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Second Hand Thrift Snooping Led Me To Finding A Vintage Inspired Rocker Chic Dress

Tangie Bell sharing her new thrift dress. Second hand thrift snooping
 Second Hand Thrift Snooping Led Me To A 5 Dollar Vintage-Inspired Rocker Chic Dress

 My only plan for today was to stop by a few second-hand shops and do a little thrift snooping. No big deal, right? But, there it was hanging on a shiny bent clothing rack, calling my name.
Honestly, I almost could not believe my eyes. The closer I got to the item that was hanging right in front of me.

Black dress from the second hand store. Thrift Snooping
 I was hoping and praying it was big enough to be in my size. Yes, I pulled it down, and it was a long black dress with a 5.99 tag on it. Not to mention, it was my lucky day because all green tags were 50% off. Now that was a banging deal, considering I have not been able to find anything for my birthday dinner.
Ok, let me explain I have been going into every store from the mall to the side of the back ends of the Texas dirt roads.
My last resort was just wearing a basic dress with flowers and a jacket.
There is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to spice my style up a bit. I did not have a problem finding cute clothes. There was a problem with me finding my own unique style. Everything seemed to be mixed and matched. For example, some stores had pants and lots of tops. I usually never wear tops because I feel frumpy. 

Don't worry, I am changing that as we speak. But, in reality, that is my real life when it comes to dressing my body. Now that I way past being 40 something I am starting to care a lot about my looks and individual style.  As a hairstylist, I have worked many years helping other women look and feel good. And now, I want to stop and feel the same way about myself. 

After weeks of decluttering and tossing out a lot of my old clothes. I decided to slide back into my local thrift store. My findings were terrific, but I will stick to the things I got for my birthday dinner.
Tangie Bell showing how she styled her new thrift dress. With pearls , leather jacket, hand bag and boots

For some reason, this store had a rack of black dresses that happen to be my size. I bought one with pleats, and one with lace. Now you know my mind began to race fast. 

I knew back at home, I have a pair of boots, and a set of thrifted pearls at home that I imagined would look amazing on my thrift finds.
So, I was feeling the vibes of wearing a vintage-inspired rocker chic look.

Thrift Hand Bag made with marble. Secondhand Thrift Snooping
All I needed to do is find a black purse. A few more digs in the thrift bins, and there it was a shiny black purse with a marble handle. And I grabbed it for 3.99, unbelievable, right?

Thrifted pearls and leather jackets. Second hand thrift snooping
One thing I love is when I can use my thrifted pearls. And today's outfit would have been incomplete without them.
 Then I pulled the whole look together with a tall pair of witch style boots and my trusty old thrift leather jacket. Oh, and I am still wearing those cat eyeglasses I got from the thrift bin in Waco, Texas.
Tangie Bell showing off her entire thrift outfit. Everything was found while second hand thrift snooping

 I am finally feeling fancy for my birthday dinner. In which we may have already done by the time this post goes live. 

Can you believe everything I am wearing was under 30 dollars? That is the benefit of shopping the aisles of the thrift store.

I think I may have found where I can find my unique style. I was in a style rut a few months back, but now I have found a new yet old way to build my style. 

In conclusion: I never gave up when it came to re-working a fresh new style for myself. I know to some this may not mean much. But for me, as I age, I want to look and feel good about myself. My kids are grown and almost gone, except my 7-year-old. 
So, with that being said, I am focused and devoted to taking care of myself and my happiness.

I can't wait to share my other thrift finds.

Do you like my thrift outfit?

Stay tuned; some new stuff is coming real soon!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S Gothic ring was made by me (DIY)


  1. CAN I JUST FASHION ICON in the making!! Your style ROCKS

  2. That entire outfit is fly! I am loving the all black look! And you know those glasses are a hit!


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