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Trying To Add Something Colorful To My Forty- Something Style: The Struggle

Tangie Bell trying on yellow scarf and faux fur handbag.
  Trying To Add Something Colorful To My Forty- Something Style: The Struggle
Hey guys. Most of you know I have been playing dress-up with my style. Yes, I am putting together a wardrobe that makes me feel alive again. And honestly, I must admit the struggle has been somewhat a hot mess.

And I mean that in the funniest manner.
For one: I keep gravitating to that same ole' stuff look I am trying to get away from.
You know that look that appears to look as if I was going to the nearest gym for a workout. It consists of me wearing jeggings and a workout top. Yeah, that was a rabbit hole I just recently fell down. But never fear I have been working this thing out for this long-awaited birthday reveal. Seriously, I have been tweaking my style and trying new things that I think maybe working.

Woman trying on black purse and yellow scarf at Target. Outfit of the day
What I will tell you guys is that I have bought myself some new black leggings and I am so in love with them. I think the fit is so much better than wearing a pair of workout pants. There is nothing wrong with that, but I want to spice my life back up. Being forty-something doesn't mean I have to let my beauty/style go by the wayside.

Tangie Bell trying on beige winter scarf and leopard handbag for winter
 I am encouraging my friends and clients to work hard, play harder, and dress fly when possible. As women, we deserve to feel and look our best at all times. 
Tangie Bell trying on ore scarves and handbags for the winter at Target. Outfit
Lately, I have been trying out my looks with colorful scarves and handbags. But, nothing yet has caught my attention. Since it is so cold, most neck wraps have been on the bulky side. But, I really am in search of some orange and yellow accessories. I feel that it will brighten up my style a bit. Plus, it adds a little pop of color. 

But on the other hand, I love the more modest look by wearing a neutral color that actually goes with everything in my wardrobe.

The top picture is me wearing a yellow knit scarf paired with a black faux fur handbag. I deemed it super cute, but I couldn't find gloves nor a hat to match. And the material was little itchy. So, I passed on look number one.

My last two looks were with a beige and dark brown scarf and a leopard handbag. This second look really looked mature. And I think it paired well with my leggings, black buckle boots, and trench coat. 

But I do not want to look mature. I want to look super fly. Is there anything wrong with that?

Oh, the struggle is real, but I am getting my wardrobe together. I think when I hit a certain age in my life started changing everything about myself.
Mainly my style and taste in clothes.

Anyhoo, I have complied myself a few new pieces, and I am putting them together for you guys to judge me. :) lol #imexcited

Although I did not like the first outfit, I did get one of each item. Can you guess what those two pieces were? Was it the yellow scarf and the leopard bag, or the beige scarf and faux fur black bag? The answer will be coming soon, and you may be shocked by the one I did chose.

Which one would you wear?

Happy Friday Hope You All Have A Great weekend!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That Yellow looks flawless! Thats also a beautiful transitional color to use throughout any season!

    Great 👍🏽 read


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