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You Will Never Guess What I Found At The Thrift Store? And Number Two Is My Jam!

Tangie bell is trying on thrift dresses to buy. You Will Never Guess What I Found At The Thrift Store? And Number Two Is My Jam!
You Will Never Guess What I Found At The Thrift Store? And Number Two Is My Jam!

Shopping for me lately has just been a complete fail. And can somebody please explain why summer clothing is still on the racks? Not to mention, most of my good finds are still ranking at full price. A spaghetti strap dress should be priced to sell. You know, around 75% off everything that is slinky and see-through. Ha! That is only my unbiased opinion.
Nonetheless, you will never guess what I found at the thrift store? And number two has to be my jam. Ok, I have been looking for this one item, and I finally found it. Yes, honey, it was tucked away in a corner as if it was placed right there for me. 

But, I will share how I found the cutest long dresses that can be paired with so many things. For example, the one up top was a good pick because it fit me perfectly. I know it looks weird, but I saw the vision in dressing it up or down. 
For starters, I would wear my beat-up brown jacket and my brown long leg granny boots with the laces. Then I would wear my long pearl necklace tied in a knot at the bottom. The look would be both chic and bag girl at the same time. The material was ideal, made of thick cotton, and it also reached to toes. So cute, but I didn't get this one because the third dress at the bottom moved my heart and soul.
.Old cowboy boots bought from the thrift store: Tried on by Tangie Bell and seen first on Bits and babbles blog. You Will Never Guess What I Found At The Thrift Store? And Number Two Is My Jam!
But, first, let me share the second item that made me jump up and down. 

Tangie Bell is trying on a vintage pair of western cowboy boots from the Goodwill thrift store.
Feast your eyes on these 100% leather old school cowboy boot quarters. You will never know how much these costs and how this purchase was actually a reasonable price. Can you believe I paid only 8 dollars? Yazzzzzzzzzz now that's my jam. Ok, let me share all the details: Size 9 and a half. Beep beep, I know those were for me. Although I prefer to wear a size 10 in boots. But, I have a solid plan to make sure this size 9 stays comfy. I am changing the sole to a new set of Dr. Scholl's shoe liners. Oh, and I plan to keep my toenails trimmed, and my feet greased with foot oil. Yes, that is my plan, and it works (most of the time).
I couldn't help but buy these boots because they are a rare buy with the old vintage and rough details. Which makes them look backdated in time and so fly to me. I plan to wear them with a boho dress and a denim jacket. Owee and I can not wait to style them soon. Also, last detail, a pair of boots like these can easily cost 275 dollars. Not kidding at all:). 
$5.99 black thrift dress found at Goodwill. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 Now, moving toward my third thrift purchase. When I see something that is black, I grab it quickly. Because it's hard to find a solid color that doesn't have any prints on it like flowers and things. I mean, it's becoming really hard to find basic clothes that can be worn 299 different ways.
Black dress at Goodwill store. Try on by Tangie Bell. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
But, hey, I was super stoked when I found this lace dress for only  $5.99. Yes, I have a similar one already, but a girl can never get enough lace dresses. Because they pair well with combat boots and leather jackets. Yes, I have some new looks coming soon that will look really cool in this fall/winter season. What do you think about this dress? How should I style it? 

Pearl choker seen at the Goodwill Thrift store and purchased by Tangie Bell. Sharing her thrift finds on Bits and Babbles Blog.

 Oh, and I cannot leave this post without sharing my new pearl choker. Well, it actually laid a little under my neckline. Which made them look even prettier. Can you picture this paired with that black dress or the first one? I love pearls, especially the long ones. But, I had to envision how the short ones would give a back in time look with my style.

In conclusion: Shopping should be fun and not stressful. Since I've been tweaking my style here and there. I am discovering most stores carry the same type of clothing with different tags. But, when I thrift/ secondhand shop, I tend to find things that fit my weird and crazy style. Besides, I am loving supporting and wearing sustainable fashion that never goes out of style at all. I guess it's true what is junk to one person is a treasure to another.
And I totally agree with that analogy. I hope you darlings are having a great and happy Monday?

What do you think about my new thrift finds?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I really loved those Cowboy Boots, those are really hard to come by. So, the fact that you found them for 8 dollars is a real Steal!!!

    1. good evening..thank you ..I am super excited aabout them:)
      xo Tangie

  2. I think you found some really amazing stuff! Now you know I got my eyes on those boots!!


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