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Oh Hey, Sunday I Am Trying A New Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Yummy For The Tummy

First step: Add yogurt, granola, honey and bananas

Oh Hey, Sunday I Am Trying A New Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: Yummy For The  Tummy
I can not believe it is already November 1, and the time has just turned back. That means we are now

 officially into the full swing of Fall and quickly approaching old man winter. As I am looking outside my window, I can see all the leaves on the ground this morning. #beautiful

But, I must admit it is going to take me a few days to get used to it being daylight at 7 am and night at 5pm. 
It's Sunday Ya'll, and I am already confused as a batty bat right now. I am so much that has to be done, and I do it all on Sunday morning.
Breakfast Bowl with granola, pecans, bananna and honey. Made by Tangie Bell . Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Seriously, who else gets up before sunrise and church to plan out their upcoming week?

I know I do, and Sundays are just as busy as a Monday morning trying to get through 8 am traffic. Anyhoo I am seeking a new way of eating my yogurt in the mornings. Now, I am no health-conscious person. Meaning: I do not go overboard and panic if I do not eat all my fruits and veggies.

But, I do know when to eat something soothing and filling to my tummy.
Honestly, I think breakfast is totally borning. And, I already know I will see someone write an article on later how not to make your breakfast so boring.  
But, I am more of a coffee drinker in the mornings because I love eating lunch and dinner. Oh, boy, I have finally admitted I prefer eating later in the day. Yes, I know that is not a good thing to do, but I have come up with me a few on the go breakfast bowls.

Tangie Bell is placing banana and yogurt in wooden bowl
Starting with yogurt. I already eat my yogurt with pineapples, peaches, and other fruits. This time I am going to spice it up a bit more a few times a week.
Tangie is prepping for breakfast on the go by using bear naked granola, yogurt and banana

This is a super simple morning break that can be prepared in about five minutes. I usually buy individual small yogurts, but I opted for a more money-saving tub this time.
If I use it in small servings, I will get at least 6 uses out or more. And that is perfect! 
Yogurt bowl filled with banana, honey and granola. Favorite breakfast ideas
All I do is put my desired amount of yogurt in a bowl. I add granola, bananas, and lots of honey.
Final touches to yogurt bowl. Add honey, granola, banana, Bits Of Food
Also, I have pecans, sunflower seeds, and chocolate chips all mixed in as well. Ya'll, this is the best morning breakfast on the go. And it also soothes my tummy from eating all week random foods. I guess sometimes I do have to take it a little easy. There you have it, my quick out the door yogurt bowl.

Final Thoughts: When I was younger, my mom and my grandmother cooked a big breakfast and dinner. All while being working women five days a week. And on the weekends we got lunch mixed in the mix. I can count the times we ever ate out or on the go. There were meals prepared at all times.
I am almost positive that is how we made it through the hard times. My family didn't waste money on lots of junk foods. This morning I was reminiscing about my childhood, and it made me smile.

I cook a lot, but this time I am going to make sure I keep lots of easy-going foods. That is cost-efficient and better on the wallet and belly.
To be honest, I feel so much better when I just grab something at home to eat. It makes me a much happier person, and I am ready to tackle the world. Ok, I am at least prepared for my 8 hour day at work:).

Today, I will be going back to the store to buy more mix-ins for my bowl. Such as grapes, walnuts, papaya, and other fruits and nuts.
 Trust me, this bowl can be made in 100 different ways.
So, if you guys try it, do not be afraid to mix it up to fit your taste buds.

How do you have a quick breakfast?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Complete Bowl Recipe:

Now that is an easy start to a great day!

P.S. Stay tuned; something new is brewing!


  1. My quick breakfast is usually a banana and a protein shake. This looks yummy!!

    1. Hello Dainty how are you? Hope all is good with you and your family. Thanks for commenting. And I hope you get a chance to try this little snack. :) ttyl sending hugs

  2. That yogurt looks sooo Scrumptious! Granola compliments it so well because the crunch is what I truly enjoy!!

    1. It is super good and filling. Hope you get a chance to try it as well.

      xo tangie

  3. I like to have a quick breakfast on the go by just grabbing a breakfast bar and a banana with my coffee! That combination is a total life saver!

    1. Hey Carey...I love that also...You started me on the breakfast bar and banana with my coffee. Have a great day!

      xo Tangie


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