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This Is What I Do On My Day Off: Make Poetic Spirit Earrings

Inside Hobby Lobby Craft Buying Jewelry. Poster inside the store with instructions on how to make jewelry
This Is What I Do On My Day Off: Make Poetic Spirit Earrings ( The Perfect How To Project)
 Who's ready to make some poetic earrings this week? I know I am. And I love it when I can go into 

my favorite local craft store and see a 50% off sale on all the components I need to make cute things to wear. So, come on guys, we are going to take a peek around the store and make something so easy, a person with no craft experience could make these earrings blindfolded. Yes, it is that easy.
50% off sale at Hobby Lobby craft store

 Last week, I went into Michael's and found some sales, this week Hobby Lobby has stolen my heart. Because I saw they had Poetic Spirit trinkets on sale this week. I am a person who loves working with brass and vintage-inspired pieces of jewelry. 
Poetic Spirit jewelry at Hobby Lobby Craft store.
 They are perfect when I want a boho vintage vibe. And they are so easy to work with because I can add chains, beads, and more metal charms to make it my own. 
Making Poetic Spirit Earring at home. The perfect DIY project
 Sometimes, I buy the pieces and add nothing but a jump ring. Can you see the beautiful detail of the hammered metal and the gold iron wrappings with dangle charms? Honestly, they are just perfect by themselves, but it's so cool when I can spice them up even more by adding my own twist of items to them.  
Adding a jump ring to poetic spirit hand crafted jewelry
The first pair I only added a jump ring because I made them for my daughter, and she only wanted them to touch the edge of her neck.
The complete look of the poetic spirit earrings made at home

 I think the complete look turned out absolutely fabulous. What do you guys think?
Adding a chain and jump ring to the cactus poetic spirit earrings. DIY project
 Then I made a pair for myself. I low-key love the cactus look and vibe. So, I added a small chain with a jump ring so I can have that dangle style on my ears.
The complete cactus earring look made with poetic spirit components
I also love this look, and I will be styling it up very soon so you guys can see it. Can you imagine what these would sell for online? Seriously, someone would pay a fee to wear these on their ears. 
Now, you can make them yourself and look fly in about five to ten minutes. 

You can thank me later.

Now let's go see the other fab things I saw in the craft store.

Turquoise poetic spirit earrings on sale at Hobby Lobby
 I am also really into the turquoise styles. And I think beads and chains really look good when mixed with leather materials. There were so many things that only required adding a jump ring and go. I love that because it makes it easy to create my own personal style.
Poetic Spirit earrings with beads and chains. How to make them at home. The perfect DIY
 When I make things finding sales and deals is excellent because I save a lot of money making my own jewelry. Also, pre-jewelry is an excellent way for beginner DIY'ers to create something unique.
Leather arrow earrings by Poetic Spirit. Perfect How To Project
 Check out these cute little arrow spears. 
Leopard earrings on a cord. Sold at Hobby Lobby
 Oh, and how cute are these leopard earrings on a cord. 
Leaf earrings 50% off at the craft store. Perfect How To project
 When it comes to making earrings, the imagination can be endless, and no two items made should ever be the same. 
Explorer mix metal rings and jewelry sold at Hobby Lobby

Now, Ya'll, I couldn't resist checking out the mix metals that Explorer carries at the craft store. For some reason, I am drawn to the crazy style of clocks and trinkets on rings and things.  

But, that is everything that caught my eye at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Last but not least: Making jewelry has become a safe place for me to relax and stay busy. When I am not working, I like to find myself a quiet spot at home and make something I am proud of. Although I am not doing anything big and fancy. I am keeping myself sane and happy by having a hobby. I think as I get older doing something that makes me happy helps me feel as if I have value. Besides, I love looking at my crafts and feeling as though I am doing something positive with my life and time. Even if no one tells me they are proud and love my work. 

I know I am doing it because I smile every time I look at my stuff sitting around my house. Also, I love it when people ask me about the bracelets and earrings I make. My husband and kids are always in awe when they see me pile on all my little trinkets. 

Last but not least: I would encourage anyone of you guys to find that one hustle or hobby and do that thing. There is no greater joy than having something to do other than working and just living to pay bills. So, in your spare, find one thing that will bring you the most joy. Life is to short to be doing anything less than.

Which one of these earrings would you wear?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Items used for this project
Jump rings
Chain of Choice 
Pre- Earrings Of Choice- Poetic Spirit
Jewelry Pliers


  1. Those earrings are off the chain! My favorite are definitely the CACTUS as well !

  2. I already know which pair was mine! Love it! Cant wait to wear them and look fancy!


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