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How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!

Woman sharing Nairobi hair oil as a way to help keep hair moisturized doing the summer. #lookinggood
How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!
Meeting my beauty goals this year.
Ok, it is official winter is here. Of course, everyone around the world knows that except California. Because it's always sunny in Southern Califor-N-I-A. 

Oh, how I would pay 5,000 just to layout on a beach right now. I need the sun to make me sweat so I can stay super moisturized. But, hey, I gotta work, so this crazy Texas weather is all I have. Ha!but this time, I am getting my hair and skin ready for this year's wintery. 
Every year I have to battle dry, itchy, and eczema-prone skin. 

And I have tried everything from Dr. prescriptions to home remedies. Although I have had some relief from past meds and creams. 
I have also learned how to help combat my irritated skin and dry hair long before it starts. This year I am ready to take care of me by any means necessary.

There are so many things that come into play when dealing with dry skin. So, read what I do with caution because I am not a Doctor. Today, I am only sharing my experiences with the things that helped me over the years.

Besides drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, I will also do simple things that help the outside of my skin stay moisturized at all times.

Woman sharing Burts Bees oil cleanser to moisturize her face doing winter weather
Starting with my face. I learned a long time ago to read what is in my face products. My skin requires a lot of hydration and moisture. So I look for products that have no alcohol at all. When my face gets dry and itchy, I become prone to prickly bumps that lead to my eczema flare-ups. When it comes to my face wash, I want something that has an oily feel because it leaves my face feeling soft. Then I use a light moisturizer or coconut oil under my make-up and as a night cream. Yes, I am going to bed greasy, but my face stays hydrated and not dry. My main focus is preventing it from happening.

Oil used to nourish the hair doing winter
Another thing I must have is oil for my blonde hair. It's no secret I am rocking a short blonde pixie cut. And although I am a hairstylist and I do have access to the best products. The wind can sometimes dry my hair out for no reason. My favorite hair oil at the moment is Nairobi. It is gentle on my color, and it keeps my hair soft and not brittle. My favorite is my hair stays moisturized and not oily at all. 
I use this on my clients as well as a finishing product. If I do not use hair oil, my hair will become brittle, dry, and break. And it doesn't matter if I had dark hair. Keeping the hair strains hydrated is just as vital as keeping the scalp moisturized.

Also, I prefer oil-based shampoos and conditioners in the winter as well.

Tangie Bell sharing all the products she will be using to moisturize her skin this winter. Vaseline, ceravae, face oil, hair oil
 Honestly, most of the products I use at home, most of us have it already under the bathroom sink.

How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!
 For example, I keep vaseline for my knees, elbows, and feet. My favorite thing to do after a bath or shower. Is pile vaseline on the bottom of my feet and put socks on before going to bed. This is an easy solution to helping heal itchy cracked feet. Yall it works, and I keep a jar of petroleum jelly under my bathroom sink. Soon as I get out of the shower, I apply and put on my comfy socks.
How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!
When my body gets dry or super itchy. I grab cerave moisturizing cream, which is my preference to elevate the feeling of irritated skin.
How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!
 Last but not least, I have to take care of my lips. Doing the winter months, my lips become dry, and I have to keep something at all times. I stay away from things that feel medicated. It tends me make my lips feel more drained, and they peel fast. So, I look for items that have little or no scent. My favorite has been skin fix because it heals the cracks on my lips. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny I spend. If my lips are dry and cracked, my make-up nor my lipstick seems to go on right. 

How I Will Be Keeping My Hair And Skin Moisturized This Winter!

So, there you have it all the products I use before I become dry cracked and ashy. I do not wait until I feel dry before I start working on my skin. This weather is always changing, so I try to do the simple things first before I have to be sitting at a Doctor's office with irritating dry skin issues. It has not been easy keeping my skin issues under control, but I have learned what to do before it gets out of control.

How do you keep your skin moisturized doing the winter?

Leave comments; we all would love to be inspired. Thanks:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I have walked pass that Burt's Bees so many times in the store. Not realizing that it will provide me with the moisture that I need! Thank You for the TIPS


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