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Affordable And Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Friends And Co-Workers!

Making affordable lists for Christmas gift giving : friends and co-workers
Affordable And Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Friends And Co-Workers! You will not believe what I have come up with. And number 6 is my absolute favorite gift-giving idea.

Every year I always wonder who will be pulling my name at work. And every holiday, I feel this overwhelming urge to go out and buy something big and over the top. 
Even though the work budget is at a whopping 30 dollars. But, honestly, what can you buy a friend or co-worker for thirty bucks. No matter how I try, at least two of us show up with the same ole' gift. LOl:) It happens to the best of us. This Christmas, I am in charge of the gift drawings, and so I took it upon myself to make a few changes. 
First, I dropped the gift amount to 10 dollars, yes I did. And to my surprise, everyone has gotten on board with my ideas. Besides, Christmas should be about food, fun, and family gatherings. And buying things should be a bonus. 
I also wanted our office party to be stress-free and more about thoughtful giving rather than giving expensive items.
Let's just say my party planning was a success this week.

Giving mama bear slippers for the holidays.
Ok, since the budget was set at ten bucks, I gave everybody some really cool ideas on things to buy.
For example, you can never go wrong with a pair of warm and cozy slippers. I grabbed these for my bestie and put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. The mama bear slippers were only $7.99, and the gift bag with tissue paper was only 2 dollars. It was a simple way to say, have a lovely holiday, and relax your feet.
Gift wrapping coffee cup and a can of tea for gift giving ideas: Morning Babbles

Next up is my favorite gift to give, and it is sure to put a smile on someone's face. I love to give a coffee cup with a bag of tea wrapped in an X-mas bag. 
This idea is affordable and thoughtful. The cup was 4 dollars, and the tea was $4.99, how cool is that?

Gift giving ideas: a can of butter cookies, and truffles: Morning Babbles
 When it comes to giving gifts to friends and co-workers, it is the thought that counts. That is why I love to go the extra mile to wrap or buy a fancy bag for a presentation. Everyone on my job loved the idea of giving butter cookies or truffles as a sweet gesture. I think this can be pulled off well if it is of good quality and wrapped with love. So, grab a can of cookies and place in a decorative bag or pack a box of chocolates for a very simple and thoughtful gift idea. Both items were under five dollars.
I know that is cheap, but it is a beautiful gift that any true friend or co-worker would enjoy.

Sharing idea buying Lindor chocolates and caramel salted coffee as a Christmas Gift
Speaking of candy, I believe it is always a good idea to gift wrap Lindor milk chocolates or grab a bag of salted caramel coffee grounds. If I add a bow, it will look fantastic, and it will definitely be a hit at the Christmas party.

Sharing how to buy a scarf and gloves as a gift at the Christmas party. Morning Babbles

Baby, it's cold outside, so I know it will be a hit to buy a pair of gloves and a soft matching scarf. I found these two at five below, can we all just look at how beautiful they are pictured above? I may be keeping these for myself. :) 

Gift wrapping 10 dollar candles for Holiday ideas: Seen first on Bits and Babbles Morning Babbles
 Last but not least, no one can never go wrong with buying scented candles. And nowadays you can find a candle jar in every store you visit. I know I can, and I love buying and giving them away.
Morning Babbles: Gift wrapping candles for Christmas ideas

Hands down, this was also a winner with my teammates. Who says no to receiving a bag of fresh-smelling soy candles. Although I recommend getting a Christmas bag and putting one in each for different people at work and in the family.

In conclusion: This year, I wanted to take the pressure off my fellow friends by sharing my simple and thoughtful tips. I am not surprised by how everyone got on board with my ideas. Honestly, we all gave better gifts by spending less money. I wrote all these ideas on the chalkboard in our break room. 

Everyone said my ideas were so easy to buy, and it was stress-free.

And that is all I wanted to do for myself and for our work party. This is the year of realizing some things about money and holidays. And I realized I didn't need to spend a lot to make an impact on gift-giving. 

So, with that being said, I hope you can find some of these simple gifts for the loved ones in your life.

Remember, Christmas is about spending a little time with the ones you care about and reflecting on fun times. But, since we must shop and buy it is always good to have a budget and a few ideas to stay on track.

Which one of these was your favorite?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. All of them were Amazing! But I would definitely have to go with Group 2 - coffee cup and teas

    1. I know right , that was Mrs. Johnson's favorite at work as well:)
      xo Tangie

  2. Now you know my favorite part is the slippers! I feel like you can never have too many of those!!

    1. Those were definitely mine, and I did get myself a pair:)
      xo Tangie


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