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Used Boots And Brunch In The City!

Sharing Used Boots And Brunch In The City
Used Boots And Brunch In The City!
My diary book is filled with City things I love to do and eat. But there is nothing more exhilarating to me then when I can meet my friends for a cheap burger and brunch date. This post just may warm your heart or at least get you in the mood to get up and get out into the City.

Honestly, I take going out with my friend gals very serious. Because it is not about the food or the place. It all comes down to being off work, dropping any responsibilities being a wife, co-worker, and mother. Yes, I said it. A girl can have a little wine downtime from time to time, right?
Sharing Outfit Of The Day Faux Fur, Cow Boots , Turtle Neck and Pearl Handbag
 I used to laugh at women who brunched with other women. Until I realized I needed that type of fun in my life. And let me tell yall we take going out to a whole uncharted level. If you do not believe me, allow me to break it down.
Used Boots And Brunch In The City!
 When I know I am going out, the planning starts immediately. First, I snoop around to see what my fellow friends are wearing. Yes, I am nosey and competitive when it comes to dressing up. Trust me, I am not the only one in the group who does that. I must admit it is all in because my friends and I love chatting about style, and we talk about it over our brunch dates.
This is how it goes down for me. When I know I am going out, I pre-plan my outfit in advance. Since I consider myself a professional thrift shopper. I had to grab a few pieces from my thriftdrobe so, I could look a tad bit different. #thatspetty :)
But, in Dallas, when we brunch, we go overboard for the occasion. 

It doesn't matter if I am going for chili dogs & tater tots or a steak and twice-baked potatoes. It has become vital I get up and dress as if I am going to meet the first lady of England. Although I would prefer to meet Meghan Markle because she wears what she wants and lives life the way she wants. That information is according to what I see on TMZ. :)

All jokes aside, I am dressing down a little bit. But, I will let you guys be the judge of that.

I am finally wearing my second-hand used cowhide boots that I paired with a long black dress and turtle neck. To top everything off, I am wearing my thrifted pearl purse.

Ordering Food in The City At Shake Shack
 You may feel I overdressed since we all decided to grab some cheap burgers from my favorite spot (Shake Shack).
In The City Burgers Fries Shakes
 I am a real foodie, and I love gourmet fast food, and this place hits the spot. I had to have a pile of french fries with cheese and bacon. Then I went overboard and ordered a double bacon burger well done. You will never understand how good that burger was, and it was worth me dressing up to enjoy it.
In the city ordering Shake Shack ice cream
 I must admit I couldn't resist grabbing their holiday Christmas cookie shake. How cool does this drink look with my thrifted bracelets? Each one was less than $2, but the shake was a bit more painful in price. 
Used Boots And Brunch In The City!
Oh, did I mention I wore a teddy fur that I found from the Goodwill? So, the next time you have time to thrift head over to the boot section and grab yourself a good ole' pair of boots.

Used Boots And Brunch In The City!
After brunch and laughs with my gals, I headed back off to grab a lyft back home. 

In conclusion: I may have overdressed, but it is always fun to do something other than going to work. The older I become, the more I get excited about doing simple things in life, such as eating burgers and shakes.
At the end of the day, life is short, and I am learning to enjoy any cheesy moments that I create.

Yes! Life is that simple:)

There you have it, my used boots and brunch day in the city.

What do you do when you are in your city?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Everything featured in this post was bought from the Thrift store. 


  1. Shake Shack has to be the absolute best place ever. They have gourmet burgers and fries that will satisfy the best cravings..

  2. I love the look! So cute and vintagey! Also when I am in the city I love to grab some coffee and head off to the park for a bit! Its so relaxing!


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