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Weekend Bits And Favorites #27: Two Day Snaps

A white straw bucket at Cinnaholic Cinnabun cafe. Weekend Bits And Favorites
Weekend Bits And Favorites #27: Two Day Snaps
Ok, is it Monday already? Nonetheless, I am here with a few bit and favorites from this past weekend. Oh, and you may not want to miss this blog post. :)

Nothing major just a few new tries and buys that I thought was worthy of gracing the blog on today.
With the sudden time change that happened on Sunday, I am still a wee bit sleepy at the moment. But I will not complain because it's time to get to work. 
 Question: What makes you happy? What makes you want to get out of bed every day and tackle the world? 
Although I do not have a world-changing answer. I have learned how to find small bits of happiness in life's everyday moments. This weekend my family and I got together and took down all our Halloween decor.
Putting away all the Halloween Decorations. Weekend Bits And Favorites
Honestly, it was bittersweet because this year, taking down our Halloween decorations meant the holiday scary movie nights have come to an end.  Honestly, I watched so many movies from Hocus pocus to Twitches. Not to mention all the candy, cookies, and ice-cream we had along before Halloween day came. 

So, as for me I low key was ready to pack it all away but,
I decided to donate all the decorations to our local thrift store. 
At the moment, I still have up all my Fall decor because we are just about to get the real warm and cozy weather since Halloween has passed. You Can See Fall Decor Right Here

So, that was a big part of my weekend cleaning up decorations and finding things to replace the stuff I moved. I feel as tho I need to go and buy more things to spruce up our home. After moving all the scarecrows and stuff, some spots around the house seem empty. Ha! I may have just found an excellent reason to go shopping this week. 

The recipe log inside Cinnaholic Cinnabon cafe. Weekend Bits And Favorites

Another thing that happened over the weekend is I finally got a chance to sit down with my husband over coffee and a Cinnaholic Cinnabon. I know that my last two days were full of sweets. But, I only got a chance to enjoyed a little chocolate with my daughter Moriah. But, I did overindulge in a lot of popcorn. And since Rico's schedule is just as hectic as mine with work. We still have to figure out how we can have a quick date night without anyone being around. 

Although I did not eat a lot of my Cinnabon, it sure felt good to have that time chatting it up with my husband. The Cinnaholic bun is a small sweet roll that you can customize to your own taste.

A fresh baked cinnabon. Seen first on Weekend Bits and Favorites

Inside the Cinnaholic Cinnabon cafe bakery. Weekend Bits And Favorites
The toppings are endless, from getting the jam to pizza sauce added. I wanted to try the pizza Cinnabon, but I just could not pull myself to do such a weird thing. So, I stayed in my comfort zone and got a cream cheese one with pecans.  When I can get a free weekend, I want it filled with the things that give me the most joy. Ha! I am a cheap, momma, and wife who is taking small steps to enjoy the mundane, even if it's about nothing but food. #Yumm
If you have a Cinnaholic in you are, let me know if you try the pizza one? If it tastes good, then I will go and cough up that 7 dollars. LOL:)

A Pendant that was found at Joann's Craft shop. Weekend Bits and Favorites
Now, I know I am late sharing this with you guys. But, I popped over into my local Joann's craft shop just to see what they had. I am always looking for a sale to make myself some jewelry. Although there was a big 50% off sale going on, I only found one thing that caught my eye. It was a small, ornamented pendant. It reminded me of a victorian century necklace my grandmother once had. 
I grabbed two of them so I could make a pair of dangle earrings for myself. 

Since they felt lightweight, I thought I could wear them on my ears. I saw a few other things, but nothing caught my eye like these little flower pendants. I can never get through my weekend without hitting up a craft store looking for something to make. For some reason, I find it relaxing when I can walk down each aisle. Trust me, the craft store is the only place where there is complete quietness to browse and come up with DIY ideas. Do you have a quiet shopping spot? Do tell:)

Shopping At The Goodwill Thrift Store. Items that are on display. Weekend Bits and Favorites
Last, but not least, I did pop into the Goodwill. They were also having a 50% off sale as well on most of the clothes. But, I went in there looking for junk jars to use at my daughter's school this week. It is jars filled with trinkets that are good for crafts and making things. My daughter Chloe is in fashion design so, I will be showing her class how to make jewelry with any and everything. I usually can find all types of junk jars, but this weekend I had no luck. I did find a few broken pieces of necklaces, but the price was not worth it on this go around.

Sometimes. I swear these thrifts stores hike up prices just to put a sale sign on it. HA! But I gotta get my thrift shopping on when I can.
Tan open toe shoes that were bought from the Goodwill Thrift store.

Although the store was packed with shoppers, I can still spot a cute pair of shoes from across the room. Can you believe I found a pair of tan open toe buckle shoes? I know it is Fall, but for 4.99 and a half off, I was not about to walk out the door without grabbing them for myself. It is not often I find a size 10 shoe that fits my foot at the thrift store. So, when I do, I get it even if it is out of season. 

The funny thing is I will wear a sandal type shoe even in the winter. I know that sounds weird, but I wear it with my poof dresses.  I can't wait to wear these new ones I have just copied from Goodwill. 

I didn't find jewelry, but I did leave the store just as happy. If I do not see any junk trinkets today, then I will simply buy some jewelry pieces from my local Hobby Lobby crafts store. Although I will spend more money, it is a good investment when helping the youth learn how to make something positive. 

So, there you have it my weekend in two snaps. It was not very interesting, but I made my two days off have meaning to me. And that is what life is all about finding those small things of everyday living and making it valuable. 

Now, I am ready to enjoy this cold and cozy weather. How was your weekend?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. My weekend was cozy and fun as well! I got a lot of rest, did a bit of shopping and decluttered some areas in my room! I felt so accomplished and ready to tackle the week after that!

  2. Mhmmm mhmmm that Cinnabon and those bomb geeks look Fire 🔥 awesome post


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