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Mixing And Matching My Thrifts For A 70's Inspired Basic Betty Look!

Mix and Match: How Tangie Bell styles one jumpsuit with thrift pieces for a 70's look
Mixing And Matching My Thrifts For A '70s Inspired Basic Betty Look!

The one post about the fun of wearing mix and match thrift items. :)

Who knew snooping around the thrift stores would help me find a new style for myself? I have learned how to mix and match my thrifts just recently for the '70s inspired basic Betty look. 
Being 40 something and a baby from the early 1971 days, it is no secret why I love dressing from that era. Although, as a kid, I did not like the style or fashion picks from those earlier times. 

But, as I've gotten older, I have fallen in love with bell-bottoms, colorful handbags, and satchels. The only thing I have not tried is the afro. Now back in the day, everything was big, bold, and over the top. But, I know being in the working world, I need to tone it done just a little bit. So, I have thrifted a few pieces that will give any woman a fresh 70's look that even basic betty can wear. 
Mix and Match:Styling a thrifted turtle neck with a jumpsuit for a 70's look and vibe
I am wearing a plain jumpsuit that I cuffed up at the bottom. Now that is my first essential piece. But, I paired it with a turtle neck I got from the Goodwill, and it gave it a little old school vintage vibe. I love how the colors from the whole outfit just collide, yet it can be worn to work and on a lunch date with friends.

Mix and Match:Sharing how I style a camel thrift bag for a 70's inspired look and vibe
One thing I love about the '70s is how big handbags were back in the day. So, I was stoked when I found a camel satchel bag with straps and a heavy chain attached. To keep my look a little simple, I paired that with my jumpsuit and the striped turtle neck blouse. Honestly, this outfit really looks, funky, and fly. Can you tell it is thrifted?
Mix and Match:Thrift snooping and styling my 70's inspired John Lennon specs
Now to spice up my look a little bit, I am finally wearing my John Lennon specs that are also thrifted as well. I think small round shades are good classic staple piece because it gives a feeling of looking like Shaft from super fly. 
Mix and Match:Also sharing how I style Clout shades from the thrift store
But if one is not into the small eye look, then look at these big beauties I also scored from the thrift store. I can never go wrong with a large pair of sunnies that look amazing through every decade. Oh, and I even mixed my style up with a chocolate turtle next that gave another look and vibe to my 70's style.
Sharing how I style a Boho chic handbag
If I want to be more basic, I just paired another look with a faux leather jacket and Boho handbag. I think this bag style compliments the out as whole by keeping it simple and chic with a tad bit of the '70s mixed into the mixing pot.
Mix and Match:Sharing how I cuff my denim jeans and open toe shoes
Also, I wore a pair of open-toed genuine leather shoes I picked up from The Buckle store. It gave my look a free flow style that went straight to brunch with my best friends.
Mix and Match: Show how I style thrift items for a 70s look
I really do love how the camel bag and the shoes tie into the jacket and the jumpsuit. 
Mix and Match:Styling and orange thrift handbag for a 70's vibe
Now the seventies were all about bold colors, so I am happy to have landed myself this orange plastic handbag. Can you believe I only paid $3.99 from my local thrift store? I think adding a little color to my look kt gave me some depth from the '70s, but it wasn't overbearing at all. 
Mix and Match:Styling over sized yellow big earrings for a 70's look and vibe
Also, big earrings and hoops were a big thing back in the day. I almost fell out when I found these big square yellow earrings that paired well with my basic Betty look. I think a woman can never go wrong with a cute pair of earrings from a late decade.

There you have it my tips, twists, and spin on keeping the 70's disco days a little toned down.

So, if you have a jumpsuit or come across one at the thrift store, go ahead and grab it. 
Then find yourself a turtle neck, a big handbag, and earrings for a quick pairing of being in the '70s. Also, please do not forget the sunglasses, because that was the main staple piece from that decade.

Although that time was built around, psychedelic colors, I've found a way to wear that moment in time without looking as if I threw up the 70's look.

Last but not least, it is no secret I struggled with my style in my 40's. But as of late shopping, second-hand stores have helped me gain a new outlook on my outfits and look. I am falling back in love with shopping and fixing myself up to look and feel beautiful.

And to be honest, I see nothing wrong with a woman fixing herself up and having fun with her clothes.
I am not getting any younger, so I want to enjoy every minute of my time in this life. 

So, playing dress-up is now on my agenda, and I hope you guys can find a little inspiration in today's blog post.

Which item was your favorite?

Until Next Tie See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. Stay Tuned for some upcoming things! :)


  1. Now you know I LOVED those earrings!!!!!! That’s my favorite thing!!!!! I love this whole loook!

    1. Good morning...thank you ...These were some good thrifted finds.

      xo Tangie

  2. Love those John Lennon Spectacles, I need to start finding more vintage items when I go thrifting! Bc those are Nice!!!

    1. So, you know I was happy when I found those. Yes go thrift it is fun and it helps the community.

      xo Tangie


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