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Being 40 Something: What I Eat And Do Three Times A week! A Real Woman's Routine

Woman working out with ball.Being 40 Something : What I Eat And Do Three Times A week! A Real Woman's Routine. #being40something
Being 40 Something: What I Eat And Do Three Times A week! A Real Woman's Routine
 It is no secret I am a soul food Louisiana eating gal. Yes, to all the grits, shrimp, catfish, greens, and cornbread. I am going to confess to all of that before I even start today's post. WOW! I feel so much better sharing my own truth and honesty with you guys. Yes, I am about to get real. 

Now that I have cleared my plate of any extra crumbs. I've decided to share a real woman's morning routine, and I am not ashamed one bit about it. Although I love eating my spicy, seasoned taste of New Orleans foods. Also, at my age, I can't just eat those foods and not take care of my body at some point in my life. 

So, get ready I am going to share the three things that I find super easy to do a few days out of my week.

Morning Routine : Belvita Crackers, Banana, Water: Being 40 Something : What I Eat And Do Three Times A week! A Real Woman's Routine
 The Start Of My Morning: I used to get up super early and make myself a smoothie with spinach, almond milk, berry mix, and honey. Although it was easy to make and drink, I felt overly full at times. To be honest, when I wake in the A.M I am not very hungry at all. So, I came up with a quick solution to grabbing something quick before I head off to workout. Lately three times a week, I eat Belvita biscuits with a banana and plain water. Sometimes I may eat a simple yogurt while walking to the neighborhood gym.
 I know most people may think I need protein up, and I know that is true. But, I live in a real world where I can only work out if I eat what I want and like. And sometimes, meal prepping and making smoothies can not be apart of my quick morning routine. #justbeinghonest

When I eat something, I like I can get a smooth workout without any stress or pressure to follow a riggers regime.

My Morning Exercise: elliptical machine. #beingfortysomething
 My simple workout: When I hit the gym, I prefer quietness so I can exercise in peace. I first jump on the elliptical machine for a quick 5-minute speed run. I usually walk in the mornings, but it has been so cold outside. Thus, the gym has become my best friend at the moment. 
My morning routine: Walking the tredmill for 20 minutes
 Then I slide right onto the treadmill for another five-minute fast walk. I am not trying to lose weight, my focus is just getting body to move. This method works so well for me, and I look forward to doing it three times a week. 
My morning Routine. Using Exercise ball for 10 minutes
 I am no master at working out, but I look for things that make me happy and feel good. I find I am more consistent with making time for my workouts. Some mornings I use a ball to step up and stretch in place. I find this type of movement feels good to my joints and bones.
Morning Routine: Using Arm weights for workout session
 I also grab 10lbs weights to help lean forward and stretch out my body. I never use them to bulk up my arms because I am not interested in that. I am only focusing on getting up, getting out, and moving my body. I spend less than 25 minutes in the gym, and I rarely go over that time at all. Seriously, I keep it real simple and quick.
My morning routine : eating raisin bran for breakfast after workout

When I get back home, after my shower, I grab my favorite breakfast, a bowl of raisin brand. Sometimes, I will add fruit, such as strawberries, bananas, and a few nuts like almonds. But, I mainly eat this with a piece of toast before getting ready for work.

No, it may not be the best thing to do after a workout, but it is my realistic breakfast as a busy working woman, wife, and mom.

In conclusion: I used to make my exercise routine so hard by trying to do it like a professional. And I found I wasn't getting anything done because I spent too many hours and days counting calories and working out five days a week. Honestly, that didn't fit my life nor my schedule one bit. Since taking the stress off my mind, I can do what works for me, and I feel amazing and accomplished.

In the year 2020, I am about to be enforcing what works for me and my life. I am on a mission to doing real things, such as an easy routine to life. I know this will not work for everyone, so seek a DR. before cutting back on anything when it comes to exercise.

But, as for me, my Pshyscian has told me countless times to get my behind up and just move around a few times a week.
Since doing that, my mind has become so much clearer, and I really do feel like a new woman.

Once I made a realistic schedule for myself, I have been able to have fun and not worry about working out.

Last but not least, I do not spend a lot of time in the gym, and I am ok. Because I am learning to celebrate the moments, I can get in there.

There you have it a real woman's routine, all done before work.


How many times a week can you get in a morning exercise? What do you eat that is super quick?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Now I made up in my mind that I wasn't going to do no more New Years Resolutions but getting back in the gym is something that I truly need to get in order. You have definitely motivated me with this post!

  2. This post just reminded me that I need to get my weekly exercise in more often! Thats going to be a goal for me in the New Year! Also, I love to grab some type of fruit with me in the morning because it's easier and faster to take on the go! Good post!


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