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Morning Babbles: Cancellations And New Motivations

Chairs and pillows at the flea style market. Tangie Bell went shopping for deals , jewelry and clothing. Morning Babbles
Morning Babbles: Cancellations And New Motivations
Good Morning Babbles, and Happy Sunday! 

When life throws you cancellations, how do you find new motivation?

 Ahh, I made it to the end of the week. And I am so happy that I was able to find a small bit of joy and motivation over this past weekend. Yes, today is Sunday, but things were looking a little blah on Friday with the rain and icy cold weather that Texas as been brewing. Not to mention, I had two hair cancelations midweek. So, the business was a little slow, and I know it was due to this bad weather. 
Oh, don't get me wrong I wasn't sad about leaving work early. Actually, it worked out to be therapeutic for me. Yes, I found a bit of motivation while having some downtime at work.

Head wraps and scarves on display at Flea Style Market. Morning Babbles
 For the last few weeks, I have been packing my lunch more from home. I started doing so at the beginning of the year but fail off a bit. And in the long run, I ended up spending a lot of money on food that gave me half a day satisfaction. Ha! #lessonlearned 
But anyhoo while  I was alone in my office, I had a chance to write down a few new things to do for myself before the end of the year. 
Jewelry on display at Flea Style Market in Dallas, Texas. Morning Babbles
 Then, I looked up what was in my area to do that was fun and quiet since I had a few hours before my next client was to show up.
 I wanted to go somewhere where no little children were running around. No pun, but why are so many children at the mall around noon on a school day?  #justwondering

So, I knew going to the mall was not going to help me with today's motivation at all.

So, I opted for a few estate sales and another stop at the local market. I took only a few pictures because I really wanted to be in the moment. Yes, I did shop and buy some things. New shared post coming soon. :)
I took advantage of not having any clients, so I found something to do that got me out of idle time.

Because I live close to my home, I would typically go and take a nap in between patrons. But, lately, I've been finding some really cool things to do right in my neighborhood.

So, back to hitting up those estate sales and I've been running into quite a few.
When I was a kid, my mom loved going to moving and yard sales.  She used to find some exquisite antiques and collectibles back in the day.

So, that is what I did today in my free time. I really wanted to take pictures, but for privacy purposes, I did not impose on someone else's property/ home.
Most times, when people are selling their valuables, it is mainly because they are moving, downsizing, or someone has passed on. But either way, those are the times to find 
useful items such as furniture, jewelry, and ole' style clothing.

I lucked up and found myself some new records, and I can't wait to share them.

I spent three hours riding my own neighborhood until I found some pretty cool new things I've never seen before.

No seriously, I am discovering a whole new world at my feet. So, why do I act bored most of the time? Ha! all the fun is right outside, and it is closer than I could see.

Now, I didn't spend my whole day riding around sightseeing and estate shopping. I also stopped at my favorite mom and pop shop to look around for new jewelry that I can make myself. I bought two original head wraps that will go well with my Sunday church outfit. 

The rest of the day, I just browsed around the market and sipped coffee.
 I know this may sound strange, but I miss those carefree days. You know those days where I rode around and enjoyed looking at my city. Or drinking coffee and while browsing the isles of my favorite store.

Who remembers browsing and not buying?

LOL, those were the good ole' days. And I am getting back to that. It's called enjoying the simple things about life. Being carefree, making lemonade out of things that barely matter.

It's about taking control of the things that do matter. It's about peace, love, and happiness. Perhaps it's about being content at the moment. Either way, I found my own slice of the pie by finding something else to do after receiving two cancelations. 
I will definitely be telling both my clients this story. It is because of them I will be doing something new that is close to my job.

Last but not least, life is what it is LIFE! Sometimes it just happens; rather, it is good, bad, fun, happy, or sad. Although I had a few cancelations, perhaps I just needed to find something else to do for that day. The moral of the story I am glad I got up and did something else until the next person came.
I usually hang around between clients, but for the first time in years, I did something different. By the time I got home, I wasn't as tired as I would usually be most days. Then, my daughter Kamoriae who is in nursing school, said: It is because I changed my regular routine. By moving around and doing something that I love doing, it stimulated my mind to be happy and enjoying what I was doing. Instead of possibly counting down the clock of being at work or being in traffic.

I can not say that is true, but I was at ease when I was stuck in traffic going home. Because all I could think about was all the good stuff I bought without my girls. :) And I couldn't wait to show them the things I found.

Maybe my mind was focused on something new because I did something a wee bit different.

How do you find fresh ways to stay motivated?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S I did buy myself some new head wraps and jewelry. Shhh! I'll share this week:)



  1. It's true happiness when you find something you love to do especially whenever it's not expensive☺💕 I enjoyed this very much

    1. Thank you so very much! Have a blessed day
      xo Tangie

  2. I find ways to refresh my daily routine by being a person that I was yesterday. You can never stop improving on what can soon be perfected in due time.

    1. So true and that is a good point. Styling the person from yesterday.

      xo Tangie

  3. I find ways to be motivated by putting myself first, getting plenty of rest and making sure I priorituze my goals so that they can get accomplished!

    1. Hey Carey, I love all three of these answers. And I agree 100%
      xo Tangie


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