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Dressing Room Dilemma: So A Funny Thing Happened!

Tangie Bell trying on winter outfits in Altar'd State Dressing Room. Funny Dressing Room Dilemma
Dressing Room Dilemma: So A Funny Thing Happened! Outfit Try-Ons
Welcome to my dressing room Dilemma: I may or may not be over laughing by the time this post goes out. :)

Have you ever had a dressing room dilemma with your clothes and you couldn't make a simple choice? That only involved picking out one outfit, so you make up all types of excuses why it doesn't fit or look right from any angle in the mirror? Well, that is me all the time. :) 

Sometimes when I go shopping, I dread the part of getting undressed and trying on several layers of clothing. Who else feels that way? Ha! But a girl has to do it, or I will not have any clothes. Yes, I am still in the stores looking for that perfect outfit that can be worn more than once. I just can not believe the amount of summery clothing that has just hit the racks. And might I add some have a full price of 40 bucks. It's cold as heck outside its time for long sleeves and big bulky sweaters. 
How in the world am I supposed to dress up a see-through summer no sleeve dress? Although I can work a little magic here and there. Of course, I am not tooting my horn, but toot, toot.
Anyhoo, I tried to have a strategy when I went shopping, but of course, I got off track. My goal was to find a leather jacket with rhinestones and some black boots.
Woman trying on black dress, hats and more. Altar'd State. Funny Dressing Room Dilemma. Shopping and Try On
But, I get to the mall and pull dresses, hats, and handbags. And I must add the purse was not even my style. But it was 12 dollars, so I thought I would just put it in my pile of things to try on.
Yellow Sweater and Hand bag. Woman Shopping and Trying things on at Altar'd State on at Altard

Dressing Room Dilemma: So A Funny Thing Happened!
I am not sure what is happening with sweaters, most of them are still looking like crop tops. Who in the world is wearing that in 32-degree weather? Most of the clothes I was finding were cute but not my style. Ok, I am no fashionista, but I know what I like, and I am trying really hard not to settle and waste my hard-earned green money. 

Woman trying on clothing at Mall
But, I did manage to pull a few outfits together to try on. Some were a perfect fit, but I didn't like the print. But if I was to wear outfits with prints on it. I would definitely put my own twist on it. By adding thick leggings, half boot heel, a teddy coat, or a leather jacket. Then I would put on a scarf, hat, and shades. 
Yes, I would get multiple wears out of that look by switching up all the items just named with other colored things. Such as gloves, handbags, and jewelry. Yes, it is that easy. But, the funny thing was the dress fit perfect, but it was way, and I mean way too short on me. I tried, though.
Tangie Bell taking a mirror selfie trying on Rocker chic clothes. Funny Dressing Room Dilemma
So, I tried on another dress that was a little darker. It had that lace style I love, and the green mixed with the flower detail was cute. Then I grabbed a big bucket bag and paired the outfit with a no sleeve teddy vest. And viola, I felt complete until another funny thing happened.
Woman trying to find the right dress to fit. BoHo Style at Altar'd State . Shopping Having Fun Dressing Room Dilemma
I noticed when I walked around the dressing room, the dress would rise. Then I felt this stitch in my waste that made me burst out laughing. I tried on the one thing I hate about dresses. And it is that rubber gathering that goes around a woman's waistline. It burns my breaks how goofy I look in that style. I am a tall woman, but a dress with a stretch waist makes me look like a wibble wobble. My backside was moving, and that dress was rising up to the moon and stars. I usually pay close attention to that small detail when I am shopping. But honey, I was struggling on this day. Honestly, guys, I prefer a straight line or A-line around my belly area. The outfit itself was super cute, and I would have gotten it if it wasn't for that small dilemma.
I know most people; this is crazy, and I am going overboard. But, in the dressing room, I was able to chat with other women who are going through the same thing. I noticed none of us liked anything we tried on. Our complaints have been the same across the board. The fit is wrong, the item is too short, the waist is slinky and not fitting well. Although I was laughing with a few of the women, I realized after leaving the store, those are real issues we face as women.
When it comes to shopping and spending money, most women I know are ready to pay and buy. But, we want to buy what fits and what will last. And I think that is what I struggle with most of the time. I love laughing at myself when trying on clothes. For some reason, it is easier to dress myself doing the summer months than winter. But, I must admit I am coming along pretty well, building my wardrobe. 

Tangie Bell trying on a really cute lace black dress

Woman buys black dress on mannequin.
Last but not least, I did try on a cute little black sequin dress. I think this may be a possibility because a girl can never go wrong with a little black dress in her closet. We all know black looks good with polka dot scarves, knee-high boots, leggings, hats, and big handbags. I can go on and on with styling this beauty up. Should I buy it? Would you buy this style pictured above? 

Dressing Room Dilemma: So A Funny Thing Happened!
You know what's really funny? I tried on several different styles, and I only came out of the store with one item. Ha! Now that was my dressing room dilemma. 

P.S. I will show you guys what I got on Friday.


Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

My shopping adventures continue.

xo Tangie

Leave comments below and tell me what style you see me wearing this winter?

Thank you in advance.


  1. Your style is IMPECCABLE, it’s absolutely fabulous!! You make BLACK look like it’s wearing you! You are definitely the Staple piece


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