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I Needed These Three Items Back In My Anti- Aging Skincare Routine

 Adding beauty 360 to my anti-aging skincare routine
I Needed These Three Items Back In My Anti- Aging Skincare Routine
Adding new things to my beauty bag.
So, a crazy thing happened a few days ago. I ran out of my favorite skincare products. Of course, it was no big deal because my skin was still feeling "oh so smooth and youthful.

Recently when I ran out of my moisturizer, I thought I could use a knock off that cost half the price. It was no problem until my face started to feel as if it had a build-up no matter how I was cleaning it.

Then I realized it may have been because I got off my regular regimen. It has taken me several years to find the things that really work on my skin. Although I can add new things, I find I must keep the same regular skincare items that have been working. When I turned 45, my skin was changing more than it did when I was in my late 30's. Nonetheless, it took me three years to figure out a method to moisturize, hydrate, and tone my aging skin.
Since it is winter, I know I can not skimp on treating my face like royalty. Yes, honey, I need to make my skin feel like a queen. 
Do not get me wrong I do rotate my routine through seasons. I love to have glowy and dewy skin so, today I am going to share my best secrets.

Sidenote: I am not a Doctor, these are the skincare items I love. If you buy or use them, please do your own research/ Also, pre-test for any reactions to trying any face products.

Beauty 360 apple cider vinegar. Sold at CVS store
First, I am in love with my Beauty 360 clarifying apple cider vinegar.
It cleans, tone, and balances my skin. Since I have eczema flare-ups sometimes. I can not use anything in my face without checking the ingredients.
This product only has water and apple cider. When I ran out, I noticed the difference in the texture of my face, So, hands down this product must stay in my favorite picks.  I use it to pre-prep my face by putting on a cotton ball, adding a little more water, then wiping all over my face. The results are amazing, and my face feels clean.
Get this from my local CVS.
Open jar of moisturizing cream
When it comes to moisturizing my skin. Its confidence in cream is my absolute favorite. It is a bit pricey, but yall it is so worth it.
It confidence in a cream. Used as Tangie Bell anti-aging routine
I started using this when it hit the market, the light lemon smell, leaves my face, and neck feeling super smooth and soft. I tried to use another moisturizer, but I always go back to what really works. 

Derma E Oil. Used to hydrate  the skin

Last but not least, my final must-have is Derma E Radiant Glow -Oil. When I am done with my morning and evening face cleanse, the Derma E oil is my last step. It is no average oil because it leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated. Not to mention, my make-up goes on even better when my face is nourished. I have tried many skincare products over the years, but nothing beats buying and trying what really works. Also, if I purchase something new, I will always keep these three items, Beauty 360, Derma E Oil, and Confidence In A Cream. #truth

What do you use for your mature face?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I absolutely Love Apple Cider Vinegar because over the years it has helped tone my face and remove dark spots that were a struggle to get rid off.


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