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Back In The Day, I Wore The Same Dress: Today I Am Bringing That Method Back By Mixing And Matching!

Tange Bell in mirror sharing how she wore the same dress several ways: Judge My Style
Back In The Day, I Wore The Same Dress: Today I Am Bringing That Method Back By Mixing And Matching!
Since the weather wants to change in temperatures every five minutes. I guess I will be doing a little mixing and matching myself. So, I decided to share my little bits with you guys as I re-wear the same dress for four days. (So, get ready to judge my style). Oh, and it's a doozy. :)

Growing up, I never liked wearing the same thing, but now I find it fashionable to find multiple ways to wear my everyday life clothes.
Up top, I am wearing a simple black thrifted dress, and I paired it a no strap handbag I found at the Goodwill. Yes, I bought that purse without straps because I saw the potential in styling it up. My plan was to add a gold chain to it from the craft store. But I find it looks good as a clutch bag instead. To style up my dress, even more, I wore a multi-colored faux fur that I purchased from Amazon. It was a bit pricey, but keep on reading, because I found a teddy styled fur vest from the thrift store.

The granny boots that is being worn with the same black dress for two days: Judge My Style
I must admit I am a boot gal, and that may have come from being in Texas for so long. Either way, I can wear them all year round. But, since it's a little chilly outside, I decided to wear a tall lace-up boot with the same ole' black dress. I wore this style for 2 days, and I only switched up my shoes, jewelry, and handbag. My looks became endless, and I never bought anything new, I shopped my closet. #amazing
Now granted, I was wearing things that were worn in the summer. But that is the beauty of dressing up, who cares. Besides, style is subjective, not objective, and at the end of the day, a person can wear whatever they like. #dropthemic

Tangie Bell sharing how she wears the same white faux fur with one black dress: Judge My Style
Now, I had to switch it up by day three by pulling out my new to me thrifted teddy vest.
Actually, I can not believe I found such a beauty at the second-hand store. But, when I saw it, I knew I could pair it with a lot of accessories I already had at home. So, I purchased and put it in the cleaners to be cleaned. I usually wash my own thrifted clothes, but I was afraid I was going to damage the fur itself. And I am so glad I did it that way. One black thrifted dress styled with a white faux fur: Judge My Style
Because it paired well with the same black dress that I've been wearing all week. 
The faux snake skin ankle booties Tangie Bell used to style the same thrifted black dress. Judge My Style

 I told Ya'll I love boots, how cute are these black and white snake skins ankle booties? Actually, these are my favorites, and they are super comfortable. But I love how the vest and the low quarter boots changed my whole look for another day look.

White earrings worn with the same black thrifted dress. Judge My Style
 Moving onto my accessories, which is my favorite part when it comes to re-wearing and outfit. I couldn't resist wearing these cut flower earrings as a statement. I know it's almost winter and no one really wears white. But, hey, I am no fashionista so I can wear what I like. :) Besides, wearing white flower earrings makes me happy. 
Orange errings from Mango online to spice up the same black thrifted dress
To spice up this same book even more on day 4, I had to pull out some color. So, I decided to pop on a pair of bright orange earrings. #samedressdifferentlook
Nicole Lee handbag used to style up the same black dress. Judge my style
 Then I grabbed my Nicole Lee handbag to spice up my style even more. Do you think this look is a winner?

In conclusion: I am always amazed at how I can take one item and build a week worth of outfit ideas.
I am no expert at style, but I am a mom, wife, and friend who loves getting the most out of my money. Besides, I want to spend less on clothes and more on vacation. LOL, A girl can't have it all, or can she?

I honestly believe my clothes should be fun, affordable, and re-wearable because we all can use our coins in other places. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

Which outfit looked best on me? How do you re-style the clothes you already own? Leave me comments if you want to chime in on this conversation.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Well, I can definitely say that I Loved the outfit that had the added Fur! It added a little pizazz to it!!


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