitely will have to head over to Pizza Hut soon to try it out.

  2. The cowboys dont have it together!!!!!!!!!!


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