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I Spent 3 Dollars To Keep My Style Up-Beat And On Repeat!

Quick Outfit Of The Day. Black and White Looks
I Spent 3 Dollars To Keep My Style Up-Beat And On Repeat!
Oh, hey, let's have a quick outfit of the day chat. 

Nowadays, I can barely find anything for 1 dollar, not to mention the struggle to finding anything for a couple of bucks. But, since I have been on the prowl buying things that have value and meaning.
So, my style list has been getting pretty long with making intentional purchases.
To be honest, I am a woman who loves to shop hop and bop. :) 
But, I want my buying habits to be filled with things I can reuse, re-wear, and restyle. That is and always has been my motto.

Black and white  bead purse, Tom shoes, and polka dot shades
 I must admit, right now, I have been doing pretty well with my clothes and accessories. For example, I found a new 3 dollar black and white handbag, and I paired it with my same ole' polka dot leggings.
This is the season where wearing printed leggings have become my favorite thing to wear. I can pair them with solid tops and dresses.
Bracelets on woman's arm. Shopping for Outfit
 My favorite accessories are never the same. Lately, I have been collecting vintage style arm bracelets and rings. The ones pictured I made some, and some came from Cato fashions. The two white ones came from the Good old will in my city. 
Sitting on a bench sharing outfit ideas, shoes, polka dot leggings, handbag, polka dot shades

Then I decided to wear the same headscarf. Can you tell it's my favorite? Since we are still smack dab in the middle of the Fall season. I decided to switch up my shoe game by wearing my open-toed Tom shoes. 
The funny thing about style is it's subjective and not objective. A person can wear cowboy boots with a turtle neck and polka dot shorts. If they feel good in it, that is their style.

That is why I am learning to mix and match my style to fit my life.

And yes, it is that easy. The year 2020 is coming, and it is time for women to wear what they want when they want.

So, may I suggest grabbing new jewelry, a new pair of leggings, and style them up pretty.

Yes, honey, I am rooting for you to be successful and stylish at the same time.

Last but not least, it's ok to mix up old pieces with new items.

Besides, who is really in charge of the style rules. So, I am all for making up my own fashion rules. 

Do you like my quick little outfit of the day?

What would you change or add to my style choices?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I love your style choices! I would add a pop of color if I had to make a change!


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