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At The Dallas Market Trying On Earrings For A "WOW" Factor!

Blogger Tangie Bell trying on earrings at the Dallas Farmers Market. City Diaries
At The Dallas Market Trying On Earrings For A "WOW" Factor!
If you live or visit Dallas, Texas, then

The Farmer's Market should definitely be on your list for shopping, eating, and sightseeing.  I go at least twice a month to relax, eat crazy foods, and shop for accessories that give me that "WOW" factor.
Keeping up with fashion can be so exhausting, but I know at the Market, I can find vendors who have cute jewelry that will spice up my style.
 And that is what I did the other day, by hitting the streets to try on a few new earrings that gave me that feel-good vibe.
Since I am a big fan of jewelry, especially arm bracelets and earrings, I knew to head to Dallas, I would find my jewelry fix. 

Tangie Bell Blogger trying on earring at the Dallas Farmers Market. The earrings she purchased were by Lone Chimney
This weekend I hit up the vendors at the Dallas Farmers Market in search of finding a few pairs of big, small, and medium earrings. And they did not disappoint at all. I know most people think of Markets as a place to buy fruits and veggies only. But Dallas offers so much more than that by having vendors who make, bake, cook and create some unique things. My findings are always endless when I go.

Since I hit a style rut, I have been getting my groove back by shopping at the city's market.

What I am learning at the moment is my style comes and goes, but the desire to look and dress well never leaves the building.
 I fell off my style game over the summer because I was grabbing what was on-trend and what was on the clearance racks. There is nothing wrong with shopping the sales racks, but I went overboard. And in the end, I ended up collecting a closet full of items with no intention of wearing them more than once.
Oh, boy, did I learn a lesson this year by doing such a thing? I have so many items that I just donated because I bought it due to a sale, and I never used it. 
Earrings at the Dallas Farmers Market on display. Written for City Diaries
This weekend while shopping for myself, I took pictures of my wardrobe so I could compare earrings that would go with each item. I wanted to know how it would look when I spend my hard-earned money on that one item. Lately, I've been trying to buy locally, so who made the item. Does the vendor have a story, and if I buy, is it really helping support that person? Because I really want to show support toward more freelance jewelry makers so they can propel in their crafts. So, stay tuned to see me wear more custom pieces of jewelry in the future.
Dallas Texas Blogger Tangie Bell trying on earrings at the Dallas Farmers Market. City Diaries

Also, I asked myself what do I expect to achieve with the earring style I am going for? Honestly, I want big and bold with a statement. I love pieces that talk, give compliments, and make people stare. I love a piece of jewelry that looks and feels good on me as a woman. Lately, I have been gravitating toward handmade earrings that are made with pure vegan leather. How cool is that? 

City Diaries: Blogger Tangie Bell trying on earrings and shopping at the Dallas Farmers Market
My style changed when I became forty-something, and I am learning how to dress all over again.
Lone Star Chimney earrings purchased from Dallas Farmers Market. #citydiaries Bits and Babbles

I've been enjoying getting back out looking at new clothing items that will spice up my wardrobe.

Some things I just recently learned.

It is ok to try a new look. It's ok not to get crazy and go as bold as you want. Life is short, who cares.

I remember when I got my first tattoo at 40, my family and friends freaked out. And guess what I did, got ore?

Life is about stepping out and taking chances by any means necessary. It's time for me as a forty-something gal to grab style by the horns and run with it.

So, here's my new earring game.

Buy more jewelry locally. Invest in more custom earrings. I am not a label/name brand, junkie. But, a vendor shared a little knowledge with me while I was gazing at their work.

Anyone who makes and designs anything from jewelry to chairs makes them a name brand designer. WOW, I never saw it that way, but I gained a new perspective on being a creator myself.

Nonetheless, I love strolling down the aisles of the Dallas Market because I can find lots of vendors who carry cute and unique jewelry items.

Honestly, that is my biggest secret, because that is where I buy most of my earrings and bracelets.

I did buy two unique pair, and I can not wait to style them soon.

Last, but not least, I found my WOW factor today. The more I think about enjoying life and finding my own personal style. I realize it can be found in the strangest places on earth, even at the local Market.
At the end of the day, who knew I would find so many cute and affordable items at my local Farmer's Market?

So, I guess this was a great day in the city.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. The vendors come out on the weekends. But the Market is open Daily.

I bought at least one pair of earrings. Do you think it was the white ones or the yellow one? Let me know below. :)