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Two Hours At The Craft Store Only To Make One Thing!

Tangie Bell shopping plants at the craft store for the Christmas holidays
 Two Hours At The Craft Store Only To Make One Thing!
It's been a hot minute since I picked up my craft sticks and made something for myself to wear. But I have been sharing my skills with the youth in my district. So, today, I thought I would pop onto the blog and share my new metal bling earrings with you guys.

You know I am into making simple, easy cute, and unique pieces of earrings and jewelry. 

Browsing the jewelry section at the craft store. Looking for jewelry ideas
 I often tell my students to make something you will be proud to wear and not what everybody likes. Because if you love your work, then others around you will want to copy that same style. It never fails the odd student with the quirkiest jewelry is the one that gets the attention. 
Looking at new necklaces to make from the craft store. Jewelry ideas
 Another thing I love to share with, my little learning babes. Is to always go to the craft store for fun and look for the 50% off sales. There are still new things to make that will look different from anyone else. All it takes is an imagination and a will to embrace creativity. 
Enjoying the 50% off sales in the jewelry section. Looking for jewelry ideas
 Hobby Lobby is one of my hometown favorites when it comes to shopping for all things jewelry making. Not to mention, it is a place amongst other stores where I can relax, get lost, and find some adorable decor items. 
Buying a Christmas Grinch cookie jar from the decor section at Hobby Lobby Craft Store
 Honestly, I couldn't help but put up a few Christmas items that were on sale. How cute is this little grinch cookie jar? 
Bought two Christmas Olaf's for the Holidays
 I could resist picking him up because he stood out amongst all the cute laughing Olafs. 
Bought one gingerbread house for the Christmas Holidays
 Honestly, I got lost in the decorations aisles after spending an hour in the jewelry section. When I need to relax, I find a spot in the craft store, and I will literally hang out as if it is a book store.
Browsing the decor section at the craft store looking for Christmas decor
 I spent two hours walking through and picking up home pieces. Look how cute everything looks for the holidays. Doesn't it just get you all in the spirit for the holidays? I did buy some new home pieces that I will share with you guys later. 
Bought Two Items To make Earrings at home. Looking for Jewelry ideas
 After a few hours in the store, I did make it home in time to make this one little pair of earrings. I teach young kids how to make the basics when it comes to making something to wear on the ears. Once a person learns the metric, then the sky is the limit. Most times, all you need is a few jump rings, pliers, hooks, and one or two items. And boom you have some just created a unique piece that just may start a conversation with your peers.
Sharing how to make earrings at home from the craft store
 I love working with mixed metals because most young people love it. So, I am always showing how to just use a jump ring to connect items together.
Making mixed metal jewelry, Using a bling safety pin and metal pieces as connector.
 This time I found a U shaped pendant and a bling safety pin as my canvas to work with. I do not focus on making cute jewelry, I prefer to teach how to create functional and wearable pieces of art.
Adding two jump rings and a hook to make the cutest earrings
The easiest part about this project is all I needed were two safety pins, metal hooks, and jump rings. 
How easy is that?
The finished product to making cute jewelry at home

There you have it a set of geometric metal earrings that will definitely get you stares and possibly a good conversation.

In conclusion: I make jewelry for pure fun and entertainment. But, I do encourage my students to sell their work at craft events, Etsy, and online. 
Perhaps one day I will gather all my pieces to sell on Poshmark, it may be coming soon. But, I know the business side of things, and that idea can not be rushed. Because you want the best in your store and rushing things will cause failure. Surprising most of my students already know that because they are so business-minded at such a young age. 

I guess that is why they dominate the internet so well. Honestly, I teach them a lot about jewelry, but they show me a lot about maneuvering this inter webspace. 

Making jewelry can be fun and very profitable. So, grab your jewelry hear and get to creating something unique.

The items used in this project were:
Jump rings
Earring Hooks
Jewelry Pliers
Two Metal Components: You can also just use one thing. The choices are limitless.

There you have it my craft story in a nutshell. :)

Stay tuned got some new stuff coming your way.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Those earrings turned out fly! I might have to take a little peep into the craft stores and see what I can make some family memebers for christmas (or at least myself) Ha! ENjoyed the post!

    1. Go and peep around,,,,its a few sales going on right now. And you can make some really cool stuff.

      xo Tangie

  2. GEEEZ LOUISE, you are just one that can do many things >

    I LOVE when you incorporate the things that you love into your posts!

    1. Good morning..and thank you. I just love sharing my talents in hopes it will inspire others. Have a great day

      xo Tangie


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