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Polka Dots And Beignets In Deep Ellum Texas: City Diaries!

Tangie Bell visiting Le Bon Temps Beignets in Deep Ellum Texas #citydiaries
Polka Dots And Beignets In Deep Ellum Texas: City Diaries!
I heard there is a new powdery soft pastry that emulates the New Orleans beignets. Where they at?

Beignets have finally arrived in Texas, and it is nestled in a quaint spot smack dab in Deep, Ellum. And they call themselves Le Bon Temps. Yes, I got all dressed up in my polka dots so, I could see if I could taste a bit of New Orleans, Louisiana, in these new Beignet newcomers. 

One thing I love about being a Texan is there are food eateries corner to corner. No matter what a person's taste buds are craving, you are bound to find it right here in Texas. To be fair, I am a Louisiana born and raised gal. So, my taste pallet leans more toward spicy, shrimp gumbo and grits. I have yet to find that here in the Dallas metro. But, trust me, I am working my way through the byways and highways of this little country place. Also, I am a real sweet mouth who loves a big ole' bowl of my granny's Nana Pudding. Oh, how I miss those days of just eating our way happy.

So, when I heard there was a new place that sells a bit of the New Orleans beignets, I said show me the way.  For those of you who do not know, Beignets are deep-fried fritters served piping hot sprinkled with confection sugar.

Showing off Le Bon Temps Beignets that is located in Deep Ellum Texas City Diaries

And Yall one just opened up named Le Bon Temps. What! Somebody grab my coat I am heading out west.

Inside Le Bon Temps Cafe located in Deep Ellum Texas
 I am not one to act all giddy about food, but I got geeked up when I heard the doors were now open and ready to serve people. So, here are the details that made me say I will be back again.
Le Bon Temps Beignets Located In Deep Ellum Texas

After being next in line to approach the window, the owner said, come on inside the building and order. The building is tiny and quaint, it only has two stools inside. I was able to see how they were cutting things up and frying them to perfection. It was warm and fascinating to watch the process. 

I was greeted and treated by friendly staff; that's important because that will determine if I will return.  #everagain
Hey, my coins are valuable, and I want to share my honest opinions. :) Ok, back to the Beignets.

Also, I was given a menu that had lots of ways to have their soft fluffy beignets. The flavors came in original/classic, French butter (limited daily quantities) 

I had an option to have my pastry cut open and stuffed with chocolate or vanilla ice-cream. 

The Saveur De Signatures 
were Pecan Praline, Creole Cream Cheese 
Bananas Foster
Lemon Ice Box (WOW & YES)

But, of course, I opted for the plain ole' hot classic ones. And I am sure happy I did.

I also paired it with a medium Chicory Coffee with a splash of french vanilla flavoring.

After placing and getting my order, my daughter and I decided to sit out in the cold and enjoy the view.
The outside is set up to only hold a few people at about three black iron tables. 
The atmosphere has a feel of being in Paris.#alittlebit

 But, the noise and cold air quickly reminded me I was still in Texas. :)

Ok, let's talk about the taste:

If compared to New Orleans, I will say no way, Bueno.

But, being in Texas, I will definitely say YES! The taste is delicious, and the vibe of the place is 100 %. The perfect spot for a girl's coffee and sweet snack before or after brunch.

So two thumbs up for Le Bon Temps Beignets Frites. Also, I am super happy it only takes me one hour to drive and get my taste of Louisiana sweet fix.

So, if you are ever in the Deep Ellum are tell the Bits and Babbles sent you. Ok, just tell them Tangie :) Ha! No one knows me! 
Oh, did I mention the prices are fantastic, right up this cheap gals alley?

Three large Beignet only cost me $4 bucks, and the coffee was $2.50. WOW! I know!

Ya'll it was so cold outside, and yes, I was freezing my tush off.

So, if you are wondering what I wore, I am always eager to share my outfit bits.

Ok, here it is.

Tangie Bell is sharing the details to her Polka dot style and outfit
Honestly, I never overdress because Texas gets below freezing temps. So, I always want to look comfortable, pulled together with a hint of weirdness to my look. 
Tangie Bell is sharing the outfit deets to her polka dot style
 The wind was blowing really hard on that day, so I opted to wear my favorite polka dot scarf. Yes, I've had this thing for years, and I wish I can find more that fit my head. But, we all know Boutiques only carry what you see at the moment. Never fear I saw some similar ones on eBay and Amazon.
Tangie Bell is wearing polka dot scarf, leggings black boots and coat. She is also wearing large metal earrings

Same as with the polka dot leggings that I have had on repeat every year. I paired my whole look with a black coat jacket and black boots. For accessories, I opted for my large metal earrings and dark shades. Oh, and I only wore lipstick and no make-up at all.

I did not bring a purse because I wanted to walk around and eat with my daughter.

I chose this look because I still looked as if I tried to come out and meet people. 
Sidenote: I will definitely wear flats the next time I want to walk for a few blocks. 

In conclusion: I have no complaints concerning this day. Because I set out to use it as a day of pure relaxation. 

And that is what life is about, finding days to do nothing but eat Beignet and Drink hot coffee with loved ones.

I hope you guys enjoyed another page from my City, Diaries.

Did you like my outfit?

Stay tuned for my next event.

Until Next Time See Ya In Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I am sooooo Jelly because your style is always on point!! And I never had beignets before but I just might try them because they looks absolutely delicious!!

    1. Aww don't be jelly. lol jk. Hope you get a chance to try Beignets one day. Have a great day!
      xo Tangie

  2. Let me tell you something! Those leggings are FIRE! And now I want to try some of those warm and yummy beignets! Loving the city diaries!

    1. Hey Carey,,,thanks. I know you have had one or two already:)

      xo Tangie


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