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How I Took The Day Off And Got Stuff Done:The Joyful List

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 How I Took The Day Off And Got Stuff Done: The Joyful List

Yesterday was the best day ever. I took the day off, and I got some major stuff done. Ok, I did goof off a little bit, but it was well deserved. 
Whew, I can not believe how fast we are approaching the end of the year. It is time to upgrade and downgrade so many things in life.
And I wish it was easy as decluttering my home on a Saturday morning. Ha! A girl can dream, right?

Tangie Bell has hot tea and a 2020 calendar
Today I took the day off to get a lot of things done, and I am happy about that. The first thing I did was go to half off books and get a new 2020 calendar. Yep, it is that time to close out some stuff and add some new stuff.

Woman has new calendar book

In one of my last posts, I just did a lot of clearing out of old things around the house, and now it is time to do the other stuff. Such as getting my taxes in order and planning for the New Year.

I know most people wait until the end of  December to handle new adventures and business. But, I have found it better if I can tackle most of my business before Thanksgiving.
Since my holidays are super busy with family, entertaining, and cooking for days on end. It is easy for December 31st to be at my back door.

But how I started making things a bit easier on me is when I get my planning book out. 

I have a book that has all my tax stuff in it and receipts. Then I have a planner book that keeps all of my ideas and blog post in it.

It feels good when I can get things organized and under some type of control.

The sooner I do my business, the better I can enjoy the holidays with the ones I love.

Earlier today, I got a pink and gold planner to start a new journey. I usually find some good ones from the craft store, but I found some good ones from my local book store.

This is where I will keep family plans and my other personal adventures.

I keep a separate book from tax stuff because I love looking at my inspirations and aspirations for the year.

I plan to keep things simple and slow this year to get things done.

This year I am making notes that can be executed without having any stress at all. I've included things to do with family, my husband, and by myself. Yes, a girl needs her alone time.

Ha! I mainly go shopping, go for a walk, eat junk food, and do one thing without anyone bothering me.
My plan this year is going to be that easy. It took me a long time to clear my plate of unnecessary things that really didn't matter. Now, I have a good schedule. It has not been easy staying on track, but I think I may have a sound system that works for my family and me now.

But, I must admit I may never get used to doing the end of the year business. 

It was a joy taking off and getting stuff done. 

How will you be closing out this year?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I will be closing out this year by accomplishing a much needed goal and just spending time with myself and family! I also plan to sit down and write a list of all of the goals I have for the New Year! I am so excited!


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