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How I Make A Simple Tuna Plate For One: Eating Functional Food

Making a tuna plate with grapes and cheese, Bit Of Food

Sometimes a small bit of food is all one person needs. Today I am sharing what I deem as comfort and functional foods just for me. So, I am making a simple tuna plate just for one. #amazing

Let's call it an adult Lunchable that is pack with protein and oh so sweet goodness. As of late, I have not been able to eat dinner when I come home. So, I have been intentionally playing with ways to eat something after a long day of work, even if it's not a full meal. 
So, I made a list of things I love and of things I want to try.
Lawd knows food can get a bit boring, and all I want to do is spice things up a little bit.
Do you find yourself eating the same foods day in and day out?
I know I do, only because most days I am in a rush. So, I usually will pack lunch or grab something on the go. And we all know when you are in a hurry that is not the time to try new foods. 

Making a tuna plate with grapes , cheese, crackers, and tea
 Instead of eating out, I decided to grab some prepackaged tuna and make myself a mini tuna wrap. After narrowing down what my taste bud wanted. I came up with the solution; it had to be a little sweet-savory cheesy and warm.
A plate filled with tuna, crackers, fruit and hot tea. Bit Of Food
 In the meantime, while strolling the aisles of my local grocery store. I grabbed a pouch of lemon tuna, which took care of my savory buds. Then I got some sharp cheddar that satisfied my cravings for cheese. Moving around the corner of the store, I grabbed grapes, which took care of my sweet tooth cravings.

A bit of food on a plate filled with tuna, cheese, crackers and hot tea
 Oh, and I got some crackers for that crunch and cinnamon tea for that warm feeling.
Woman eating tuna with crackers, grapes, sharp cheddar cheese and hot tea

After getting home, I was ready to compile everything together for my late-night dinner.

The recipe was simple to put together. 

Cheese of choice
Tuna of choice
Grapes: Red, Green Of Choice
Crackers Optional
And some good ole' hot tea

With my meal, I wanted it on a small plate to control portion size. No, I am not watching calories or how much I eat at all. But, I was hungry, and I knew I would overeat. LOL:) anyone else does that?

I rate this meal as easy and functional for the everyday busy gal. 

In conclusion: Sometimes eating can be overrated, but I gotta eat, right? There are days when I am so tired, I shower and go straight to bed for sleep.
The true story is my real life at least three days out of my week.

So, in my journal, I have become committed to finding food that is practical, good, and functional for my busy schedule. Honestly, eating smaller bits of meat, cheeses, and drinking tea at night has helped me rest better. 
Not to mention, my tummy has been feeling really good, as well.

 My goal this year is to eat more in small bits, rest, and repeat. Oh, honey, we are so close to the end of the year, and I am pressing that button of finishing healthy, strong, and happy. 

Last but not least, life is to short not to be doing everything that brings us all happiness.

There you have a quick, easy, and functional food to try. Leave me comments below before you go:)

Until Then See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I LOVE this idea! I noticed that when I eat In smaller increments it makes my tummy hurt less as well!! I am going to use this lunch tip this weekend! I love that cracker barrow cheese as well! So yummy!


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