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My Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas And New Year Thrift Guide!

Perfume bottle at the thrift store. Thrift Bits and Favorites.
 The time has come for a little black Friday, thanksgiving Christmas and new Year thrift shopping.  And I am so excited about the gifts I will be buying myself as well as others. Ya'll, my list is getting long with ideas and

 cute things to buy.

I must admit there is a method of the thrifting game. But don't worry, I am here to spill all the beans. I just can't help but add a few of my current thrift bits and favorites to my personal list.

Ok, I know it can be scary buying and re-gifting second-hand items. But, never fear  I will be sharing how I sterilize and clean the thrift items before giving them away. 
What not to buy and what you need to buy. So, grab a pen and paper ...the holidays are fast approaching, and you do not want to miss out on any deals.

Oh, and I will be shopping the clearance racks at my favorite fast fashion stores as well. But thrifting has to come first, 
Boucheron perfume from Paris at the thrift store
 Honestly, I have been sleeping on the perfume section of the second-hand stores. Over the last few months, my collection has grown by leaps and bounds. Not to mention, I have been buying quality name brand and vintage style bottles all from the thrift store. 
So, starting at the perfume aisle is always a good spot to hit up.

Pros: I always look for full bottles, possibly with packaging and tops. It is ok to get a half-filled bottle of perfume if it is for you.

But to gift, it always grabs the best one off the shelf. I love looking at the thrift store first because the prices are lower than at the actual store. 
Con: Most colognes and perfumes comes without a box or cap at times. And some of the best ones are half full.
Pro: When I find a good one, I will put it in a special crystal bottle or gift wrap in a dollar tree bag. So, do not be afraid to re-gift thrifts. 
For example, I found a bottle of Boucheron perfume from Paris for 18 dollars. After the discount, it was only 10 bucks. After a quick google search, I found it is being sold for no less than 116 dollars. Can somebody yell #score

Vintage dresses at thrift store. Thrift Bits and Favorites
I know clothes are always a good thing to buy. But, when thrift gifting its best to look for unique and quirky items that can not be found in a regular store. 
Vintage Dress from the thrift store. Thrift Bits and Favorites
 You know those pieces that are in and out of time. Perhaps a vintage dress or handbag.
Vintage Charles Hubert handbag. Thrift Bits and Favorites
 Yes, vintage purses are always a good thing to buy and give to granny, mom, and best friends.
Vintage baseball cards. Thrift bits and favorites
Since my husband is a car and baseball collector. The thrift store is the best place to find those hidden gems. Some of his cards are so rare, if found, they are priced at 250 dollars and up. 

Other things that are great to grab are tea sets, record players, and old CDs. 

Thrifting is definitely an acquired taste, but I promise once you start, it will be hard to stop. 

I tried to keep this guide simple and easy to follow. There you have it all the things I will be stashing for my holiday season. 

Will you be holiday shopping this year? Stay tuned more is to come.

Until Then See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I sure will be holiday shopping this year... for myself! Ha! I saw a few things that I am interested in and I cannot wait to take a little look!

    1. Yes and do share:) You find cute stuff all the time:) Thanks Carey
      xo Tangie

  2. Who says you can't give someone a thrifted item? It's a win / win situation. 💚💚💛😂


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