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What I Wore And Ate In The City Alone! Dancing In My Biker's Outfit

What I Wore And Ate In The City Alone! Dancing In My Biker's Outfit
What I Wore And Ate In The City Alone! Dancing In My Biker's Outfit
So, a funny thing happened. I decided to get dressed and go into the city and have a sweet breakfast alone. 

And surprise, I was just fine without having a soul to chat with. Although a little girl gossip would have been friendly on this cold and frosty morning. But, I made fun and laughed at myself while setting up my tripod to take pictures with my clicker in hand. LOL, A girl has to make it happen by any means necessary.

Ordering from the McDonald's menu in the city
 Usually, when I go out with friends, we typically go to a cafe or our favorite morning breakfast spot. But, this time, I treated myself to a cheap meal at Mickey Dee's. That's just code word for McDonald's. I'm just trying to sound hip and cool.
What I Wore And Ate In The City Alone! Dancing In My Biker's Outfit
 I knew today was going to be all about me shopping and buying Christmas gifts. So, I needed to eat a little something that was not going to make me wanna crawl back into bed. Although I didn't order anything healthy. I sure did pick two things I wanted to try. There are no fast-food restaurants near me, so when I can get into the city, I want to try something different. That's my excuse, and I am sticking to it.:)

Eating donuts and drinking cinnamon cookie latte from McDonald's

Dipping donuts into chocolate and drinking a cookie cinnamon latte

Now that I have piled on my excuses for eating what I ate. I guess I can share the goodness with you guys. So, I've seen this little commercial that showed Mcdonald's has a frothy latte. Yikes, can everybody leave the frothiness to the mom and pop cafes? Not to mention, I saw a pile of hot donuts and dipping sauce behind the counter.
Now, of course, I was in a state of confusion should I get two sweets at 9 am in the morning? And my dear, the answer was Heck Yeak. #doyou

So, I ordered a cinnamon cookie latte with a side of donuts and warm chocolate sauce.

Dancing and showing off outfit of the day
When I received my order, I strolled right on back to my seat. Can you see my hand behind my dress, that is because I got happy clicking pictures. By placing my hand behind my dress and dancing, I was able to catch some candid shots all by myself. 
Yes, I looked like a crazy lady, overly dressed in a biker's outfit.

Speaking of bikers and outfit, can we take a look at how easy it was for me to spice up my style a wee bit.

Wearing earrings and necklace from Zara. Bracelets are DIY and from Macy's

First things first, I am wearing a bikers jacket with rhinestones. Rico got this for me when he was at a motorcycle event. Then I paired it with all my jewelry from Zara, thick chain, and earrings. My bracelets are DIY with bits and pieces from Macy's and JCPenney.

My shades are from my most recent thrift bits and favorites list click here

Yes, they are John Lennon inspired. Would you wear thrifted glasses?

Wearing a thrift dress with black leggings

I am wearing a long high low black dress that cost me a whole $3.99 from the good ole' will.

Can somebody shout score? I paired my dress with a thick pair of black leggings. Oh, and my lace purse is also straight from the bins of the thrift store.

Wearing black biker boots to complete the outfit

Last but not least, feast your eyes on these cute little booties I got from Lulu's boutique.
Aren't they screaming rocker chic? I think so.

I know I have a lot going on with this outfit. But, I just came out of a style rut. So, I am ready to pile on everything in and out of my closet.

Ok now is the time to judge my style. Would you wear this outfit?

Have you tried Mcdonald's new cinnamon cookie latte yet and donuts sticks?
By the way, I did enjoy both of them paired together.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I tried the donut sticks and they really taste lie funner cake! By the way I am loving this outfit! I may have to copy this look soon!

    1. Hey Carey..they are really light and good. Not to sweet, and I was impressed with the latte:)

      xo Tangie

  2. Whewwwww, the pure FUNKINESS of that outfit just brings out the Punk Rocker vibes and I am totally LOVING IT!!

    P.s. That breakfast looked mighty tasty lol

    1. Hey thank you:) Hope you are enjoying the blog? Thanks for stopping by:)
      xo Tangie


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