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5 Joyful Things That Have Brought Me Joy: No Fluff

 Morning view and scenery downtown Denton Texas

I could go on forever, and ever, but I will only share 5 joyful things that have bought me joy this week. Real talk without any fluff, ok, maybe just

 a cute scenery while you read. First, I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving with family and friends. Or just alone relaxing and nothing. This was the first year I did not spend three days in my kitchen cooking and sweating over a stove. I did have plans of doing all of that, but working and running kids to school all week. It made me say I am not cooking all that ham, dressing, turkey, sweet taters, corn on the cob, mash potatoes with gravy, macaroni, 5 pies, and 10 cakes this year. Whew, chile, I am tired speaking about this list. Although I did not go in my kitchen with all that madness. I did whip up a few things that included shrimp in a pot, boiled eggs, cucumbers, and Gumbo. If you guessed it, we had a seafood boil with all the trimmings. I even baked to pies and one lemon cake. 

It was doing the time of me being in the kitchen when I felt the most joy over these few days.
A pot of crab Gumbo in a orange pot. the joyful list

  • All my girls were home helping peel shrimp and make Gumbo in the pot. We laughed at old memories and nibbled on the food before it was time to eat. My husband watched the game all day and cheered all by himself. Honestly, this Thanksgiving, we lounged, ate, slept, and watched movies after the game. Can we all celebrate not having any stress going on this season? #happydance

Cakes, pies and shrimp on the table for Thanksgiving: The joyful list

  • I did not count one calorie this holiday season. I made up in my mind this year was going to be centered around family, food, and laughs. And that is what we did the entire time. To be honest, I do not think I can eat one more piece of pie at all. #imstuffed

A Thanksgiving feast on the tablle for dinner. the joyful list

  • Yesterday morning I woke up and walked around my neighborhood by myself. My morning walk alone is helping me clear my mind. I find it soothing to walk, talk, and pray. I do not get to do this often because of the rain and cold weather. But, when I can, I find joy in just walking and talking to myself. 
  • Just recently, I cleared my (life) plate of the unnecessary things that should have been tossed out a long time ago. And I added on more adventurous things I should be doing anyway. Such as not being afraid to take my hobbies to the next level. This is a new year, and I do not need permission to live out loud. Sidenote: Get your dreams and ideas back up and going before 2020. #itisnevertolate
  • The last thing that bought me the most joy is hearing all the things that my children had to say. The things that gave them the most joy was so simple that I had to realize life is so much more than what I can even imagine. Their faith, dreams, and ideas are so strong that I learned something from them while stuffing my face with shrimp and eggs. 

In conclusion: I am now looking at life with a new pair of shades on. Although we didn't make our traditional dinner. I didn't feel guilty one bit. #notonebit
Yes, I broke traditions this year, and I think this new habit will go on from this day forward. That is the beauty in life traditions can be changed and re-written to fit my lifestyle at the moment. When my girls move out, I hope they form their own traditions that makeup them having and enjoying a good life. 

It always feels good to sit and eat with the ones who love you.

There you have it all the things that bought me joy, and I gave Ya'll no fluff at all. #justreallifeevents

How was your Thanksgiving this year?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. My Thanksgiving was awesome and relaxing! I had so much gumbo and seafood and it was soooo yummy!


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